How to lose weight fast with cling film

People turn to extreme weight loss options, when you need to lose weight in a short time. Usually this happens before an unplanned celebration or vacation. There are cases when ladies want to get rid of extra pounds in a week. The second category of people - professional athletes who did not pass the weight category. In both cases, the best option would be to reduce the volume and total body mass due to accelerated sweating. It is for these purposes that food film is used.

 How to lose weight with food film

Weight loss

You can achieve quick results by getting rid of excess water in the body. The technique is not designed for slow weight loss, the volumes are concealed on the eyes. After you lose the required kilograms, and then start drinking again, the weight will return.

To achieve a lasting effect, you need to drink at least 2.5-3 liters of pure water per day.In addition, green tea with jasmine in moderate amounts (it washes out calcium from the bones) will not be out of place.

You also need to regularly go to the gym (4-5 times a week), eat seasonal fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, eat lean meat and fish.

Usually for removing the liquid using a belt for weight loss from neoprene, but in your case it will be replaced by food film.


  • pregnancy in all periods;
  • endocrine disruption;
  • high blood pressure;
  • unstable heart rate;
  • thyroid disease;
  • allergic to components in the film;
  • dehydration;
  • chronic kidney and liver disease;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • varicose veins;
  • cardiovascular diseases.

Method of losing weight with food film

If you went through the list of contraindications and found nothing in relation to yourself, safely proceed to the procedure.

 Method of losing weight with food film

Necessary materials:

  • hard scrub;
  • sparing peeling;
  • washcloth;
  • vacuum silicone cans;
  • cream with a warming effect;
  • warm winter clothes;
  • food film.
  1. In most cases, the food film is designed to reduce the volume by removing the liquid, but you need to know that it also eliminates cellulite. If you plan to wrap your hips or buttocks, clean these areas with a coffee scrub beforehand. To prepare it, mix 100 grams. coffee grounds with 40 ml. regular shower gel. Begin to intensively massage the skin, continue the procedure until it turns red and becomes hot. If food film will be used on the abdomen or hands, use gentle peeling for these zones. He will not bring the skin to redness, it is not necessary, since cellulite in these areas is not provided.
  2. After cleansing, rub the areas that will be wrapped with a film, a hard washcloth. You can also use a special glove to speed up blood circulation, but you can’t buy it everywhere.
  3. Apply on the body a warming cream, massaging in a circular motion, rubbing it into the skin until completely absorbed.
  4. If you are planning to wrap the buttocks and thighs in order to get rid of cellulite, then purchase silicone jars at the pharmacy. You will need 1 pc.Place it on the back of the thigh, squeeze a little to create a vacuum. Now slowly start driving in a circular or linear movement up and down. Do not linger on one point for more than 2 seconds, otherwise bruises and subcutaneous bruises will appear. Banks cannot be used on the inside of the thigh.
  5. After treatment with a scrub, washcloth, vacuum, the skin warmed up sufficiently and became soft, the pores opened. It's time to start wrapping. Expand the food film about 20 cm, put it on the desired area and carefully wrap. Make 5-6 layers. It is important to pay attention to the degree of tightening, it is impossible to tighten the film too much, otherwise the blood circulation will be disturbed, due to which the area will start to go numb. Slimming is achieved only with full blood flow, not for nothing that you so quickly stimulated it with cans and a washcloth.
  6. Now put on warm winter clothes to create a greenhouse effect. Do household chores: vacuum, wash dishes, floors, windows. Do whatever you like, just do not sit still. If you spend the procedure after a hard day at work, wear warmer clothes and lie under a blanket. Include an interesting movie or read a book.
  7. Now let's talk about the exposure time. It directly depends on which warming agent you used. If the composition involves frequent and general use, keep the film for about 2 hours. As a rule, such funds do not go beyond the eggs, cabbage, kefir, essential oils and other "delicate" products contained in it. If the cream contains chilli, sea salt and other ingredients that can burn the skin, wait no more than 1 hour. Proceed from the general condition, the slightest tingling is considered normal, a strong unbearable burning sensation is unacceptable.
  8. After the expiration date, remove the film, wash first with warm, then cool water. Smear the skin with anti-cellulite or moisturizing cream, depending on which parts of the body the procedure was performed on.

Practical recommendations

 Tips for losing weight with cling film

  1. Do not work out the whole body at once, wrap individual zones. For example, today work your thighs and buttocks, tomorrow, work your hands, and the day after tomorrow - your stomach. If, however, the procedure is carried out simultaneously, there is a high risk of overheating, increased blood pressure and heart failure.
  2. During the exposure, monitor your well-being.If you feel dizzy, remove the film and take a douche.
  3. It is impossible to carry out a wrapping with a short interval. Excessive sweat alters the chemical composition of the blood, sending less oxygen to the cells. It is fraught with heart disease, fever and dehydration.
  4. The recommended frequency of the procedure varies from 3 to 4 times a week, while evenly distributing the load on different zones. The duration of the course is usually 1-2 months, then a break is taken for several weeks and the sessions resume again.
  5. In order to carry out the procedure as efficiently as possible, you can not only do household chores, but also perform exercises.

Stand up straight, straighten your back and start walking in place, raising your knees high. Perform actions within 5 minutes.

Walking can be replaced by jumping. To do this, put your feet together, jump up and spread them apart, raising your hands up. Do 2 sets 50 times.

Lie on the floor, place your hands under the buttocks, straighten the body. Slowly lift your legs, holding them together. Lower the legs, do not touch the floor and lift again. Do this 10 times, rest and repeat the exercise.

In order to achieve maximum results and fast weight loss you need to carry out a wrap with preparation. To begin, clean the skin with a scrub or peeling, then rub it with a hard washcloth. Apply a warming cream, carefully rubbing, do vacuum massage in cans. Only after that wrap the body with cling film.

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