The tip of the tongue hurts: the causes and methods of treatment

The language is very small, but such a necessary and important organ, that without it a person can hardly survive. Its most important function is the use of food, help in chewing it, as well as the perception of taste. In addition, the language is involved in such an important ability of a person - the ability to speak and express their thoughts. Moreover, the language is a huge number of receptors, the language absorbs drugs so that they quickly enter the blood, the language protects the oral cavity from falling into foreign objects. Such an imperceptible, but such a necessary body performs many important functions. Therefore, when the tip of the tongue hurts, we do our best to get rid of this pain.

 The tip of the tongue hurts

Since the tongue is constantly in motion, and the nature of the human mouth implies constant moisture,wounds on the tongue and mucous membrane heal quite difficult and long. But do not despair - with the right approach, the language is quite possible to cure and do it quickly. In this article you will learn about the causes of pain at the tip of the tongue, as well as get acquainted with the main methods of treatment of this pathology.

Why does the tip of the tongue hurt

In fact, the tip can hurt for a variety of reasons - from simple unsuccessful bite to serious endocrine disorders. Let's try to understand why the tip of the tongue hurts, if there is visible damage on it and what they can talk about.

  1. Very often, the tip of the tongue can hurt due to inflammation. This happens when dirty food enters the nipples of the tongue - unwashed fruits and vegetables, dirty toys, etc.
  2. The tip of the tongue can hurt due to mechanical stress. If for a long time you have husked the seeds, the sharp ends of the seeds of the sunflower continually rested against the very tip of the tongue, this leads to reddening, a sort of "corn" is formed on the tongue.
  3. Very often, various rashes appear on the tongue, because the mucous is very tender and has a thin structure. An allergic reaction at the tip of the tongue most often occurs on various foods - dyes, chemicals.
  4. Hormonal alterations can also be accompanied by a rash of a different nature, especially in the oral cavity.
  5. Prolonged use of antibiotics or oral contraceptives may cause ulcers on the tip of the tongue.
  6. Different sores, lesions, plaque and ulcers on the tongue are common for smokers. Their mucous membranes are exposed to the constant effects of tobacco tar, thereby thinning and not able to withstand external stimuli.
  7. In some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, reflux (ejection) of gastric acid into the oral cavity occurs. This causes damage to the mucosa.
  8. Sores can be caused by various viral diseases - for example, herpes. At the same time, not white ulcers appear on the tip of the tongue, but transparent bubbles filled with liquid.
  9. The lack of certain substances may be the cause of the thinning of the oral mucosa and the appearance of ulcers and sores. Among them, vitamin B6, folic acid, zinc, vitamin C.
  10. In diabetes, even a small microscopic injury can develop into a serious ulcer.
  11. Very often, a wound appears as a result of simply biting the tongue during a conversation or eating.
  12. After consuming salty, sour, spicy, and smoked foods, the tip of the tongue may become slightly inflamed.
  13. Often a person rubs the tip of the tongue with unaccustomed, after installing braces, dentures and crowns.
  14. If the pain is localized only at the tip and there are no additional symptoms, this may indicate psychological factors for the development of the disease. This is how various nervous experiences, stress and depression appear. Often the pain comes to the point that a person cannot speak normally.
  15. Often, ulcers on the oral mucosa are observed in stomatitis, but not only on the tip of the tongue, also on the cheeks, gums, etc.
  16. Pay attention to the lymph nodes in the sublingual area. If they are increased, the pain at the tip of the tongue may indicate a variety of inflammatory processes in the body.
  17. If the pain at the tip of the tongue is accompanied by an increase in its size, the endocrinologist must necessarily appear, this symptom may indicate disorders in the pancreas.

These are the main reasons why the tip of the tongue hurts. As you can see, the causal sphere of the symptom is quite extensive.Therefore, to obtain competent assistance you need to consult a doctor. As a rule, you must first visit the therapist. If necessary, he will send you to narrow specialists - a dentist, ENT specialist, endocrinologist, etc.

How to treat the tip of the tongue

If any symptom occurs, it is very important to diagnose the underlying disease and fight it. So here - it makes no sense to treat the damaged tongue, if he is injured again and again about the incorrectly installed crown. If you are allergic to food, you need to take an antihistamine tablet and avoid contact with the allergen. If the rash is caused by hormonal changes, you need to get an appointment with your gynecologist as soon as possible. Perhaps the doctor will choose another hormone therapy. Try to quit smoking, and if this is not possible, give preference to high-quality and good cigarettes - they have fewer toxic resins and poisons that irritate the mucous. If the cause of ulcers in the tongue is reflux, you need to be treated by a gastroenterologist. When herpes need to receive acyclovir, and, both inwardly and locally - it is necessary to process the tongue with ointment.

Be sure to change the food, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, eat milk and nuts. Be sure to eat a lot of red meat to compensate for the lack of iron in the body. After all, anemia can also cause ulcers on the mucous membranes. Pay attention to the color of the tongue, cheeks and gums - if they are pale pink in color, you probably have low hemoglobin.

To compensate for the deficiency of vitamins and using multivitamin complexes, especially in winter and springtime. Be sure to treat carious cavities, chronic tonsillitis and pharyngitis - they are foci of infection in the mouth and can lead to chronic inflammatory processes. If the pain is caused by nervous experiences, sedatives or soothing herbs such as valerian, motherwort, hawthorn will help. In case of injury of the tongue and stomatitis, the wound should be treated with antiseptics. Rinse your mouth with chlorophyllipt, chlorhexidine, furatsillinom, miramistinom - any antimicrobial agent that you have at home. If the tip of the tongue is too dry, the wound can be treated with sea buckthorn oil. For a while, give up sour, spicy, salty foods that irritate the tongue's mucosa.Strengthen the immune system so that the body can resist the pathogens.

Folk remedies for the treatment of the tip of the tongue

If the sore is small and you want to cope with it at home, use one of our effective tips.

 Folk remedies for the treatment of the tip of the tongue

  1. Soda. Dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water. Rinse your mouth with the preparation three times a day.
  2. Chamomile and calendula. Prepare a decoction of these plants and rinse their mouths every 2-3 hours and after eating. Calendula suppresses the center of inflammation, and chamomile soothes and relieves.
  3. Leaves and stalks of raspberry. A tablespoon of dried leaves and stalks of raspberry need to pour a glass of boiling water and leave for an hour. Rinse with warm broth mouth as often as possible. The decoction has healing and soothing properties.
  4. Aloe and honey. The juice of fresh aloe needs to be mixed with honey and put the mixture on a small piece of pure bandage. Apply a compress to the tip of the tongue and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Aloe disinfects, and honey contributes to the speedy healing.

These simple recipes will help you cure a sore tongue in a few days.

Self-medication is permissible only if you know the nature of the origin of the wound in the mouth. If you cannot cope with an ulcer for more than a week, if the ulcers become more and more or they appear regularly - consult a doctor. Perhaps this is a symptom of a more serious illness.

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