How to quickly grow eyelashes at home

Long, lush and expressive eyelashes - the dream of every girl. Long cilia make the face more feminine and elegant, avoiding vulgarity and unnaturalness. To quickly increase the lashes, you can ask for help from a beautician. However, extended eyelashes - it is expensive and unsafe.

 Long eyelashes at home

If you decide on salon procedures, you should understand that they are not cheap and require frequent correction sessions. In addition, artificial eyelashes are attached to their own hairs, which are not provided for such loads - over time they fall out. When you remove the extended eyelashes, you will see that your own hairs are very affected by such procedures. Therefore, it is much safer, cheaper and more efficient to grow your own cilia at home. Coupled with good and high-quality mascara you get the perfect result in the form of lush eyelashes that can not be distinguished from artificial ones.

Cosmetic oils for the growth of eyelashes

Oil is a natural stimulator of the growth of eyelashes, which can increase the length of your cilia by 50%. However, in order to achieve a qualitative and visible result, we need patience and regularity. Only after a month of daily application of oil on the cilia can be seen that they have become much thicker and longer. To oil care gave a real result, you need to follow a few rules.

  1. First, choose which oils you want to use for cilia care. For hair growth is best suck and castor oil. Almond and peach oil will help strengthen damaged eyelashes. And sea buckthorn and linseed oil will protect eyelashes from breakage and loss. Also vitamins A and E, which are sold in a pharmacy in liquid form in ampoules, are very useful for the hair. For cilia, you can choose one or more components that are mixed in equal proportions.
  2. After you have selected the right components, you need to check whether you have allergies to them. After all, if you immediately apply oil to your eyelashes without being convinced that you are not allergic, your eyes may turn red and begin to itch.Some oil should be placed on the inside of the elbow, on the wrist or on the skin in the neck. If after 15 minutes there is no redness, itching or blister on the treated area, you can use oils for the intended purpose.
  3. If you choose to mask the oil, they must be preheated in a water bath or simply in hot water before use. In the heated state, the oil becomes more efficient. If you add vitamins A or E to oils, you can’t warm up a lot - vitamins lose their beneficial properties.
  4. For convenient and daily application of oil on the eyelashes, use an old bottle of mascara. To do this, it must be thoroughly rinsed using alcohol and a small brush for washing baby bottles. Rinse the vial in such a way that it does not contain any cosmetic residue. Then, using a syringe or pipette, pour the prepared oil into the vial. Before use, make sure that the purchased product has a good shelf life, expired oil loses all its useful properties.
  5. Oil is applied after removing makeup, usually before bedtime. After the eyelashes are cleared of cosmetics, you need to start applying the mask.Brush gently on your eyelashes as if you were painting them with mascara. Beware of oil in your eyes - otherwise there will be a thin film on the pupil. It is harmless and disappears after a while, but this is a rather unpleasant phenomenon.
  6. After careful application, pat the corners of the eyes with dry wipes. After an hour, also remove the remaining oil with a napkin, but do not wash, let the oil saturate the eyelashes with vitamins until the morning. In the morning, wash as usual.

Regular implementation of such a procedure after 4-6 weeks will make your eyelashes fluffy, thick and strong. Oil masks do courses - a month of oil use, and then a week break.

Some tips for eyelash growth

 How to grow eyelashes

  1. If you want to grow strong and beautiful eyelashes, you need to take care of their condition. You can not sleep in makeup - eyelashes can not withstand the long aggressive effects of cosmetics. Be sure to remove makeup before bedtime with special products. Do not wash off the mascara, especially if it is waterproof, plain water. From strong friction eyelashes can break, be damaged and fall out.And soap dries eyelashes, they become dull and lose their elasticity. If you come home and you no longer have plans for this evening, wash off the mascara, let the cilia once again be saturated with oxygen.
  2. When choosing mascara and shadows give preference to high-quality cosmetics. Cheap cosmetics can contain allergens that cause redness and itching around the eyes. If you have sensitive skin, choose hypoallergenic cosmetics. And do not use mascara for more than 3-4 months - mascara is like a toothbrush, it requires frequent changes.
  3. Herbal compresses can be used to grow, restore and strengthen eyelashes. Take chamomile, coltsfoot, sage and green tea. Prepare from plants saturated and strong decoction. Moisten cotton pads in warm broth and apply them to eyes, leave for 20 minutes. This is an excellent tool for the natural strengthening and healing of cilia. This procedure will also help to quickly remove bags under the eyes, traces of insomnia and tears. This tool perfectly helps with any inflammation of the eye area - conjunctivitis, barley, etc. Such compresses should be done several times a week.Store the broth in the refrigerator, but reheat before each use.
  4. To saturate the cilium bulbs with oxygen and vitamins, it is necessary to increase blood circulation in them. To do this, you can do a light massage for centuries. Gently massage the place where the roots of the eyelashes are located so as not to damage the hairs. Do this procedure as often as possible to improve the growth of eyelashes.
  5. Very often eyelashes fall out and lose their shine due to improper diet and lack of vitamins. To improve the growth of eyelashes and make them strong, you need vitamins A, B and E. Vitamin A is found in fish, eggs, butter. Vitamin B can be found in cereals, beef liver and beans. And vitamin E beauty is found in nuts, milk and some natural oils.
  6. Here is the recipe of folk cosmetology, which will help you quickly restore and grow damaged eyelashes. To do this, mix a tablespoon of sea buckthorn oil with the same amount of castor oil. Then add the crushed rosehips to the mass, tightly cover the lid and let it brew for several days. This tool can handle eyelashes with a brush or cotton swab.This recipe is designed for rapid growth and emergency recovery of cilia.

Beautiful and lush eyelashes - not only a natural reality. Observing the daily rules of nutrition, care and restoration of eyelashes, you can significantly improve their condition. You yourself can make your eyelashes thick, lush, strong and shiny. One has only to want!

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