White clay for the face: properties and applications

The frantic rhythm of life negatively affects the health of a person, his appearance, psycho-emotional environment. The hair and skin are most affected, we are interested in the second option. The epidermis loses its elasticity, pores quickly become polluted, and purulent inflammations appear. To cope with cosmetic defects can, if you resort to the use of folk remedies. One of them is white clay, or kaolin.

 White clay for face

The composition and use of white clay

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of kaolin. The composition includes many minerals and vitamins, which have a positive effect on the condition of the skin.

So, in white clay there is silicon.This element exfoliates the horny particles of the epidermis, giving rise to the natural self-cleaning of the skin.

Magnesium enhances the production of collagen fibers, elastin and other compounds that are necessary to maintain turgor and water balance of the skin.

Manganese cleans pores, removes from them excess fat, dust, dead scales. Against this background, the activity of the secret glands is regulated, the shine of the skin disappears.

Incoming aluminum is responsible for the rapid regeneration of cells. This substance tightens the scars, eliminates the purple spots from acne, tightens pores when there is a problem.

With the systematic use of masks based on white clay, the face gets rid of excessive pigmentation and becomes fresh. This quality is appreciated by people who are tired of fighting with a gray or yellow skin tone.

Useful properties of white clay

  1. Kaolin has a pleasant feature to whiten the skin. For this reason, people with excessive pigmentation and freckles should apply white clay masks.
  2. The composition soothes irritated epidermis. It is useful to prepare home remedies from kaolin to cope with purulent acne, inflammatory processes, rash, acne, open comedones.
  3. Antiseptic properties allow the use of kaolin to treat problems of a dermatological nature, which are accompanied by a fungus.
  4. White clay is ideal for oily skin. It eliminates the ugly shine, narrows too wide pores and frees them from traffic jams. Kaolin normalizes the sebaceous glands.
  5. Leading manufacturers of cosmetics for the face are preparing their products based on kaolin. It's all about the ability of the composition to smooth wrinkles and facial wrinkles.
  6. Kaolin contributes to the enhanced release of elastin fibers and collagen. Against this background, the face noticeably pulls up, sagging disappears, an oval is formed.
  7. With regular use of kaolin, the face becomes distinct, the nasolabial folds and rings of Venus around the neck disappear. To achieve the desired result, use white clay not only on the face, but in the areas below.
  8. People who have pernicious addiction to tobacco or alcohol, it will be useful to know that the clay improves the complexion. As a result of 5-10 procedures, you will get rid of the earthly skin tone and make it ruddy, radiant.
  9. Kaolin is famous for providing the right water balance.Also, clay enhances the flow of collagen to the skin cells, so that it heals on all fronts. Derma begins to breathe and noticeably younger.
  10. Cosmetologists advise people to use clay who live in ecologically unfavorable areas and southern regions. If you systematically use kaolin, you protect the epidermis from harmful environmental factors and ultraviolet radiation.
  11. Kaolin has a tendency to absorb pollution, to expel toxins through the pores. As a result, toxic compounds do not accumulate in the skin, causing irritation and the formation of ulcers.
  12. Despite the positive effect on oily epidermis, the composition is used by people with sensitive skin. This becomes possible thanks to the optimal pH balance - 5 units.
  13. Clay tends to anesthetize damaged areas. It is widely used to treat closed wounds, bruises, swelling, and other skin problems.
  14. Traditionally, clay is mixed with water, infused, then applied to the skin. Enhance the positive effect and further moisturize the skin if you dilute the kaolin with warm fatty milk.

Who shows the use of white clay

Specialists in the field of cosmetic orientation recommend the use of white clay in special cases. These include:

 Who shows the use of white clay

  • open comedones;
  • systematic rash;
  • acne;
  • overall skin aging;
  • lack of moisture, dryness;
  • excessive fat content;
  • first signs of wrinkles;
  • age wrinkles;
  • pigmentation, freckles;
  • obstruction of the sebaceous ducts;
  • gray or yellow skin tone.

Subtleties of using white clay

  1. As mentioned earlier, kaolin can be used for all skin types, including sensitive skin. However, before the first acquaintance with the product, test for the absence of allergies. To do this, apply part of the mask on the bend of the elbow, wait a third of an hour, wash it off. If there is no rash and itching, proceed with basic manipulations.
  2. Cosmetic clay can be purchased in stores with cosmetics and a pharmacy. Combine kaolin with blue, black, green, red or black clay if desired. The main thing is to make sure that the composition is suitable for your skin type.
  3. Before the procedure, remove the makeup with a directional tonic. Mash the skin over a steam bath, use a scrub to remove horny scales.
  4. After the preparatory activities, prepare a clay or a mask based on it. Apply the composition in a thick layer, without affecting the area under the eyes. Wait for drying, then wash and sprinkle your face with thermal water.
  5. When all the manipulations come to an end, rub with cosmetic ice cubes. This will help close the pores and prevent their pollution in the future.

The basic principles of clay

  1. White clay will be most useful when used, if you follow practical recommendations. It is important to prepare any cosmetic product on the basis of the presented product in a glass or ceramic container.
  2. Metal dishes categorically not suitable for such manipulations. Such containers may enter into oxidative processes with active substances contained in the clay. As a result, the product becomes unusable.
  3. It is best to mix clay with purified water. In such a liquid there are no heavy impurities that can interfere with the positive effects of the composition. Mix the ingredients in such proportions so that you get a creamy mass.
  4. The finished product must be distributed in advance cleansed and steamed face. It is important to know that the composition is not recommended for use on the skin around the eyes. Use the mask immediately after preparation, otherwise it will harden.
  5. Consider that the tool is forbidden to use with open wounds, scratches or abrasions on the skin. Apply clay is allowed no more than 2 times a week. The general course should not exceed 12 procedures. Next you need a month break.
  6. After the due date if necessary, the procedure can be repeated. If you follow simple rules, the result will not keep you waiting. In the shortest possible time effective composition will cause a striking effect.

White clay for skin rejuvenation

 White clay for skin rejuvenation

  1. A set of procedures based on such a tool will help to significantly change the shape of the face. In addition, some wrinkles and creases will disappear. The tool actively acts to increase the production of collagen in the skin cells.
  2. To prepare an effective composition, you will need to combine equal parts of white clay and sea buckthorn oil (35 ml. Of each composition) in a container.Enter in a prepared mass of 1 drop of frankincense and neroli ether.
  3. The consistency of the mixture can be compensated by homemade milk. The result should be a smooth paste. Treat the face with a finished product, wait at least 15 minutes. Wash in the usual way. The mask is suitable for any skin type, depending on the essential oils.

White clay for skin cleansing

  1. The finished product has a pronounced cleansing and antibacterial properties. The mask is suitable for the fair sex with wide pores, acne and frequent rashes. It is effective against oily skin.
  2. Mix in a bowl 60 gr. clay and a small amount of filtered water. Add 2 drops of geranium and lavender ether to the product. Dilute lemon fresh juice to achieve the desired consistency.
  3. The mask is applied to the epidermis in a dense layer until completely dry. As a result, the tool qualitatively pulls the excess subcutaneous fat. The pores are noticeably tightened and cleaned. Adhere to the course, use the tool 2 times a week.

White clay for skin whitening

  1. To get rid of freckles or age spots, pass 1 cucumber through a blender. Squeeze the slurry with gauze juice. Add lemon fresh half fruit and a small amount of white clay to the liquid.
  2. Stir in the ingredients to form a pasty mixture. Spread the mask evenly over your face, leave for 20 minutes. Wash yourself with cool water.

White clay is a unique cosmetic products. The composition is able to show the visible result in different directions. The main factor remains compliance with the rules of use. Do not neglect the recommendations, the result will not make you wait long.

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