How to save money with a small salary

In the conditions of constant crisis, it is important to observe such financial habit as correct economy. Low income pushes people to restrictions in terms of family budget, and this is not surprising. However, many are not aware of the fact that spending cuts must be right. Consider the important aspects in order.

 How to save money with a small salary

How to save on electricity

  1. Pay attention to the pots and pans that are used for cooking on the stove. The dishes should ideally correspond to the size of the hotplate, otherwise the appliance will begin to heat the air. If the inventory is selected optimally, the efficiency of heating the tank will increase, which means that the dish will be cooked several times faster. The advice is especially relevant when using smaller pans or pots than a hotplate.
  2. Properly use electronic gadgets and home appliances.For example, if you leave the chargers from the tablet or smartphone plugged in, they will consume electricity all the time. The same applies to the microwave, kettle, multicooker, TV. To avoid unnecessary expenses, turn off all devices at night from the outlet.
  3. Proper installation of the refrigerator should be important. This type of household appliance consumes the more electricity, the closer it is to the stove. In the case of washing machines, load the laundry in such a way as to avoid overweight or, on the contrary, underweight. Each manufacturer sets the permissible norms, read the instructions. With insufficient or excessive load, the device consumes electricity by 15-20% more.
  4. Replace conventional bulbs with energy efficient ones. Yes, they are much more expensive, but will pay off after two weeks of operation. In addition, these devices burn out less frequently. When choosing household appliances, give preference to products designed for low power consumption.
  5. A good habit inherent in not everyone is to turn off the light after leaving the room.You can also purchase infrared sensors that will perform the procedure automatically. It makes sense to think about the zonal lighting of the rooms, in the course can go bedside lamps, wall chandeliers of small size, lights from LEDs.

The principle of economy with a low budget

Harmful habits, regular entertainment, expensive “sweets” - all this leads to large financial losses. To avoid waste, it is important to save your hard earned money wisely.

Step number 1. Set financial priorities

It is known that spending is directly dependent on lifestyle. Young people are more susceptible to temptation, with a lack of experience this feature leads to unnecessary costs. At this stage, it is important to correctly prioritize, abandoning unnecessary gadgets, entertainment, etc.

The first step is to make a list of expenses, then divide them into important and those without which you can live. Next, cross out the extra points, evaluate the result.

For urgent expenses include funds for food, clothing, rent for the apartment, available loans.By not very urgent expenses can be attributed to the accumulation of annual leave, resources for education (debatable).

The stage of completely non-urgent expenses is occupied by the purchase of brand fashion clothing (meaning not a necessity), going to a pizzeria, entertainment events, household goods, latest model electronics (“Ponte”), as well as other goods that do not require immediate purchase.

The latter category of extra costs should be considered carefully, it is you who will be “cut down” in the first place. It all depends on life values ​​and priorities. In cases where branded clothing is more important to you than investing in education, the number of expenses will not decrease. The same applies to visiting nightclubs, cafes, buying phones of the latest model. Direct cash resources in the right direction.

Step number 2. Save money
At this stage it is important to understand that you first need to pay yourself, and then use the remaining funds for other purposes. Make it a habit to save a certain percentage of earned money every month to start your own business or, in extreme cases, put money on a savings book in a bank.

 Save money

Perhaps there is no point in the plans to “work for yourself”, in which case the percentage of profits will go to the primary tasks that may appear in the future. These include construction, purchase of a car, repairs, etc. This item only works if you invest constantly, regardless of possible circumstances. To achieve results, slow down yourself until the task is completed.

Strict adherence to such rules will save you from thinking about the topic: “Where can I get money for important needs?”. Profitable investment of funds will gradually increase the family budget only if you set aside 10-15% of monthly earnings.

Step number 3. Keep records of income and expenses
The need to keep records of money spent and earned is emphasized by all successful people. Such a move will help to identify unnecessary expenses, eliminate them and optimize the budget.

For example, you noticed that weekly trips to cafes are quite costly, taking into account the financial situation, reduce or eliminate them completely. Visual amounts will be able to convey much more than abstract judgments.

It is mandatory to consider your own income. The advice is especially relevant if the salary does not come every month in one payment, but every week, or even worse, a day.

Increase financial literacy. The modern age of technology leaves its mark on society. More and more people keep track of income and expenses in an automated mode by downloading a special program. Use their recommendation.

Scientists have repeatedly proved that 97% of Russian citizens live from paycheck to paycheck, spending money by the start of the next payment. At the same time, this fact practically does not depend on the degree of earnings.

Step number 4. Look for product analogues
Many people know that all products have their analogues, but cheaper ones. Such a move allows you to save 25-30% of the budget, almost without limiting yourself in the usual way of life.

Remember, in stores and supermarkets, goods at a higher price are located at eye level, while relatively cheap products are displayed on the lower shelves. Pay attention to the second option.

When choosing household appliances, consider not only stationary stores, but also online stores. As a rule, the cost of goods is reduced by 10%, in some cases more.Take a closer look at the products for the action, sometimes for the same price you can buy a better gadget, electrical appliance, tools, etc.

Before you make a purchase, analyze the market prices. It is not uncommon when in two neighboring stores there are identical goods with a price difference of about 20–40%.

Rules for the selection of similar products applies not only to clothing, electronics, items for the home, but also to medicines. Often, every foreign drug has a Russian counterpart. The name is different, and the pricing policy is 8-12 times lower, while the products will not have different healing properties. Table of drugs you can find on the Internet.

Step number 5. Make a list of products
Creating a list of products helps to immediately eliminate the extra costs associated with impulsive purchases, this fact has been proven repeatedly. Experienced marketers know thousands of ways on a subconscious level to make you buy one or another product. The list will prevent this from happening. You also need to pre-tamp the amount needed to purchase all the goods from the list to count on a specific budget.

 Make a list of products

Eat tight before you go to the store, because a hungry person wants to buy everything at once. Experts in the field of finance advise not to make purchases on the day of receipt of wages. Otherwise, you will “become generous” and gain too much, because the financial condition is estimated differently, the person feels rich.

Also important is the method of payment: cash or plastic card. The first option is preferable, since you really appreciate that you give your hard-earned money. With regards to the card, a person is easier to part with money, lowering their true value, since this type of payment seems virtual.

Step number 6. Review your daily diet.
As mentioned earlier, food is an important expense, but can also be reduced if a similar need arises. Proper food does not have to be expensive, the price consists not only of the quality of the products, but also the original packaging, brand, marketing of the manufacturer.

Very often the cost of healthy food is lower than at fast food. For example, dairy products, eggs, fresh vegetables, beans and cereals will be much cheaper than hamburgers, hot dogs and shaurma.

To optimize the cost of food, buy a weight, not a packaging item. Due to the factory shell of the second version of the product is much more expensive. If possible, purchase goods on the market, you can bargain there. At the same time, visit the market in the late afternoon when the seller is ready to reset the price for the desired product.

Get the meat is not in the form of a semi-finished product, but entirely, by weight. Such actions will allow to leave part of the carcass for the first and second courses. People who eat at work are advised to carry lunch with them, so as not to eat snacks that are at an exorbitant price.

In season, eat fresh fruits and vegetables of Russian origin, they are much cheaper than imported goods. Do not forget to cook the first dishes, the price of the components is much lower, and the nutritional value is higher.

Make up a weekly menu, then go to the store to shop. As a result, you lay out one amount at a time, excluding options for quick snacks (sausages, sandwiches with sausage, etc.).

It is easy to save money with a small salary, if you have sufficient knowledge with regards to a possible cost reduction.Turn off electrical appliances from the outlet at night, make a list before going to the store, give up fast food. Look for similar products, save money, set financial priorities.

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