How to degrease the skin before shugaring

Every girl wants her skin to be smooth, delicate, silky, and not a couple of days, but as long as possible. Instead of razors with a mass of negative sides, alternative methods have long been adopted. Thanks to them, getting rid of hair is much more effective, and the skin remains beautiful longer.

 How to degrease the skin before shugaring

Shugaring is one such procedure. The name comes from the English word sugar, “sugar”, and it fully reflects the essence of this method of epilation. A special mixture is applied to the hair coat, the main component of which is sugar. The procedure takes place almost without pain and may well be carried out at home. To do this, you only need to cook a special tool and process the skin so that it is dry and non-greasy. We will talk about this part of the training today.

Fashion coming from the East

Despite the clearly English name, the procedure was born in the East. Everyone knows how carefully women from Asian countries look after themselves. In many of them, by the way, still the main condition for marriage for a girl is smooth, silky skin of the legs, underarms, intimate areas. Therefore, epilation there has become a special ritual.

Shugaring is effective. According to legend, he was invented by the royal Nefertiti, who conquered with its beauty not one man of ancient Egypt. And then Cleopatra picked up fashion, seducing many Greek commanders. Whatever it was, but now more and more often modern women of fashion and beauty make a choice in favor of this method.

However, in order for the procedure to succeed and bring the most positive result, it is important to properly prepare the skin. Smooth, clean, degreased surface - the key to success, and how to achieve it, we will tell.

Why skin should be dry and non-greasy

Shugaring is carried out as follows. Small areas that have to be cleaned of hairs, slowly, smooth, almost massaging, apply special sugar paste.The success of the technique depends on how tightly it will fit to the skin. And if the surface is greasy, then the paste will simply slip, and the result will not meet expectations. For proper and beautiful shugaring you need:

  • Process skin;
  • Cook the pasta correctly;
  • Know the exact procedure procedure.

Any expert first thing to advise to tidy work surface. This is especially important for girls whose skin is naturally oily.

Contraindications, or who is harmful shugaring

Before you begin to get rid of hairs, make sure that this method will not be dangerous for you. Since in the process of epilation an active role is assigned to the most common sugar, shugaring is contraindicated:

  • People who have diabetes in any stage;
  • Women in an interesting position;
  • Persons who have any skin lesions in the problem area (for example, birthmarks);
  • Girls suffering from skin diseases and allergies;
  • Those who have various damages in this zone (for example, burns, scratches, wounds, etc.)

In addition, it is not necessary to carry out the procedure on critical days. The best time is after them. This requirement is due to the fact that before and during menstruation in women increases the sensitivity of the skin. This can lead to irritation and even damage.

Preparation of the skin - the key to the success of the procedure

So, when all the main points are clarified, you can start preparing the skin. One of the main conditions: it must be clean. This will increase contact opportunities, as well as help open the pores, which is important for shugaring. Clean and steamed, relaxed skin is carefully wiped with a soft towel and allowed for some time to dry out completely.

 Preparation of skin for shugaring

Now you can proceed to defatting. To do this, the usual tool used before depilation. It is sold in cosmetic stores. If there is no such liquid at hand, use soap or shower gel. Some experts recommend degreasing a light solution of alcohol or by any means containing it. But different balms, lotions and tonics that moisturize the skin at the same time are not suitable here. Your task: to make the surface dry, ideal for the paste to “grab” on it.

After treatment, the skin should be sprinkled with talcum powder (ordinary baby powder, which dries out), can be useful here. Apply light, massaging movements. It serves to prevent the paste from sticking to the surface and not to hurt.

Now it is important to examine the condition of your hairs. Sugaring is so strong hair removal that it can even cope with ingrown. However, if the length of hairs is more than 8mm, it is better to cut them. So the procedure will be more efficient, softer and easier. That's all, your skin is ready for shugaring.

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