Tea with mint - the benefits and harm for men and women

For many decades, mint tea has been a leader among tonic body drinks. This is due to the miraculous effects, as well as substances present in the composition. The mint contains essential oils, which simultaneously with all other components strengthen the immune system by an order of magnitude. But with the inept use of the drug can harm, so today's information is devoted to all the important nuances.

 The benefits and harm of tea with mint

The composition, characteristics and properties of mint tea

  1. To get a flavored drink, use dry or fresh grass. It is interesting that after heat treatment the leaves lose only a part of the esters, the volume of the remaining useful compounds remains almost unchanged.
  2. Drink so often consumed with fatigue and general fatigue, because it is concentrated in the B vitamins.They tone up, normalize the psycho-emotional environment and struggle with depressive disorders at the stage of their inception.
  3. To achieve truly impressive results and stabilize the state of health, mint tea must be combined with honey or fresh sour berries. An affordable drink will prevent serious viral and fungal infections.
  4. Useful qualities of raw materials are caused by the inclusion of ascorbic acid, tannins, pantothenic acid, thiamine, riboflavin, phytoncides. The composition contains iron, copper, manganese, potassium, magnesium and other important elements. A special place is given to folic acid, which is necessary for women in a ticklish position.
  5. Most often, the drug is prescribed to representatives of the beautiful half of the population. It is all about the ability of the drink to increase the production of female hormones estrogen, which are responsible for the correctness of the hormonal background, the menstrual cycle, the state during menopause. Tonic in the form of tea with mint heals and rejuvenates the skin.
  6. Despite the extensive list of incoming substances, the value of the drug is not fully understood, so many questions remain regarding the correct dosage and the combination of mint with other components.But one thing is clear for sure: this drink is shown to the reception even for children from the age of six.
  7. Very often one can hear controversies about how a drink affects the health of representatives of a strong half of humanity. After all, menthol suppresses testosterone, it is produced worse. But a cup of tea a day does not harm the health, all negative reactions are based on abuse.

The benefits and use of mint tea

  1. Drink is applied everywhere, ranging from areas of a cosmetology orientation, ending with ingestion for medicinal purposes. Due to the healing effects, there are many main areas of use.
  2. First of all, the drug has a beneficial effect on the emotional and mental environment of a person. Tea is taken with extreme fatigue, including the chronic type. The drink is consumed when suffering from insomnia or often under stressful situations at work.
  3. In case of general exhaustion, high pressure, severe headaches and prolonged migraines, the raw materials will also be useful. It is used as an antiseptic solution for sore throat with suppuration, cough with sputum, bronchitis, pneumonia.
  4. When gagging, problems with digestive activity, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract raw materials will be even more useful. Tea stabilizes the assimilation of food and prevents its rotting in the internal organs.
  5. Since the decoction and infusion have the ability to remove excess bile, it is advisable to take the drink for problems with the liver and gall bladder in particular.
  6. Very often, girls want to lose weight through the consumption of mint tea. There is nothing supernatural in this, because the drink reduces the amount of salts and removes excess liquid. Due to the increase in metabolism the fatty tissue is split.
  7. The composition is used to combat the swelling of the limbs, because, again, it removes excess fluid from the body. While carrying a fetus, a woman often suffers from such a problem, tea will help, but you should not get carried away.
  8. The drink is shown to those who suffer from constipation and problems with a slow metabolism. If you constantly drink broth for a week, you will notice improvements soon enough. Food will be easier to digest, not laying on your hips and waist.
  9. The drink is famous for its features, which are in the fight against heartburn, alleviate the general condition of problems with the stomach.Also, due to its antiseptic properties, tea kills microbes in and carries out the prevention of helminthic invasions.

Mint tea for women

 Mint tea for women

  1. With the systematic consumption of the drink in a controlled amount, you can improve physical and mental health. Tea helps stabilize hormones. When menstruation improves overall health.
  2. Mint drink has a positive effect on the skin. Fabrics get all the necessary trace elements, increases elasticity. Tea without fail should be taken by women during menopause. Drink allows you to easily survive a difficult period.
  3. If you do not have any contraindications, mint tea is allowed to take 2 cups a day. The drink has a low calorie. Therefore, it is in demand among people who watch their figure. Tea significantly suppresses appetite, decreases craving for sweets. Also improves the natural metabolism.

Tea with mint during pregnancy

  1. There are numerous disputes among specialists. This drink is equally useful and can significantly harm the body of the expectant mother and baby.If you take tea in moderation and under the supervision of a doctor, you can cope with the effects of toxemia.
  2. You will forget about common problems in the early period of pregnancy in the form of constipation and frequent dizziness. Tea tones the muscles of the uterus. Puffiness of the limbs partially disappears. Drink significantly increases the protective functions of the body.
  3. If you have a cold, it is not at all necessary to immediately resort to antibiotics. Tea will help to cope with the first symptoms of the disease. In addition to the general benefits and recommendations of experts, do not forget about the possible harm.
  4. Mint tea can trigger an allergic reaction. If you abuse the drink, significantly increases the tone of the uterus. It is fraught with miscarriage. Perhaps the manifestation of severe heartburn especially after 3 trimester. Tea significantly reduces the pressure, so hypotonia needs to be especially careful.
  5. After the birth of a child, experts recommend rarely taking a mint drink. Allowed to drink 1 mug up to 3 times a week. In any case, consult with a specialist in advance. It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the body.

Mint tea for men

 Mint tea for men

  1. With regard to the representatives of the stronger sex, then with a mint drink is recommended to be especially careful. The positive and negative qualities of such tea are directly dependent on the quantity consumed.
  2. In order to cope with chronic fatigue and eliminate sleep problems, it is recommended to drink only 1 cup of mint drink before bedtime. If you take tea in large quantities, markedly reduced testosterone levels in the body.

Harm of mint tea

  1. Do not forget that the leaves of the plant contain active substances. When tea is abused, you risk meeting the negative effects of the composition on the body as a whole. Therefore, before consuming the drink, be sure to consider contraindications.
  2. It is forbidden to take the product in the presence of an allergic reaction and idiosyncrasy. Particular care should be taken to representatives of the weaker sex during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  3. It is not allowed to give mint tea to young children under 6 years old. Also, the drink can cause significant harm to the body to people who have problems with low blood pressure.

There is no doubt that mint tea is good for humans.But it is important to use it correctly and not to exceed the dosage in each case. In all other respects, such a drink will stimulate the immune system, strengthen the heart, help to cope with excess weight. Tea is taken by pregnant women, because it eliminates many problems during gestation.

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