How to lose weight quickly with the help of activated carbon

Diet with activated carbon is gaining popularity again. Back in the 80s, this particular method of weight loss was the most famous and effective, then it was replaced by other methods. However, for several seasons, activated carbon is again at its peak of popularity. What is the essence of weight loss with activated carbon? Is it harmful to the body? What methods of losing weight based on this ingredient are available? We will try to answer all these questions.

 How to lose weight with activated charcoal

Activated carbon is not a panacea!

Before you begin to consider methods of losing weight with activated carbon it is necessary to warn all female representatives. Attention! Despite the advertisement about the usefulness of this ingredient, it is impossible to lose weight by 10 kg, drinking only 5 tablets per day,at the same time without changing its previous mode! If you want to lose weight, for this you need to make efforts - to lead an active lifestyle, move more, sit less, walk in the fresh air, do not eat after 19.00. Remember, activated carbon is not a panacea, it only contributes to the early disappearance of fat folds. Therefore, before you begin to apply activated carbon, change your lifestyle, then the effectiveness of the selected method will be more noticeable several times.


It is forbidden to use activated carbon if you have a gastrointestinal tract disease - a stomach or intestinal ulcer, colitis, or any disease in the acute stage. Also, the drug reduces the absorption of medicines, so if you take pills, it is better to postpone losing weight for a while. If you are in doubt about the usefulness of this method, consult your doctor. This will help avoid side effects.

What is the basis of weight loss using activated carbon

Activated carbon itself is a medical product belonging to the group of sorbents.It is prescribed for poisoning, intoxication, overdose. Activated carbon releases air from the intestines, absorbs all harmful compounds, proteins and chemical microparticles.

In order to save a person from extra pounds, the following changes occur in the use of this drug in the body:

  1. Abdominal distension, which affects a large number of women and men, gradually passes. Accumulated gases that cause a large abdomen are released.
  2. Toxins are removed. As you know, activated carbon removes all harmful compounds, so along with them, toxins are removed, which are a toxic effect on all organs. Because of this, metabolic processes increase in speed, cellular metabolism returns to normal. All this contributes to getting rid of extra pounds.
  3. Fat reserves are consumed. Together with gases and unwanted substances, nutrients are derived from the body, water and fats in small quantities. Due to the lack of nutrients, “spare” fat deposits will begin to be spent. If you supplement all these processes with physical activity, the result will be on your face!
  4. Activated charcoal reduces appetite. It is noticed that by taking coal before meals, the feeling of hunger is sharply reduced.

How many pills to take per day

Depending on the weight of losing weight, the number of tablets of activated carbon that can be taken without harm to health changes dramatically. The basic rule: the number of tablets should be ten times less than your weight. For example, with a body weight of 80 kg, it is necessary to drink 8 tablets per day.

 Activated carbon for weight loss

Be sure to divide this rate into several parts, leaving the drug in the morning, lunch and evening. Duration of admission should not be less than 2 weeks and more than a month. With the continuous use of activated carbon in the body can begin undesirable reactions - nausea, vomiting, weakness. And due to the fact that nutrients are not absorbed, anemia and vitamin deficiency can begin.

Popular systems of weight loss on activated carbon

Activated carbon on an empty stomach. Before going to dinner, take 2 tablets of activated carbon, as well as in the evening, before dinner. The advantages of this diet are excretion of toxins and unnecessary fats from the body.Among the minuses - the possible occurrence of diarrhea.

Fasting plus activated carbon. This method can be used only by people with complete health, without visible and invisible diseases. It is also desirable to have experience of fasting, as it assumes a strong load on the body. The purpose of the diet - to remove the extra 5 pounds in 10 days.

Within ten days you need to eat only water and activated carbon. Take the pills according to the dose that corresponds to your weight.

Every time before eating. An hour before meals, take 2 tablets of the drug. This must be done within 20 days. Be sure to do physical exercises, gymnastics, in order to get a more effective result.

Cocktails from activated carbon

In the West, among models, actresses and other stars of show business, the diet based on the use of cocktails with the addition of activated carbon has become incredibly popular. The benefits of this product are much more than can be assumed:

 Cocktails from activated carbon

  1. The cocktail is made from natural, healthy ingredients for humans - milk, juices. This allows you to learn to eat healthy food, giving up fat and flour.
  2. Liquid cocktail takes place in the stomach, and activated carbon reduces the feeling of hunger. Having drunk just one glass of drink, it seems the body is already full.
  3. In contrast to the "liquid diet", which is based only on products that are not dense in content, diarrhea and flatulence do not occur with regular use of cocktails. Activated carbon copes with these illnesses perfectly.
  4. When using tablets of activated carbon in the usual form, you need to drink plenty of fluids in order to avoid dehydration. However, the cocktail effectively solves this problem as well.

Based on all of the above, I would like to note that it is more beneficial to take activated carbon not in a dry form, but diluted, for example, in cocktails. For those who want to lose a few pounds without harming the body, we offer a few simple recipes:

  1. It is necessary to cook kefir (1 tbsp.), Chopped finely parsley, dill, half a cucumber of medium length, radish (2 pcs.), Activated carbon (3 pcs.). Add charcoal to kefir, wait until it dissolves. The rest of the ingredients chop blender. Next, add the kefir and mix thoroughly again.Use this cocktail 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening.
  2. For the following recipe you will need 2 carrots (fresh), orange, frozen berries, (any), honey (one tablespoon), 2 spoons of sesame seed, 3 pcs. activated carbon. Carrot and orange skip through a juicer, add coal there. The remaining products are mixed with a blender. Mix and mix again. This smoothie cocktail is rich in vitamins and promotes weight loss.

On your own, you can come up with many more recipes for delicious, healthy diet cocktails. There is only one condition - always dissolve the activated carbon in the liquid before cooking. The rest is your creativity and sense of taste. Experiment!

Going to go on a diet with activated carbon do not forget that this is a medical drug. Even in spite of the fact that it is of natural origin, unpleasant consequences may arise, which will be difficult to correct in the future. Consult with your dietician, learn about contraindications. Lose weight on health, not vredred!

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