How to use Kombucha for hair

The widespread fame of Kombucha is due to its versatility and the presence of a mass of useful properties. Soldiers who took part in the Russian-Japanese war brought him to our country. Today it is used to treat so many diseases. In addition, it is quite widely used cosmetology. In appearance Kombucha has a resemblance to jellyfish.

 How to use Kombucha for hair

It belongs to the plants, and the composition is rich in products formed as a result of fermentation. It is they who determine the high biological activity. After some time, as a result of fermentation, it turns into a carbonated drink, the taste of which resembles kvass, familiar to all.

Kombucha and hair

This product is widely used in remedial remedial measures in relation to hair.This is achieved due to the fact that the drink is rich in vitamins. Hair begins to grow more intensely, become shiny. Regular use allows you to get rid of dandruff in the shortest possible time.


If you carefully look at what is in the Kombucha, you can find that it contains a large number of components that carry the undoubted benefit to the human body. The following substances can be found in the set of chemical and other elements:

  1. The composition is characterized by the presence of wine alcohol.
  2. Carbonic acid occupies a certain niche. In addition, you can find a whole set of various organic acids.
  3. In considerable quantities there are all kinds of sugars.
  4. The composition of vitamins of group B, ascorbic acid is extremely rich. The content and other various vitamins.
  5. Vital minerals are presented in a wide variety of tea fungus.
  6. The product has a rich enzyme kit.
  7. The composition complements a wide range of aromatic substances.
  8. The list would not be complete if we keep silent about bacteria that exhibit pronounced antibiotic properties.

Application for hair loss

It is not necessary to visit expensive beauty salons, in which procedures cost a lot of money. Strengthen and improve the hair with the help of Kombucha can be right at home. It requires only a careful and competent approach to the preparation of therapeutic infusions and decoctions. Shown and receive this drink inside. Every day it should be consumed in the amount of one glass. Impatient ladies should immediately warn. This tool is, of course, useful, but not a magic elixir. Do not wait for instant results. It will appear no earlier than 2 months. To strengthen the hair, the composition must be rubbed into the scalp, and this is done 30 minutes before washing the hair. As a result of this procedure, hair loss will stop.

Another point in achieving the desired result is that the application must be complex. This suggests that in parallel with this, and various other procedures.

Cooking infusion

It is not difficult to prepare it, the main thing is to observe all stages of its preparation.The algorithm for performing actions can be represented as follows:

  1. Will require black or green tea, which does not contain aromatic additives. You will also need a mixture of herbs. It includes chamomile, calendula, celandine, sage grass, rosemary, nettle leaves. All herbs are taken in equal amounts. Hot water is added to this mixture.
  2. Infusion is carried out for an hour. Then the liquid is placed in a jar and sugar is added. Its amount depends on the volume of fluid. In terms of liter, sugar is added in the amount of 6 tablespoons. It must be ensured that the sugar is completely dissolved.
  3. After that, the container must be added Kombucha. To avoid falling into the composition of foreign components - the neck should be fastened. For this use gauze.
  4. The composition is placed in a place where it is warm enough. The temperature should be at least 25 degrees.
  5. Full readiness comes in a week. Now the composition is ready for use. They can rub the scalp every 3 days.

Cooking broth

 Cooking decoction for hair of Kombucha
In this form, the tool will be useful for those who have greasy hair. Use implies a fairly frequent use.This is done 5 times during the week. If decoction is used, then you can not wash your head with shampoo.

Cooking stages
Schematically, the algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. Such an infusion of the fungus, the fermentation of which lasted 1 month, will be required.
  2. The infusion is diluted with water in a 1: 2 ratio.
  3. Add nettle, sage and chamomile grass to the liquid.
  4. The composition is put on fire and brought to a boil.
  5. Then the liquid cools for a quarter of an hour.
  6. To enhance the effect add vitamin E or olive oil in the amount of a few drops.

Composition for rinsing

Rinsing procedures are indicated for persons with absolutely any type of hair. You can add to the mixture of herbs or dispense with this. But, if the addition of medicinal herbs is nevertheless carried out, the choice of plants is carried out taking into account the type of hair. If the hair is brittle, you must add nettles and chamomile. If the hair is greasy, horsetail grass will be the choice. Women whose hair is dull, suitable burdock in the form of grass. Adding birch buds is suitable for hair with any type.

Cooking stages
A strong infusion should be diluted with water in a 1: 2 ratio. Only a means that has been insisted for at least a month is used. Then herbs are added.

Rinsing is carried out every time after washing the head.


The formulation of the masks depends on the type of hair.

In order to prepare a mask for all types of hair, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Monthly infusion of tea fungus - a third cup;
  • natural honey - a tablespoon;
  • sage and lavender - 8 drops.

The composition is rubbed into the root of the hair. Exposure - 1 hour. Then the head is rinsed with ordinary warm water.

With dry hair use the same composition, but instead of herbs added vitamin E and olive oil. They also require 8 drops of each ingredient. You can buy ready-made vitamin E at the pharmacy.

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