How to use bay leaf for weight loss

There are many varieties of how you can lose those extra pounds and keep your body in shape. In the course are physical exercises, pharmaceutical preparations, various cosmetic procedures and folk remedies. The latter includes bay leaf, it is used to remove excess salt from the body. Volumes "melt" due to the withdrawal of excess fluid and enhance metabolic processes. Let's look at the main aspects that affect the use of leaves of laurel for the purpose of losing weight.

 How to use bay leaf for weight loss

Bay leaf benefits while losing weight

  1. Most often, the leaves are introduced into the food to give the dishes a special flavor. But few people know that fragrant seasoning has the peculiarity of cleaning internal organs and reducing cravings for food.
  2. If you enter the laurel in the daily diet, increased metabolic processes.Also, there is a massive withdrawal of cholesterol from the cavity of the blood channels, the blood is purified, its circulation improves. Tissue cells are enriched with oxygen, all important systems and organs work many times better.
  3. Laurel decreases the concentration of glucose in the blood. Not everyone knows that with elevated sugar a person is constantly tormented by brutal appetite. Infusions and decoctions on the leaves normalize glucose levels.
  4. The plant is famous for its choleretic properties, making it easier for the liver and gallbladder to work in the weight loss process. From here extra centimeters go even faster.
  5. Also laurel boasts an accelerated output of fluid due to the diuretic action. Together with the withdrawal of water all the most important metabolic processes are launched.
  6. During weight loss, a person suffers a shortage of certain substances that are necessary for the proper functioning of the psycho-emotional environment. A decoction of the leaves leads to the tone of the psyche, relieves depression and insomnia.
  7. Virtually all drugs that are designed to get rid of the hated fat folds include laurel extract.This is not surprising, since the plant has fat burning properties. The volume of the body is noticeably reduced, while the body is not experiencing stress.
  8. Spice relieves swelling of the extremities, prevents dry mouth. These problems arise if a person follows a pure protein diet with a low carbohydrate content. It is enough to introduce a bay leaf into the developed nutrition in order to keep moisture in the tissues at an optimal level.
  9. The only bad thing is that all the beneficial qualities of a plant have a short-term result. That is, it is not enough just to drink teas on lavrushka or to eat dishes with the inclusion of leaves. You must also adhere to the subtleties of healthy eating, get rid of harmful dishes. But if you succeed in this, consider that it is a hat.
  10. Many people who adhere to certain methods of losing weight, it is known that with the body polluted with slags and toxins, it is difficult to lose weight. But the leaves of laurel cleanse the internal organs of all poisons, but this causes loss of fluid.

Recipes with bay leaf for weight loss

All of the following funds can not be taken for a long time.It is enough to consume them for 3 days. Next comes a long break of 60–90 days. After completing the course on the monastery, you must follow a diet to consolidate the result. Do not interfere with sports or the transition to PP-diet.

 Recipes with bay leaf for weight loss

  1. Weak decoction. Mix 0.4 liters. boiling water with 4 laurel leaves. After boiling, wait 6 minutes, turn off the burner. Pour the contents into the pan, wait for 4.5 hours. Then filter, consume this remedy half an hour before the main meal three times a day, 30 ml each.
  2. Concentrated decoction. Connect 28 leaves with 1 l. boiling water. Leave this composition for 8 hours, then filter. The volume is calculated for a day, the broth is drunk little by little during the day. The course is 3 days.
  3. Broth with cinnamon. Boil 1 l. water, combine with 6 leaves of laurel and cinnamon stick. Cook the ingredients on a low-power cooker for 13 minutes. Turn off, cool. Use on an empty stomach to 0.15 liters. once a day.
  4. Infusion with honey. Connect 260 ml. boiling water with three leaves of laurel, enter 20 gr. Honey and insist means in a thermos for a quarter of an hour. Do not filter, eat before meals 3 times a day.
  5. Tea with laurel. Prepare a kettle for brewing, scald with boiling water. Put 3 leaves inside, add half a spoonful of ground cinnamon and a bag of black / herbal tea. Top up with boiling water, wait a third of an hour. Drink in the morning, in the daytime and in the evening in half a cup.
  6. Broth with pepper. Mix 30 leaves of laurel with 5 black peppercorns or 5 pieces of red pepper. Pour fat burning spices 1.2 liters. boiling water, pour the contents into a heat-resistant container. Insist 2 hours, take 100 ml. half an hour before the main meal.
  7. Infusion with ginger and cloves. Combine 2 slivers of black loose tea with 5 leaves of laurel, 3 buds of cloves, slice of ginger root, 0.3 l. boiling water. Insist this cocktail for half an hour, then take before meals three times a day.

Weight loss rules

 Bay leaf for weight loss

  1. You can not dramatically change your diet in one day, you need to start the procedure in advance. At first, all fat and salty foods are excluded, then new products with lower calorie content are introduced.
  2. It is also necessary to increase the volume of water consumed daily to 2-2.5 liters. Otherwise, instead of getting rid of fatty tissue, you will lose precious moisture.
  3. Often in the process of taking folk remedies on the bay, the weight stops falling.This process is practically impossible to reverse, it is enough to still adhere to proper nutrition and do not despair.
  4. Highly concentrated teas and decoctions on the leaves of laurel have a negative effect on the kidneys, therefore it is always necessary to look for a middle ground. Especially in the first time getting used to the drink.
  5. To reduce weight with the help of Lavrushka, you need to prepare a means for ingestion according to one of the recipes mentioned above. Drinking such a composition is desirable when preparing for a diet or a transition to a healthy lifestyle.
  6. Thanks to the correct preparation, you will be cleansed, in particular, you will remove all stagnation from the intestinal tract. The frequency of food fermentation in the esophagus will decrease, carbohydrates will be transformed not into fat reserves, but energy.
  7. Pay attention to the diet. It is necessary to exclude from it all pepper, salty, fried dishes, quick snacks, canned food, homemade spins, etc. Completely refuse alcohol, soda, sweet packaged juices, useless boiled water (it is better to drink melted) and coffee.
  8. The diet is prepared in such a way that products with the maximum moisture content prevail in it.We are talking about fruits and vegetables, seafood, meat, fish. All dishes with diuretic properties at the time excluded.

In some cases, receiving decoctions of bay leaves may be contraindicated, it all depends on the initial state of health losing weight. Therefore, before any such manipulations, it is advisable to consult a specialist.

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