Black tea with milk - the benefits and harm

Tea with milk is loved by many. The benefits of this drink brings a lot - eliminates thirst, puts in order the immune system, helps to recover from a cold. Is there any harm? For this, it would be worthwhile to consider each ingredient separately.

 The benefits and harms of black tea with milk

What is useful tea

  1. Prevents cancer cells from developing, destroying them. As part of the tea there are polyphenols that destroy malignant cells.
  2. A lot of antioxidants that improve the immune system, due to which the body is more resistant to disease.
  3. Kills completely desire to drink alcohol. The property is more inherent in green tea.
  4. Interferes with dental diseases, killing the corresponding bacteria. A person who drinks tea does not suffer from caries and does not suffer from tooth decay.
  5. Improves digestion. It kills the harmful bacteria contained in food entering the body and prevents intestinal and stomach problems. In addition, the drink contains tannins that improve digestion.
  6. Removes harmful metals along with toxins. It acts as a diuretic.
  7. Tea is used as a remedy after irradiation. Reduces the effect of radiation from telephone gadgets, monitors and television screens.
  8. Good for those who want to lose weight. It normalizes immunity, removes unwanted fluid from the body, does not allow experiencing acute bouts of hunger. Combining tea with a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, you can get rid of extra pounds. Moreover, the calorie content of the drink is very low - there are only three kilocalories in one cup.
  9. Acting as a diuretic, it removes the fluid accumulating in the vessels. Add milk - and the effect is enhanced.
  10. Useful for diabetics - lowers blood sugar. All this is due to polysaccharides, inhibiting glucose uptake.
  11. Reduces and controls cholesterol, improving blood circulation and stimulating metabolism.
  12. Caffeine contained relieves fatigue by normalizing digestion. Also improves brain activity.
  13. Zinc in the drink has a beneficial effect on reproductive properties, increasing the quality of the seed in men.
  14. It is also useful for men involved in sports - it maintains muscle tone in a normal state, and carbohydrates help to keep fit. Protein also helps in the construction of muscles and promotes the growth of muscle mass.
  15. Eases hangover. As a diuretic, tea removes toxins and all the poison that entered the body the day before.
  16. Relieves migraines and headaches.

Milk benefits

Now I would like to consider the benefits of milk:

  1. Calcium supplier. This material serves to strengthen bones and helps fight articular disease called arthritis.
  2. Normalizes the heart. Expands blood vessels. Reduces the risk of infarction.
  3. It is useful for children, as a large amount of calcium is necessary for growth and formation of the bone skeleton.
  4. Strengthens the immune system.
  5. Helps against diseases of the stomach and intestines, removes annoying heartburn, normalizes acidity.

As you can see, tea and milk, combined together, bring many benefits to the body.

Harm of black tea with milk

 Harm of black tea with milk

  1. Caffeine not only relieves fatigue and activates the brain, but increases blood pressure and negatively affects the heart.In addition, a person becomes dependent on daily use. The only good news is that milk slightly reduces the harmful effects of caffeine.
  2. When mixing tea and milk there is a risk of fermentation of products, and the stomach becomes harder to process food.
  3. In addition to waste and toxins, nutrients are also removed, impoverishing the body.
  4. Tannins contained in tea interfere with the absorption of iron, resulting in iron deficiency and the person begins to suffer from anemia.
  5. Great use of tea harms women who have a child. Pregnant ladies do not need to drink more than two cups a day - this is the maximum rate that does not harm the fetus.
  6. You do not need to drink black tea with milk while breastfeeding. Caffeine gets into the milk, the child is excited, and then the mother for a long time tries to calm him down. But you can replace it with green tea - it does not contain much caffeine and there are more beneficial substances.
  7. Making tea with milk, you should forget about sugar. Not only does it negatively affect many functions of the body, it also has a high calorie content. It is necessary to add just one teaspoon of sugar, and the tea will be two times more calories.

As can be seen, if tea with milk consumed in large doses, it becomes harmful. Therefore, it is better to drink this tasty drink in small quantities.

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