How to get rid of a boil quickly and permanently

The furuncle is a painful formation on the skin, which is a hemisphere with pus inside. Often a boil occurs suddenly - in just a few hours, so it can cause big problems to those people who are involved in public relations and are constantly "in plain sight." For ordinary people, the appearance of a sore also causes quite a few problems - the purulent area becomes inflamed, sore and disturbed with almost every movement. Why do boils appear? How can they be removed from the body? This article will help answer these and other questions.

 How to get rid of the boil

What is boil

In the people the furuncle has other, more widespread name - chiry. The second term in medicine is not used, so the official name of the disease, in which there is an abscess on the skin is furunculosis.A boil is called a purulent core, which is located under the skin, and on top, in the form of a hemisphere, there is only a small part of the dead skin cells. Often, boils are confused with acne - they have the same size, about 2-3 mm, purulent tone, but the boil is more painful and a reddish ring appears around the abscess.

Chiry can appear on any part of the skin, but most often it occurs in the armpits, buttocks, neck, groin or in areas where hair is predominant. Boils often occur in autumn or winter, at a time when there is little sunlight.

Why do chiri appear on the skin

The main reason for the occurrence of boils - an excessive amount of bacteria staphylococcus and streptococcus. The sticks of these dangerous microorganisms penetrate the hair follicle, causing inflammation, which is why pus appears. In a healthy body, the quantitative content of this type of bacteria is normal. Only during the disease they multiply rapidly and localize to a more vulnerable area of ​​the skin.

 Why do chiri appear

Why can there be intensive reproduction of staphylococci and streptococci?

  1. Violation of personal hygiene. Due to the fact that a person carelessly treats his purity, an imbalance of beneficial and harmful bacteria can occur. Rare washing of the body and hands, inadequate skin care - this is one of the main causes of boils.
  2. Weakening of immunity. Very often, due to periodic diseases, the immunity is weakened, and the ability to combat pests decreases. Furunculosis can start in people with diabetes who have undergone chemotherapy or radiation, as well as in patients with AIDS and HIV infections.
  3. Purulent formations on the skin can appear due to gastrointestinal diseases, hormonal disorders, or diseases of the endocrine system.
  4. Boils often appear on places where it is constantly wet and wet. They can also occur when hypothermia or overheating of the body.

Since the main cause of the furuncle is a bacterial infection, it can either develop intensively or maintain the same balance. It all depends on how strong the human immune system is.

Attention! This is important for self-healing!

If you suspect that the arisen abscess is not a pimple, but a boil, immediately consult a doctor. He will prescribe medicines that will quickly deal with such an unpleasant disease.However, if you do not have time and rely only on your own strength, pay attention to the fact that the boil should in no case be picked, pierced and squeezed out! Remember, furunculosis is a bacterial infection! With only one abscess, it can spread throughout the body, if you neglect caution and try to squeeze it out yourself.

The best thing you can do is to smear the infected area with green paint or iodine, in extreme cases, to process it with hydrogen peroxide. Once again it is worth reminding: it is impossible to squeeze and pierce the boil yourself!

How to get rid of the boil

There are two methods of getting rid of chiry on the body:

  • Conservative treatment
  • Surgical treatment

The conservative is that the patient should periodically lubricate the damaged area of ​​the body with salicylic or boric alcohol, to monitor hygiene. If a high body temperature occurs, a course of antibiotics is prescribed. To speed up the process of natural opening of the boil, you can apply a warm dry dressing.

 How to quickly get rid of the boil

Surgical treatment, that is, the opening of the boil, is carried out only by a doctor.After the main culprit of the purulent process, the rod, leaves the wound, the wound is washed and a thin bandage is applied to it with Vishnevsky ointment. In order that the infection does not spread to the nearest site, the wound is periodically smeared with Levomekol or Ezithromycin ointment. They must be used until the damaged area of ​​the skin is completely tightened. If the boil was too wide and its removal was rather difficult, a visit to the dressing room may be necessary.

In particularly neglected situations and when the body is too weak to fight the bacterial infection on its own, a course of immunotherapy may be prescribed. In order for the body to develop its own immunity to staphylococcus and streptococcus, special vaccines can be prescribed. In the most extreme cases, when boils have moved from a single form to a multiple form, a full course of antibiotics or even a blood transfusion may be required.

If you do not want to bring your sore to such an extreme outcome, immediately after the appearance of a strange tubercle, begin to carry out preventive measures. Remember, any disease is easier to cure at an early stage!

Folk remedies to remove boils at home

It should immediately be noted that not all boils can be treated independently. About the negative outcomes after a neglected disease was written above, so do not rely on fate, but rather visit a doctor. If you do decide to cope with the sore yourself, then take into account that traditional methods will be effective only if:

  • Boil no more than 3 mm
  • It is solitary and there is no such abscess on the body.
  • For the first time in my life you see a current sore
  • Your general condition is normal, you always considered yourself a healthy person.
  • There is no increased body temperature and the symptoms of complications are completely absent.

If all the conditions coincide with your condition, here are some popular recipes that are aimed at eliminating boils.

 Boil aloe

  1. A flat cake made of honey. The bottom line is this: in order for chiry to quickly open up on its own, in a natural way, you can make a honey cake. Mix the honey with flour, until a tight dough is formed, form a flat cake and attach to the sore spot.Secure with a bandage, heavily soaked in vodka or alcohol. Wrap it all with cling film. This is a very effective method! Sometimes it is enough just one procedure and chiry passes by itself!
  2. Baked onions and camphor oil. Bake onion in the oven (peeled) and grate (you can mash with a fork). Add camphor oil heated in a water bath and apply on the area with a boil. Onions will bring all the pus out, and the remaining stem can be easily pulled out with tweezers.
  3. Rye bread. This method has come to us from grandmothers, but its effectiveness has been proven by time. Chiry comes out instantly, and the redness subsides, if you chew a piece of black bread, salt it and attach it to the wound, wrap the plot with cling film. Salt corrode the skin, the bread will absorb pus. Everything is elementary and easy!
  4. Aloe leaf. Also striking in its effectiveness is the usual aloe leaf. In order for the furuncle to open up on its own, you can sprinkle soda with an abscess, attach a sheet to the wound in transverse cuts. Wrap the wrap. If necessary, repeat the procedure.
  5. Potatoes. A well-known extractor for any sores is ordinary potatoes.It is necessary to grate it, make a mush and attach to the problem area. Additionally, you can wrap a film and a warm cloth.

If you have noticed a boil in yourselves, remember, this is an infectious disease, so you should be very careful when treating yourself. The best option is to consult a doctor! Be always healthy!

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Article nonsense! You can not lubricate brilliant green, iodine and peroxide! Because of brilliant green and iodine, the affected area is not visible, and peroxide creates a crust and does not allow pus to escape.

The best remedy - Vishnevsky ointment and levomikol. A surgeon is when it is very scary, but quickly and efficiently.The article is largely incorrect. Launches fear.

You are right, Sasha. I, too, the doctor said in no case do not smear the boil with iodine and brilliant green. And from ointments discharged Ilon. It smells like rosemary and pus helped to pull out in 2 days.

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