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    1. Many Russians think that Catherine II sold Alaska to the United States, but this is not so. The transition of the territory of Alaska was made under Alexander II.
    2. If a Hawaiian woman puts a flower in her left ear, then she is married. If the right, then it is available for the courtship of men.
    3. Not all people, as is commonly believed, kiss with their eyes closed, about 60% of them. The rest like to watch the reaction of the partner.
    4. The most ancient mountains are located on the territory of Russia and are called the Ural Mountains, which amaze with their picturesqueness.
    5. The most unusual school is located in Cambodia, it is located in the middle of the river and is called Kompong Luong. It is noteworthy that children swim to it in basins.
    6. On the territory of the DPRK there is the largest prison for political prisoners, more than 50 thousand people are almost for life in camp No. 22.
    7. Light-eyed people better distinguish the color palette than those who have brown eye color. Everything is explained by the pigmentation of the iris, which in blue-eyed people are more sensitive to light.

 Interesting Facts

  1. In the Altai Territory in Russia there is an amazing place where you can not be more than 20 minutes. This is the famous "Death Valley", volcanic evaporation which kill all life in just half an hour.
  2. The most radioactive place in Russia is Karachay Lake. Fifteen minutes of being on the lake is enough to receive an exposure of 600 x-rays, which is considered deadly.
  3. The most expensive potato in the world costs more than 500 euros per kilogram. It is called “La Bonnote” and is grown on the French island of Nurmuaite in the Atlantic Ocean. Connoisseurs of this potato declare its excellent taste.
  4. Petite Jyoti Amge is considered the smallest girl in the world. Her height is only 62 centimeters, lives baby in the Indian city of Nagpur.
  5. The most expensive and valuable mushroom in the world is called black truffle, the price of a large copy can reach up to seven thousand euros. Not every ordinary person can afford such a treat.
  6. The dirtiest city on the planet is Russian Karabash. Over the nearly 100-year history of the local copper smelter, the whole nature of Karabash has become more like the Martian one.In this place there are acid rain, and the rivers have an unnatural color due to iron oxides.
  7. This pole of cold is the Russian city of Verkhoyansk. It was there that recorded the most record-low temperatures with a minus sign on the planet in those places where people live.
  8. Most people on earth live demo-mites in their eyelashes, under a microscope magnification these are real monsters!
  9. No matter how many days you have a birthday, twenty million people around the world celebrate it at the same time.
  10. The longest reality show in the world is Dom-2. It has been going on for more than ten years, and it’s obvious that the TV-set will become the second Santa-Barbara.
  11. When a man watches porn, he draws attention to the face of the actress. And women, on the contrary, consider the genitals.
  12. People with blue eyes see better in the dark. It is believed that less and less blue-eyed children are born every time in the world.
  13. In the west of China drink salted tea. The tradition is deeply rooted in the past, and instead of sugar, table salt is put in hot tea.
  14. Russia is not only the largest country in the world, it is also the only state that is washed by 12 seas.
  15. The most common name on the planet is Mohammed, and the last name is Lee. Among the Russian surnames, the surname Kuznetsov is widespread.
  16. Marabou stork during flights can fall asleep and soar in the air for ten minutes.
  17. The fish cleaner is a hermaphrodite. The female can be reborn as a male and fertilize the offspring.
  18. The only animals in the world that have a rectangular elongated pupil are goats, sheep and octopuses.
  19. All people with blue eyes are potential relatives, since the blue color is a mutation of the HERC 2 gene. On the planet, people with this eye color appeared about 10 thousand years ago.
  20. Substances in repellents from mosquitoes do not scare away insects, but mask a person. As a result, there is a blocking of special receptors, and the mosquito simply does not "feel" its prey.
  21. After forty years, people start growing down. A person decreases with age by about one centimeter. This happens due to the shrinkage of cartilage tissue in the joints.
  22. The most terrible and unusual road in the world is called “Road to Nowhere”. This is a stretch of fifteen kilometers in New Mexico, which ends in an absolute dead end. About this expensive go not very good rumors among the locals.
  23. Venus is the only planet in the solar system that rotates counterclockwise. Why is this happening? Scientists give this phenomenon a variety of explanations, but the most obvious is the dense atmosphere of the planet.
  24. In the nineteenth century, Horace Fletcher proposed a diet called "Fletcherism." The bottom line was to chew food at least 30 times and then spit it out. It was assumed that the stomach is saturated, and the person does not gain weight.
  25. The worst slums in the world are located in Kenya, right in the state capital of Nairobi. More than twenty million people live in a world without light, water, sewage, schools and hospitals.
  26. The largest meteorite that fell on the earth is considered to be the Goba meteorite, which reaches almost three meters in length. Discovered a celestial body was in Namibia. It weighs over 60 tons and is 90 percent iron.
  27. The ancient snake representatives had legs. Scientists assumed that more than 130 million years ago snakes had limbs that allowed them to move quite quickly.
  28. Hong Kong is recognized as the largest and most populous metropolis on the planet.The city has more than thirty-five million people.
  29. Why wear wedding rings on the ring finger? The tradition went from ancient Greece, where it was believed that through the ring finger passes the "vein of love", going straight to the heart.
  30. In the crypt of Bob Marley is his guitar, the Bible, a soccer ball and a bundle of marijuana.
  31. The human thighbone inspired Eiffel to create the famous Parisian tower.
  32. Perfume invented in the 16th century, in order to remove the stench from unwashed bodies. In Europe, people do not swim all my life!
  33. In order to keep fit, a person must take at least ten thousand steps per day.
  34. Americans have the most healthy teeth, about forty percent of US citizens have never had problems with caries.
  35. Every three seconds, one child is born on earth, and every 5 seconds someone dies.
  36. Over the course of a lifetime, an average person eats 30 tons of food, if we imagine it is volumetric, then the weight of the entire food eaten for a lifetime is equal to the weight of 8 elephants.
  37. Most billionaires do not live in the United Arab Emirates, and in Moscow. But still the most expensive city in the world is not Moscow, but Hong Kong.
  38. The mythical creature moffman or human moth when the bridge collapses inJersey in the late 60s at the same time saw about a hundred people.
  39. American Charles Osbourne hiccup 65 years nonstop. Nothing helped the poor man.
  40. Russia and the United States are only four kilometers apart. Do not believe? Find Chukotka on the map and measure the distance from the Chukchi region to Alaska.
  41. Bolivia has the most dangerous road in the world, its length is 70 kilometers. Drivers go on a narrow track without chippers over the precipice three thousand meters!
  42. There are a lot of transvestites in Thailand. The authorities of the country have reached the point that in the cities of Thailand there are schools where young transvestites study, in special schools for such children a special toilet is set aside.
  43. We often hear offscreen laughter in soap operas, but few know that the same 1950 recording has been duplicated over the years. Many of these people are no longer alive.
  44. Napoleon Bonaparte has always been considered a short man. But during the 18-19 centuries, people were not distinguished by tallness. Napoleon’s height was 170 centimeters, and he was even considered to be above average at that time.
  45. On the planet Uranus there is no such off season as on Earth. Winter is constantly replacing summer. Winter or summer lasts exactly forty two terrestrial years.
  46. Pluto has long been considered one of the planets of the solar system. This unusual celestial object was discovered in 1930, and the name was given to it by 11 girls Venezia Bernie from Old England.
  47. There is an amazing underground city on our planet. It is located in Australia and is called Coober Pedy. Precious opals are mined there, and the locals live in hollowed-out apartments literally in caves.
  48. According to statistics, a man kisses for about three years of his life. By the way, in some states, the French kiss is still considered extremely indecent and equates to a kiss in the genitals.
  49. The smallest breed of dog is chihuahua. Usually these dogs do not reach a weight of more than two kilograms.
  50. In one beehive lives up to 100 thousand bees, the queen bee lays more than a thousand eggs a day and lives on average two years. When the uterus dies, the bees leave their hive.
  51. Most of all copiers in the world breaks down after people try to “otkserit” their fifth point.
  52. The most expensive are sold at home, painted in yellow. Less shopping activity at white houses.
  53. The famous toy yo-yo used to be used in the Philippines as a weapon against enemies.
  54. Bolivia is the only country in the world where there is a navy, but there is no access to the sea and ocean.
  55. Everest is not the highest mountain in the world, there is a higher peak. It is called Mauna Kea, its height is ten thousand meters and it is located on the Hawaiian Islands.
  56. The largest car in the world is the Ford F 650. It weighs such a large object as much as twelve tons!
  57. Half an hour of listening to music with headphones increases the number of bacteria in the ear canal by 700 times!
  58. The only animal that can laugh are ordinary rats. Moreover, all other animals in the world are deprived of this due to the lack of facial expressions.
  59. Love is not a hindrance to marriage. The largest age difference was recorded in Malaysia. The bridegroom was 105 years old, and the young bride is only 22 years old.
  60. Once Pablo Escobar was very cold, hiding from the police. To warm up, he threw wads of money into the fire, as a result, two million US dollars flew into the fire.
  61. Every minute, mobile operators earn almost a million dollars on SMS.
  62. In India, a man must marry his older sister's daughter. According to the Indian canons it is not considered incest.
  63. Ancient noble Egyptians kept crocodiles as domestic cats,and even bought them jewelry made of gold and precious stones.
  64. The tallest man on earth lives in Turkey. His name is Sultan Kosen, and his height reaches as much as two and a half meters. Such a giant can be seen a mile away, and in Turkey Sultan is a local celebrity, who is often invited to watch television.
  65. The deepest hole in the ocean is Dina’s blue hole. According to scientists, its depth is more than two hundred meters. Divers and ordinary travelers love this place. It is very picturesque.
  66. DPRK is the most closed country in the world. She terrifies a simple man in the street with her strict orders. For example, there are loudspeakers on every street in Pyongyang, which at seven in the morning burst into a siren, signaling that it’s time for people to go to work.
  67. Amancio Ortega is recognized as the richest man in Europe, he owns such companies as Pull and Bear, Bershka, Zara. At the same time, Amancio Ortega leads a rather secluded life and is not at all like a rich man.
  68. A child under five years old can learn several foreign languages. Children at a young age perfectly memorize words and foreign expressions, and this knowledge is preserved by a person practically until old age.
  69. The most poisonous fish in the fugu world, has poison tetrotoxin, which kills an adult in just a few minutes. The poison is found in the guts, skin, gills, and fugu eyes.
  70. In ancient Japan, there was a cult of miniature female legs. Therefore, girls from rich families literally from birth tightly bandaged their feet so that the bones practically did not grow. Such feet were compared with a lotus, and the smaller the leg, the more noble of the bride.
  71. Color blindness is a rather unpleasant phenomenon. Most color blind people live in Europe, namely, in the Czech Republic. Scientists have noted that there are no color blindness in Fiji and in a number of other island settlements.
  72. You are often annoyed that you did not have time to cross the road at a traffic light signal? Scientists have found that the average person living in a city spends three weeks in front of a traffic light.
  73. The weight of our planet is not constant. The most amazing thing is that the earth annually gains about fifty tons in weight and drops about a hundred tons. Scientists have not yet found an explanation for this phenomenon.
  74. Have you ever thought about why the rabbit is a symbol of Playboy? The logo was created and developed by Harutor Paul back in 1953,like a funny sketch and some comic cartoon. Thanks to this sketch, the layout of the first Playboy magazine in 1954 was created.
  75. Scientists have created algae with a taste of bacon and ham. They contain a huge amount of vitamins and minerals necessary for our body. The main purpose of the invention, the fight against hunger in several countries in Africa. Algae are inexpensive and can have a wide variety of flavors.
  76. The most ecologically clean city located in Switzerland. In the city of Zermatt is forbidden to move on cars, as they pollute the atmosphere. Horse-drawn vehicles, bicycles or trips on electric vehicles are allowed.
  77. The biggest dinosaur found in Argentina. His height was 32 meters, and weighed a giant supposedly 80 tons.
  78. The biggest dog in the world, this is a cute dog named Gibson. If Gibson gets up on his hind legs, then his height is equal to two meters!
  79. Every three seconds, people say they have seen a UFO, but as a rule, this is an ordinary optical illusion. Of course, there were also massive UFO sightings, but there was always a rational explanation for unidentified objects in the sky.
  80. The jellyfish that kill with one touch lives in Australia.Its poison is a hundred times more dangerous than the poison of a cobra. This baby weighs only a couple of grams!
  81. The biggest star in the visible universe is Betelgeuse. It is located from our planet at a distance of more than six hundred million light years. If you compare it with the sun, then the sun is a poppy seed, and Betelgeuse is an orange. By the way, the star will explode for the next 3,000 years, and the glow from its explosion can be observed with the naked eye from the ground.
  82. Robots are developed not only for human needs in the field of science. Robotics gradually enters into everyday life. By 2070, scientists are planning the invention of robots that can replace people. Lonely people will have a chance to get a soul mate, robots will be able to express their feelings and even have sex.
  83. The city that has the longest name in the world is Bangkok. The capital of Thailand sounds in Thai as "Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Ayuthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Piman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Witsanukam Prasit". It is surprising that this fanciful title should know by heart every Thai.
  84. A lightning strike can incinerate a person in literally seconds. But the American Roy Cleveland is not for nothing called the "man of lightning rod". For all his life he survived seven lightning strikes and remained alive.Roy is even listed in the Guinness Book of Records.
  85. The deepest metro in the world is not located in New York, but in the Russian city of St. Petersburg. The whole thing is in the rocks, during the construction of the subway it was necessary to make tunnels at a depth of eighty meters.
  86. The highest Christmas tree was installed in Russia in 2013. A green beauty was placed on Poklonnaya Hill, and the height of the Christmas tree reached 50 meters in height. While the record of the highest Christmas tree is not broken.
  87. Mankind litters just a huge scale. The largest and most impressive dump found in the Pacific Ocean. Right in the middle of the ocean there is a multi-kilometer dump of plastic, technical waste, fuel oil and oil.
  88. In the Middle Ages, there were rather strange rules of beauty in women. To make the face look white, lead powder was used, freckles were removed with sulfur, and teeth were brushed with arsenic paste.
  89. American scientists have found that contemplation of aquarium fish is considered the best relaxation in the world. Especially for visitors in one of the New York parks was created a 550-liter aquarium with multi-colored illumination.
  90. Russia is considered the largest country in the world by territory.For quite a long time, Russia ranked third in the honorary list of empires. The area of ​​the Russian state is more than seventeen million square kilometers!
  91. Crocodile is an amazing creature. Although the Nile crocodile breathes with its lungs, it can hold its breath under water for about two hours.
  92. The most terrible disease that claimed the lives of almost half of the population of the Earth is not bubonic plague or the famous Spaniard. This is the malaria that causes the malaria mosquito. In some parts of the world, malaria is still rampant.

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