How to quickly lengthen the eyelashes at home

The first thing that people notice when they meet is their eyes. That is why eye makeup is given the lion's share of attention. And eyelashes, if they are fluffy, long and beautiful - can transform even the most mediocre face. That is why most women and girls dream of perfect eyelashes, as with the cover of magazines. But is it possible to achieve this at home? Of course, yes! And for this there are many options. But first, let's try to understand why the eyelashes fall out, become brittle and rare.


Why do lashes fall out?

The most common cause of loss are cosmetic procedures for building artificial eyelashes. The principle of extension is that artificial cilia are attached to their own, living hairs that are not designed for such loads. Over time, the hair weakens and just falls out.Wearing artificial eyelashes is always impossible, you can stay without your eyelashes. However, the use of extended eyelashes in special cases is permissible - for the time of serious and important events.

Eyelashes may fall out and dull due to inadequate care. Mandatory evening procedure for removing makeup with special tools. You can not wash your face with soap and rub your eyes with your hands, the eyelashes from this break and fall out. If you fall asleep with mascara on your eyes, and in the morning you wash off the makeup and apply a fresh layer of cosmetics - the eyelashes cannot fill the lack of oxygen, they become dull and short.

The state of eyelashes may deteriorate due to poor-quality cosmetics, made of toxic and unsafe substances. Nervous shocks, lack of vitamins, frequent temperature changes - all this can contribute to loss of eyelashes. However, in any situation, you can find a way out, and lengthen your eyelashes at home is quite real.

Eyelash extensions

The first thing that comes to the head of fashionistas at the mention of long eyelashes is their build-up. In some cases, the build-up is really justified.Artificial cilia, if they are attached correctly, are not at all different from real ones, give the face a natural charm and charm. In addition, it is a great way to complement the image before an important event - a wedding or birthday. By the way, it’s not necessary to go to a beauty salon for this procedure, the buildup can be done at home. Artificial cilia vary in shape, color, length, volume, bend, thickness. Here are some types of extensions from which you can choose something for yourself.

  1. The simplest type of extension is gluing to the eyelid a solid strip with artificial cilia arranged in a row. Pre-length of cilia, as well as the length of the strip itself, you need to adjust for yourself, removing all unnecessary.
  2. Another type of building - puchkovoy. Artificial cilia are bundled into several bundles and glued mainly to the outer corners of the eyes.
  3. In recent years, very popular for the eyelash extensions. The principle is this: an artificial hair “clings” to each of its eyelashes. The result of this procedure is an incredibly realistic and natural appearance.

Modern materials allow building up not only effectively, but also safely. That is, some technologies (Indonesian capacity) are based on the use of glue from natural materials with the addition of vitamins and minerals. And this means that such glue is not only not harmful for your own eyelids and eyelashes, but also really useful.

Eyelash extender oils

If you are not ready to subject your eyelashes to a build-up, you can use a more gentle way - these are cosmetic oils. Be prepared for long procedures - you can get a real result in the form of long and luxurious eyelashes only in 2-3 weeks of using oil. However, you will get your own, natural eyelashes of charming length and maximum volume. But how to use oils to get the most benefit from them?

 Eyelash extender oils

  1. First you need to choose the oil. Burdock oil can save you from the loss of eyelashes, making them longer. Castor oil increases the thickness of the cilia, making them bulky and voluminous. If you have a tendency to the appearance of barley, you can use sea buckthorn oil.And with brittle hairs, use peach or almond oil. For the procedure, you can use one oil or mix them in equal proportions.
  2. So that you are not lazy every day to apply oil on the eyelashes, the procedure should be as simple as possible. To do this, we take an old bottle from under the carcass, wash it and pour the selected oil or mixture of oils into it.
  3. Before use, it is better to heat the oil slightly - in hot water or just in the hands.
  4. In the evening, after removing makeup, apply oil on the eyelashes, as if painting them with mascara. Handle every corner thoroughly. Do not allow oil to get into your eyes or skin.
  5. An hour later, remove the remnants of unabsorbed oil with a dry cloth and go to bed. You can wash in the morning.

After a month of regular daily application of oil on the eyes, you can get long lush eyelashes that are not inferior to artificial counterparts.

Massage century for the growth of eyelashes

Often lashes fall out of lack of nutrition. This happens if there is poor circulation in the eyelids. This can be corrected with massage.Stimulation of the eyelid skin accelerates blood and contributes not only to the growth of eyelashes, but also prevents the appearance of premature facial wrinkles.

Massage can be done at any time of the day, but it is better to do it in the morning or in the evening, when there is no makeup on the eyelashes. Carefully, massage your eyelashes with your fingertips, gently rubbing the eyelids. Massage should be done for at least three minutes for each eye.

For greater effect, you can use a mixture of the following tools - vegetable oil, aloe juice, parsley juice, vitamin E from the ampoule. Mix all the ingredients and dip the fingertips in the prepared composition before the massage. Daily performance of this massage will give you beautiful eyelashes and a fresh look.

Folk remedies for lengthening eyelashes

There are many homemade recipes that can increase the natural length of your eyelashes.

  1. Cornflower and Chamomile. These flowers have healing and regenerating properties. Take a tablespoon of dried flowers and pour half a glass of boiling water. Let the broth stand and strain it through several layers of gauze.Moisten cotton pads in warm broth and apply to eyes for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Cabbage, carrots and olive oil. Squeeze a little cabbage and carrot juice, about one teaspoon. Mix the juices with a little oil and soak the cotton pads in the prepared mixture. Attach them to the area of ​​the eyelids and lie with them for 15 minutes.
  3. Usma This plant is actively used in the East for the growth of eyelashes, hair, eyebrows. In the pharmacy you can find ready-made oil from usmi. If you find dried leaves of usma, you can make a strong decoction from them. Paint the cilia with a decoction from the old mascara to make them thicker and darker.
  4. Vitamins. To improve the appearance of cilia, we must not forget about vitamin complexes that need to be drunk in winter and spring, when there are so few natural fruits and vegetables. In addition, you can saturate the eyelashes with vitamins and outside. Buy in the pharmacy ampoules with vitamins A, E and B. Mix them and pour the composition in a bottle of used mascara. Apply the mixture every day on the eyelashes to saturate them with useful elements.
  5. Burdock This method is suitable for those who do not like to apply oil on their eyelashes.Everyone knows that burdock oil is a spin from burdock root. Replace this oil will help the usual decoction of the same root. Take a burdock of medium size, rinse and chop its root. Cook the root in a small amount of water in a water bath. Then close the broth and let it brew. After that, the composition can be filtered. Dampen cotton pads in broth and apply to the eyes for half an hour.

These simple, inexpensive, but such effective recipes will help you make your eyelashes bulky and beautiful.

How to visually increase the eyelashes

If you are in the process of restoring eyelashes, and you want to look perfect today, you can use some tips on how to visually enlarge eyelashes.

 How to visually increase the eyelashes

To get started, go responsibly to the choice of quality mascara. Usually expensive carcasses give a good lengthening effect. In addition, you can use the following technique. Apply a small amount of Vaseline to the eyelashes, then remove the rest of it with a napkin. On the hairs will certainly remain the thinnest layer of fat composition. After that, apply powder on the eyelashes, and then paint the eyelashes with mascara.Visually, this will significantly increase the thickness and length of your hairs.

To lashes do not fall out, you need to carefully care for them. Daily remove makeup before bedtime, use high-quality cosmetics, do not increase eyelashes too often. It is very important to follow the diet - in the diet should be dairy products, meat, cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables. In hot weather, wear sunglasses or a wide-brimmed hat to help you protect your eyelashes from burning out. These simple rules will help you maintain the health and beauty of your own eyelashes.

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