Insomnia during pregnancy: causes and treatment

Many girls, preparing for future motherhood, represent the period of pregnancy in a rainbow color - you can be capricious and ask for strawberries in December at night, you can write off tearfulness on hormones and eat as much as you like. But only pregnant women know that these are all flowers. Pregnancy is a serious period for a woman's body. She is constantly experiencing discomfort and nausea, she suffers from swelling of the legs and weakness, a huge stomach does not allow to walk normally. But most often women suffer from insomnia. During pregnancy there are many provoking factors that interfere with healthy and full sleep. In this article you will learn about the causes of insomnia, as well as get acquainted with the main ways to eliminate it.

 Insomnia during pregnancy

Why does a pregnant woman suffer from insomnia

Sometimes a pregnant woman cannot fall asleep for any particular reason. But often her condition is not explained by anything concrete - she is just uncomfortable and does not want to sleep. Consider some factors that prevent a pregnant woman from sleeping normally.

  1. In the early stages of pregnancy, a woman cannot sleep because of constant going to the toilet. The fact that the uterus increases and puts pressure on the bladder. Even a small accumulation of urine causes the urge to urinate. When you have to get up 3-5 times a night in the toilet, all sleep as a hand removes.
  2. Hormones and nausea are another good reason for insomnia during pregnancy. Most often, toxemia occurs in the morning, but it happens so that nausea does not allow to sleep at night.
  3. In the third trimester, the abdomen of a woman acquires an impressive size. Therefore, it is very difficult for a woman to find a comfortable position for sleeping. It is impossible to sleep on the stomach, on the back too - the stomach pinches the vital artery, I just want to roll over. And for many months, the sides have already laid back so that there is no strength. The longer the term, the harder it is for the expectant mother to fall asleep.
  4. Often a woman can not sleep because of heartburn - the uterus presses on the stomach, causing the gastric juice to be released into the esophagus.
  5. Very often, a woman cannot fall asleep due to psychological experiences - she is worried about her body shape, work, housing, finances and relationships with her husband. Hormones add fuel to the fire and are all in dark tones.
  6. Often a pregnant woman can not sleep due to the fact that she does not have enough air. This is how the lack of oxygen in the body manifests itself. She wants to get up, open the window, breathe the air in full.
  7. The life of a pregnant woman is not sugar. She may also suffer from cramps in the limbs from a lack of calcium.
  8. Insomnia at night may be from an excess of sleep during the daytime.
  9. In later periods, the expectant mother cannot sleep because the baby is kicking hard. Since the crumb after 35 weeks of pregnancy acquires an impressive size, even a small push can be very sensitive.
  10. Women are emotionally quite impressionable, and during pregnancy this feeling increases several times. A complainant kitten on the street, news from hot spots, a colorful story about childbirth, conflict with a neighbor - all this can permanently knock a pregnant woman out of a rut, what a dream there.
  11. Stretching the skin causes the abdomen and hips to itch. And it is impossible to scratch the skin so that there are no stretch marks.Therefore, the poor woman has to lie down, endure and stroke her restless tummy.

This is not a complete list of the reasons that prevent a pregnant woman from getting enough sleep. Each organism is individual and each future mother has some diseases, features and difficulties. What to do if sleep does not occur? How to be a pregnant woman, because often expectant mothers have to fully go to work? Here are some tips to help you sleep and sleep well until morning.

Eliminate provoking factors

First you need to understand what prevents you from falling asleep. If you often run to the toilet in the early stages of pregnancy, this, unfortunately, does not fix it. You need to try to drink less in the afternoon, do not drink for an hour before bedtime. If you can not sleep from nausea, you need to try to eat a little. It should be light food - yogurt or fruit. After all, often toxicosis overcomes on an empty stomach. Suppress nausea will help seeds, lemon slice, salted crackers, nuts, tea with ginger.

If a woman suffers from heartburn - stop doing it! There are many modern and completely safe drugs that will help you get rid of this symptom.Consult with your doctor about the possibility of taking such medicines. If you suffer from cramps, you need to eat more protein - drink a glass of milk before bedtime. After the evening shower, be sure to lubricate the skin of the abdomen with moisturizers so that it does not itch. These simple tips will help you get rid of provoking factors and fall asleep in a healthy and long sleep.

How to calm down before bedtime

A lot of women can not sleep because of their thoughts, fears, experiences. Let's try to figure them out. Ask yourself the question - why am I worried? What worries me?

There are many answers to this question. Most often, a woman is concerned with the material side of the question - is there enough money on maternity leave? Will the husband be able to provide for the whole family? There are many situations and each family tries to cope with its problems in different ways. However, many mothers can confirm that, by a lucky coincidence, after birth of a child, there is often an additional source of income. The husband finds a second job or is promoted, something is being rented, financial assistance comes from his parents.You yourself can start earning money at home within a few months after giving birth. After all, it is not for nothing that the people say: “God gives the child, gives for the child”.

Often women think about the housing issue - how to fit in a small apartment if the number of family members grows? This should not be worried during pregnancy - the baby will be with you in the room for several more years. No need to worry about the attitude of the future baby with the older child (s). You will not love him less, because your heart will increase, and the amount of love in it will multiply. No need to worry about the relationship with her husband - a man will be immensely grateful to you, because you are carrying his child under the heart. Do not worry about the figure - it can be acquired, after childbirth and breastfeeding, you will certainly come to your senses.

Do not worry about your career - children will be small only once - allow yourself to retire and enjoy the sweet age of your baby. Drop all doubts and worries. All that could happen, has already happened. You need to relax and take the circumstances as they are. What could be calmer and more pleasant than the realizationWhat does a small life grow and develop inside - a piece of two loving people? Having acquired peace and harmony, you will certainly be able to fall asleep in a healthy and peaceful sleep.

How to prepare for bed

Here are some more tips that will help you to properly prepare for bed, so that in the morning you will feel cheerful and rested.

 How to prepare pregnant for bed

  1. The first condition - by the night you must be tired. Do not sleep during the day, if later you can not fall asleep at your usual time. Be sure to take an evening walk - it is very useful both for you and for your child. If possible, do gymnastics for pregnant women, go for a swim. Any permitted physical activity will do.
  2. Be sure to take a shower or warm bath. In no case do not take hot water in the bath - for pregnant women it is dangerous. Add some essential oils of pine needles or lavender to the water - they have a calming effect on the nervous system.
  3. Be sure to ventilate the room before going to bed - a sufficient amount of oxygen - a pledge of healthy sleep. If it is warm outside, leave the window slightly open to allow access of fresh air.Best sleep in a cool room - the temperature should be no more than 22 degrees. It is better to wear warm pajamas and get under the covers than turn on the heater.
  4. Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the bed. It is better to choose an orthopedic mattress - it supports the body in the right places and provides high-quality rest. The pillow should be low and soft. The bedding material should be natural.
  5. In the later periods, use a special pillow for pregnant women. It perfectly supports the stomach and allows you to relax. Subsequently, such a pillow can be used to support while feeding the baby. If there is no such pillow yet, simply substitute the soft rollers under the belly and between the knees.
  6. Many pregnant women have sore sides because it is very difficult to sleep on the stomach and back. You can avoid this if you do not otlezhivat sides during the day. Try not to read or watch TV lying down, this will give you a feeling of relief and rest when you go to bed.
  7. Try not to load emotionally at night. Do not watch war movies, horrors and melodramas, do not swear at home, avoid everything that can upset you.
  8. No need to eat well before bedtime - this will lead to severe heartburn.
  9. Relaxing classical music will help to relax and calm the baby in the tummy. It will help you turn off all thoughts and worries, fall asleep in a strong and healthy sleep. From good music, the baby also calms down, will not push his legs until the morning.
  10. If back pain does not sleep, do a light massage.
  11. If the child moves and can not calm down, you need to roll over, walk, take a breath. Very often the fetus in the womb is actively moving due to hypoxia. If the child’s behavior does not change, be sure to tell your gynecologist about it.

It is necessary with great concern to treat various sedatives, teas and pills. In no case do not take sleeping pills without a doctor's recommendation. It is better to drink milk with honey, sweet tea with lemon or ginger, warm fruit juice. Even simple herbal decoctions can be dangerous - you should not drink them without a doctor's prescription.

Pregnancy is a time of grace that nature gives the expectant mother before a difficult period for her. Within a few months or days your baby will be born, and you will be able to sleep in any place and under any conditions. Yes, but it will not work.Baby will take maximum of your attention. Therefore, while the baby is still in the womb, you need to try to sleep. Our tips will help you get rid of insomnia and get a healthy and high-quality rest.

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