Deep facial cleansing at home

Facial cleansing is an expensive procedure that leading beauty salons today offer. It must be carried out regularly to prevent blockage of the sebaceous ducts and pore expansion. But what if there are no funds and the desire to attend the master and pay fabulous money? That's right, do the cleaning on your own. The process requires a certain skill, so it makes sense to consider important aspects. So, let's begin.

 Deep facial cleansing

The reasons why you need regular cleaning

Eels are otherwise called comedones, they look ugly, spoil the look of the face. Often, such tumors appear as a result of mixing of subcutaneous fat, urban smog or dust, dead skin particles.

To get rid of comedones, the sebaceous glands must self-clean properly and regularly. If they become clogged, inflammatory processes are formed in the ducts.

When the skin is in good condition, that is, regular peeling procedures are carried out, the pores on the face are self-cleaning, and sebaceous plugs do not occur. But with constant exposure to stress, unhealthy diet, lack of moisture, inflammation in the ducts is formed.

They can not be removed with modern cosmetics, so that manufacturers do not tell you. It is possible to squeeze out the accumulations only if you resort to the deep cleaning procedure.

Subtleties of cleansing the skin

In case of incorrect manipulations, you only complicate the situation, pollution will penetrate deep into the channels. A complete inflammation will develop that will hurt. Consider basic facial cleansing rules.

  1. Before the procedure, it is necessary to pay attention to the preparatory activities. These include washing and disinfecting hands. Otherwise, the bacteria on the fingers will penetrate the pores of the face. Again, inflammation is formed.In order to prevent a deplorable outcome, first wash your hands with antibacterial soap, then wipe with alcohol.
  2. Before approaching the procedure, it is necessary to open the pores and clean the skin of the face. To do this, prepare a bath on any medicinal herbs, hold the face over it for 8-10 minutes, covered with a towel. Then scrub the skin and wash with warm water.
  3. Deep cleaning has its own contraindications that must be taken into account without fail. You can not resort to the procedure, if the skin has immature acne, abrasions, strong inflammatory processes, dermatological problems.
  4. If you have identified the above contraindications, wait for the moment when the skin will disappear inflammation. And for this period, take the habit of daily wipe your face with cosmetic sponges soaked in chlorhexidine.
  5. After the deep cleansing procedure, the skin must be protected and disinfected, and redness should be removed. Prepare a strong chamomile decoction, let it cool, use as a tonic. Manipulations are completed by wiping with cosmetic ice.

Technology of deep cleaning

  1. Before you begin, you need to steam the face, as indicated above. To do this, you can use the bath with potatoes, over which breathe, when they fall ill. But if there are medicinal herbs, it is better to resort to them. Chamomile, sage, yarrow and nettle will do.
  2. It should be noted that in case of a fat or combination skin type, it is necessary to add 5-7 drops of eucalyptus essential oil, coltsfoot, lemon or ginseng to the bath. Such a step additionally disinfect the skin.
  3. After a ten-minute steaming, wash with a directional gel, scrub, wipe your face with any lotion or tonic.
  4. Now you need to re-steaming, but more short-term. To do this, prepare a terry towel and a basin of hot water. Moisten the cloth, apply to the skin of the face when it cools down a bit (so as not to get burned).
  5. Wait 2 minutes for each zone. In the future, the basin with the hot liquid must be kept close in order to always be able to open the pores if necessary.
  6. When you are ready, you can begin cleaning. Take a special spatula that squeezes eels and is shaped like a spoon with a hole in the middle. Press it on the wings of the nose, eyebrow area, other areas with black dots.
  7. Before the procedure, disinfect the instrument with hydrogen peroxide or other available antiseptic. After each extrusion, warm the skin with a towel dipped in hot water.
  8. If there is no scapula, you can squeeze eels with a ballpoint pen. To do this, pull the rod, it is not required. Lower the clear plastic base from the pen into the peroxide or otherwise disinfect.
  9. In a similar pattern, press a narrow part of the handle on the eels so that through the hole from the stick of fat accumulation with dust into the cavity of the plastic base.
  10. When you complete the procedure and make sure that the pores are deeply cleaned, you need to close them. To do this, first wash the skin or gel directional, then wipe the skin with a moisturizing tonic. After half an hour, you can apply the serum or hydrogel.

Clay cleaning

 Face cleaning with clay

  1. Most of the representatives of the fair sex do not know exactly how to carry out a deep peeling. An effective procedure can be carried out using a prescription mask, which is prepared by beauticians. Cosmetic clay is best suited for this.
  2. To date, in any store you can buy packaging with clay. Depending on the color, the raw material has different qualities. With the help of the product you can get rid of comedones, clean and narrow pores, the skin will get a fresh and healthy look.
  3. If you haven’t spent a long time cleaning the skin, you’ll have to make some effort. To carry out a comprehensive and thorough cleansing, a course of masks based on cosmetic clay is necessary.
  4. At the initial level, you need to clean the skin from fat and dirt. Further the mask from clay is distributed. The tool must be kept on the face for about a third of an hour. After a specified time, wash with warm water. Spread a fresh mask to narrow the pores over a dry, clean face. As soon as the composition dries, wash off. Moisturize with light cream.

Activated carbon cleaning

  1. On sale you can find a tremendous amount of facial cleansers. Do not forget about activated carbon. The component is quite effective in such a problem, and therefore does not require large expenditures.
  2. To prepare the tool, you need to grind activated charcoal and blend fresh gel from the aloe stalk. The number of components must be taken in equal amounts.Stir the ingredients thoroughly to a uniform consistency.
  3. After that, add 30 ml to the prepared composition. clean water and 10 grams. finely ground sea salt. Enter 3 drops of tea tree ether into the medium. Re-mix to homogeneity.
  4. Before applying the skin, it is imperative to steam and rub with a tonic. Spread the composition over the face and rest for 15 minutes. Remove the mixture with hot water. Moisturize with light cream.

Yogurt cleaning

  1. The procedure will require activated charcoal and natural yogurt. Turn several tablets into powder and combine with a low-fat fermented milk product. Yogurt is better to cook yourself, it should not be fat.
  2. Clean the skin before the procedure in the classic way. Spread the product over the dried face. Leave the composition for half an hour.
  3. After the allotted time, wash off the mask with slightly warm water. Moisturize the skin slightly with a day cream. The mask is aimed at deep cleansing and narrowing of pores. The active composition fights inflammation.

Cleaning gelatin and milk

  1. As an alternative to other recipes, you can use simple, but no less effective ingredients. To create a mask, take 40 ml. milk and 35 grams. instant gelatin.
  2. Stir in the ingredients and send the bowl with the contents to the microwave. Set the power to maximum, warm up the components in literally 10-15 seconds. After cooking, cool the mixture in a natural way.
  3. In parallel, do not forget to steam and clean the skin. Consider, means in surely order needs to be applied with a special cosmetic brush. Apply a more dense layer of the mask on the problem areas.
  4. As a rule, these include the chin and nose. After applying the composition must wait 20 minutes. During the allotted time, the mask will have time to dry. The composition is removed quite simply in the form of a solid film.
  5. After the procedure, pay attention to how much dirt is left on the mask. The pores will clear and narrow. Similar procedures can be performed twice a week. If necessary, increase the number of sessions. Means do not harm the skin.

Masks for deep cleansing

Masks are made from food at home.The tool is recommended to use in the presence of free time. The skin should in no case be exposed to weather conditions and external factors. Before applying the mask is recommended to steam the face.

 Masks for deep cleansing

Sour cream and orange

  1. Means is intended for dry type of the person. It will not be difficult to prepare such a mask. Squeeze juice from half an orange and mix with 40 gr. rustic sour cream. For convenience, use ceramic dishes and a brush.
  2. Use a convenient container and stir the components. Spread the mask with massaging movements. Wait about 30 minutes. Wash your face with hot water. The procedure should be carried out 2 times a week.

Honey and protein

  1. To cope with the increased fat content of the skin and normalize the production of fat, you need to connect 30 grams. honey and egg white.
  2. Beat in the components before foaming. For the procedure it is recommended to use candied honey. The component has the effect of scrubbing due to soft particles.
  3. Gently spread the mask over the face and hold for half an hour. Remove the agent with warm water, rinse clean face with a cold herb decoction. To achieve the effect you need to spend about 7 procedures.

The deep cleansing procedure is a work that requires perseverance and attention to detail. If you ignore the basic recommendations, you risk putting bacteria through the pores. Before any manipulation, sanitize the instruments, deflate the skin using a chamomile bath. The procedure is completed by washing and applying a moisturizer.

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