How to get rid of heartache: useful tips

Each of us at least once in his life faced with such a state as mental pain. It can occur after the death of a loved one, loved one and loved one. Also, heartache visits us when parting or separating from a person who is very dear to us. The heartache appears when our personal self-consciousness suffers, we feel bad and our mind is looking for some way out of this situation.

 How to get rid of heartache

What is heartache

Is there an organ in our body called the soul? Any medic will answer no. But why then does it hurt? In fact, mental pain manifests itself in the discomfort of consciousness, in violation of the holistic "I". When it is difficult for you, it hurts, you do not want to accept the life situation and put up with it, your soul refutes information from the outside.

With mental pain, your heart shrinks, as if in a vice, it becomes difficult for you to breathe, your eyes are clouded, and your thoughts are focused only on one situation in your life. The heartache does not allow to live normally, work, study.With a strong emotional pain, a person stops any social life, he closes within four walls and endlessly thinks, thinks, thinks ... Perhaps he wonders if it could have been different, if he could have prevented the situation.

The soul of a person is like a living creature that hurts during a period of serious emotional turmoil. And this soul, undoubtedly, must be treated so that it does not die. After all, if the soul dies, the person becomes cold, indifferent and angry at the whole world. This should not be allowed.

Causes of heartache

Mental pain can visit us in different life situations.

  1. The loss of a loved one causes severe mental pain. At first, a person cannot come to terms with what has happened. He strongly refutes what happened and does not want to accept it. Gradually, his consciousness accepts and puts up with what happened - this is the next stage of experiencing what happened. A man learns to live without the dead, builds his life without him. All stages of suffering from loss must be gradual and consistent in order for a person to get rid of heartache in the necessary time.
    Usually the grief passes in the year of absence of a loved one and loved one. After that, humility remains. Even in religion there are rules according to which it is impossible to cry for a dead person for a long time, because “he becomes ill in the next world”. Whether this is true, no one can verify, but long suffering, in fact, will not lead to anything good.
  2. Parting with your loved one. This is also one of the strongest experiences. When a close loved one leaves, the world collapses, as well as all plans for life together. It is important not to forget the reason for the separation. Did he leave you? Then why do you need one? If a person could not consider all of your virtues, you should not run after him and be humiliated. There is one that will appreciate you. And if you left him, then do not forget about the reasons for which you made such a decision. Every time you think about his "beautiful eyes," remember why you decided to leave.
  3. A disease of a family member or friend. Also quite a strong and painful feeling. Especially when the disease is serious. Mental pain gnaws at any stage of the disease, especially if the child is sick.Parents have an incredible sense of guilt. It seems to them that they could save, secure, notice minor symptoms earlier. Guilt for not having looked after the child, nibbles inside. In this case, you need to try to pull yourself together and tell yourself that you are not to blame for anything. It could happen to anyone. And in general, you have all the opportunities to return a sick person to his former life. Be strong even for his sake. And do not stop fighting.
  4. Betrayal. When the betrayal of a dear and close person occurs - the heartache binds all entrails. It is very difficult to survive. It is not only about love betrayal, although it is also undoubtedly a betrayal of pure water. A close friend, a relative, may also betray. After betrayal, the main thing is not to get angry at the whole world and not harden. You need to accept that people are different and you are not caught the best instance.
  5. Humiliation. For a man, this feeling is another catalyst for intense mental pain. Children suffer when parents unfairly and unjustly punish them, the wife suffers from a tyrant husband, subordinates go on tiptoe in front of the boss-demon in fear of losing their jobs. Such destruction of personality can be met very often, it greatly affects the psyche.The strongest emotional experiences experienced a raped woman - the heartache remains with her almost until the end of life. It is not easy to get rid of such an experience, because every time we scroll in front of us the events of the ill-fated day and remember everything in detail. Any memory like a knife pierces our heart. In this case, you need to understand that you are not guilty in this situation, you were just a victim in this case. Find the strength to take this case and step over it. Become stronger and prevent what happened in later life.

These are the main, but far from all, reasons for which a person may experience heartache. Anything can happen in life, because life is a series of good and bad moments, and you have to be able to cope with the negative.

How to cope with heartache

 How to cope with heartache

  1. First and foremost. Once you have suffered, accepted and experienced a situation, you cannot be left alone with her. You can not withdraw in yourself and suffer, suffer, suffer. This should help you loved ones, relatives, friends. They have to keep you interesting and entertaining all the time.Try not to sit at home, go for a walk, just wander around the city. Four walls will not cure you of heartache.
  2. If your pain is mixed with anger, it needs to be poured. Are you angry at a particular person, situation, life or destiny? Buy a punching bag home and pound on it as much as you like. So you can splash out your emotions and experiences.
  3. Animals are considered the best remedies for treating mental pain. They are incredibly easy to relieve anxiety, feelings, stress. Instead of a melancholic cat it is better to choose a perky little dog that will not leave you sitting still. There will also be an effective trip to the dolphinarium. Dolphins have the unique ability to charge with energy and give the desire to live.
  4. Forgive and ask for forgiveness. If the cause of your heartache is guilt - repent. Ask forgiveness from the person who was offended. Conversely, if you are angry with someone, stop doing it. Mentally release the person and be happy for the situation. For example, if you are betrayed, understand, well, what happened is now, and not after many years. If you are offended unfairly and very badly - let go and believe that fate will reward the offender according to merit and revenge for you.
  5. Get creative.After all, heartache creates a gap and a void that needs to be filled with something. Drawing, dancing, music, singing, embroidery helps to cope with emotional experiences. You will be able to throw out all your pain in this activity and permanently get rid of it.
  6. Constant self-destruction can lead to a real illness of the body. So stop blaming yourself for what happened. Try to get rid of heartache through physical exertion. A great choice is running. While running along the alleys, the park or the forest, you can be alone with yourself, listen to the music and finally understand what exactly excites you. Another real way to relieve stress is swimming. Water will take with you all your excitement. Physical activity produces positive hormones that will help you cope with emotional strain.
  7. There is another way to get rid of feelings and pain. Write everything you care about on paper. All your tears, anxieties, worries - everything that makes you suffer. And then burn your letter and develop the ashes in the wind. This psychological technique will force you to mentally let go of your emotional state.

How to prevent the return of heartache

Some people like to suffer. They no longer experience feelings, but they are satisfied with the role of the victim. But we know that you are not. Therefore, by all means trying to get rid of heartache forever.

Do not make an icon of your loss. If you are faced with such a terrible situation as the death of a loved one, experience it with dignity. In order not to return to the past each time, distribute all the things of the deceased, keeping something for yourself. Do not leave the room in the same form as it was "with him / her." It will make you suffer even more.

If you broke up with your love, you do not need to leave in the room in the most prominent place all your photos together. This brings you back to the experiences and anxieties, to the days of the past life. If you really want to get rid of heartache, get rid of this pedestal of sacrifice immediately.

Soul pain is common to everyone, because we are living people with our own feelings and emotions. If your soul hurts, it means you have it. Do not dwell on your shock, try to go further into the future.Everything that does not kill us makes us stronger, remember this.

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