Oranges during pregnancy - the benefits and harm

Doctors recommend that women from the very beginning of pregnancy lean on the fruit - because it is a source of vitamins and trace elements that are so necessary for the fetus in the womb. But not all fruits are so harmless and safe. Orange is a symbol of cheerfulness and cheerful mood, this bright fruit increases vitality and caresses our taste buds. But gynecologists and pediatricians around the world are very skeptical of citrus fruits. The fact is that allergenic products can not only cause a reaction in the body of a pregnant woman, but also provoke the development of an allergy in a baby in the womb. That is, we ourselves influence whether the child will be allergic in the future or his sensitivity to various products will be reduced. Despite this, you can not strictly abandon oranges during pregnancy,if the dose is reasonable, you can taste the juicy orange fruit.

 Oranges during pregnancy

Useful properties of orange during pregnancy

Orange is not only a good mood and juicy taste of ripe fruit. It is also a set of useful vitamins and microelements, which are very necessary for an organism weakened by pregnancy.

  1. Preventing colds. The body of a pregnant woman is rebuilt, now all vital organs ensure the growth and development of the baby in the womb. Because of this, immunity is critically reduced, and it is highly undesirable to hurt a woman during pregnancy. Indeed, during this period it is practically impossible to drink medicines, especially at an early period. To protect yourself from flu and colds, you need to take care of prevention. The most delicious way to protect - is an orange, it contains a record content of ascorbic acid. In addition, orange has a pronounced bactericidal effect. Eat a slice of orange pulp, and the sore throat will go away, at least for a few hours. Every day, eat a couple of slices of orange, and the disease will not be terrible.
  2. Intoxication. Regular use of an orange perfectly cleans the liver, which contributes to the elimination of intoxication during prolonged drug treatment and smoking.
  3. Nausea. The sweet and sour taste of orange allows using it as the best remedy against toxicosis. Dilute orange juice with five parts of water and drink this drink. It will not only give you strength and tone, but also help to cope with annoying morning nausea.
  4. Folic acid. Today, doctors practically do not prescribe multivitamin complexes for pregnant women, recommending to maintain a balanced diet. But be sure to prescribe folic acid, as the most essential vitamin during pregnancy. Folic acid has a positive effect on the fetus, reduces the risk of developing pathologies of the fetal neural tube. Orange is a natural source of folic acid.
  5. Constipation. Many pregnant women are faced with constipation, it is a natural symptom of pregnancy, because progesterone not only weakens the uterus muscles, but also slows down the perilystatic of the intestines. To cope with this problem, you can use a large amount of fiber in the diet. Orange gently cleanses the intestines, relieves constipation, strengthens perilstatiku.
  6. Aroma. Citrus aroma can affect the work of the nervous system, the smell of orange reduces anxiety, relieves anxiety, just pacifies.You can use for relaxation not only the pulp, but also orange zest, which can be stored in dried form. As soon as you put a piece of cut off the peel in the kettle, the whole house will be filled with a unique citrus scent, reminiscent of magical winter holidays.
  7. Against edema. Edema very often occurs during pregnancy, especially in the later periods. As part of the orange a lot of potassium, which has a positive effect on the work of the cardiovascular system. And an orange facilitates the work of the kidneys, removes excess fluid from the body, eliminating swelling and bags under the eyes. The acids contained in the orange have an anti-inflammatory effect on the urinary system, it is a powerful prevention of cystitis.

Orange is just as useful as a lemon, except that it is difficult to eat more than one slice of lemon, and the sweet taste of an orange makes it possible to enjoy the fruit quite often. But how to eat an orange, so as not to harm the child?

How many oranges can you eat during pregnancy?

 How many oranges can you eat during pregnancy
If the mother herself does not suffer from an allergy to citrus fruits, an orange can be eaten with no more than one fruit per day, but it is better to limit this amount to 3-4 lobules. Allowed to use orange in the first two trimesters of pregnancy.After 25 weeks, the baby begins to form its own immunity in the womb, which is different from the maternal one. During this period, orange and other allergenic products should be discarded. If you eat a lot of citrus fruits, your child may have a reaction not only to them, but also to other foods, as well as to dust, pollen, etc. You do not need it, so in the third trimester it is better to reject any allergens - honey, citrus, eggs, chocolate, strawberries.

Contraindications to the use of orange

If you have a small time, be sure to treat yourself to this juicy fruit, because it has many useful components. However, orange has several contraindications. The juice of citrus fruits is quite aggressive, so it cannot be consumed in its pure form on an empty stomach, especially in case of gastrointestinal diseases - an ulcer, gastritis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis. In addition, the orange contains a lot of fructose and glucose, it is contraindicated in women with a diagnosis of diabetes. It is better to drink orange juice through a straw, otherwise the acids in its composition strongly corrode the tooth enamel.This is really unpleasant, because the teeth of women during pregnancy often crumble. Remember that you may become allergic to orange during pregnancy, even if you have never had a reaction before. Therefore, it is better to use the fruit in small pieces with some time intervals in order to follow the reaction. If there is a rash, redness on the skin, itching or blistering, an antihistamine that is acceptable during pregnancy should be taken urgently and the allergen should be excluded from the diet.

To enjoy not only the taste, but also the benefits of an orange, it is better to eat it fresh, along with the pulp - so you get not only vitamins, but also fiber. If you decide to drink freshly squeezed orange juice, be sure to dilute it in half with water, so the acid will not be too aggressive for your stomach. From the orange you can cook all kinds of desserts - jellies, mousses, jams, marmalades, candied fruits. Orange is a part of numerous drinks and cocktails. Orange is added to salads, marinades for meat, sauces and, of course, pastries. It is one of the most common and beloved fruits in the world.If you have no contraindications, be sure to eat an orange during pregnancy, improve your health!

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