How to get rid of excess weight at home

In anticipation of the beach season, an increasing number of women peeks in the mirror at their figure. And the result is not always comforting. Surely you have recently gained a couple of kilograms, which need to be urgently dropped. You should not worry - for this you will not need expensive tickets to the fitness room. Today you will learn how to effectively lose weight at home and fix weight forever.

 How to lose weight

Eat often, but not enough!

Many slimming, making the final decision that they need to go on a diet, just stop eating and sit on the most severe diet. This is fundamentally wrong and leads to serious consequences. If you are starving for a long time, the body feels that “hard” times have come and slows down the metabolism. And after you begin to eat after a long hunger strike, because of the slow metabolism, you will begin to gain weight even from cucumbers. It is laid by nature since primitive times.After all, then the periods of hunger were replaced by periods of saturation, when the men of the tribe managed to catch the mammoth. But when people did not eat for a long time, the body tried to slow down the metabolic processes in order to survive.

Modern living conditions allow us to eat the fullness, and we are unlikely to die of starvation. However, the instincts remained and not argue with them. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you can not starve. To accelerate your metabolism, you need to eat often, every 3 hours. You can not take a break in food intake for more than three hours - this is very important! In addition, frequent meals will relieve you from feeling hungry, disruption to the diet does not threaten you. And in order not to exceed the daily caloric content of foods, you need to eat in small portions. The size of one serving should not exceed the volume of one glass. Only this principle of nutrition can speed up the metabolism and help you lose weight.

Along with this, over time, you will feel that you can no longer eat old portions of food. This is because the stomach is gradually shrunk in volume. Now you need a lot less food to get enough.

Approximate diet losing weight

Before you learn what you need to eat during the day to lose weight, it is important to understand that mono diets are unacceptable. You can not eat only buckwheat or drink one kefir. It is not only useless, but also dangerous.

 Diet for losing weight

Breakfast. This is the main meal, because it is no wonder that you need to eat it yourself. Anything you eat for breakfast will be burned during the day, so if you want to afford something harmful, it’s best to eat it in the morning. However, do not think that you can eat anything for breakfast. The most useful and nutritious food in the morning is porridge. It is best to cook it in milk diluted in half with water. Buckwheat, oatmeal, rice, pearl barley, millet - these cereals will give you a saturation right up to dinner, besides they have a lot of vitamins. Sugar in porridge is better not to add, instead, you can add half a spoonful of natural honey. If you do not like porridge, you can make a sandwich of rye bread and low-fat cheese. Be sure to drink a cup of green tea or coffee without sugar and cream.

Lunch. If you have breakfast at 8 o'clock, and work from 9, then you can have dinner no earlier than at one o'clock. This is a huge period of time for which you will certainly get hungry.Therefore, about 11 need a light snack. This may be a boiled egg, a glass of low-fat yogurt, a handful of nuts, several dried fruits, kefir, fruit.

Dinner. If you want to lose weight, do not need to eat both meals at lunch. It is enough to choose the first or second, it is better to choose the soup, of course. This can be any low-fat soup with cereals, potatoes, vegetables. It is very important to eat a salad of fresh vegetables with the soup, allow yourself a small piece of rye bread. Sew more greens - it helps burn fat.

High tea At lunch you can eat all that you are allowed to eat at lunch time.

Dinner. Dinner is like lunch, but you need to keep track of what you eat in the evening, it is very important. Most of the foods that get into our stomach during dinner are not burned by activity, but are deposited on the sides and hips. Therefore, in the evening you need to eat more protein foods. Let vegetable evening and white meat, kefir, cottage cheese turn out on your evening table.

Second dinner If after the main dinner too much time passes and you want to eat before bedtime, you need to eat something light and protein. A little cottage cheese or kefir. No apples, because these are carbohydrates.

Such a diet will not leave you hungry, you can eat often and tasty, you just need to try. And further. If you finally decide to become a slim person, stop eating street food. Do not eat, but rather do not buy mayonnaise, soda, various hazards in the form of chips and salted nuts. Feel slim now, behave like a slim person.

Move more

Movement - the key to losing weight. And it is not necessary for this to go to the gym. Here are several types of physical activity that will help you lose weight.

 Movement - the key to losing weight

  1. Run. This is the most effective way in a short time to throw off the maximum number of kilograms. While running, all muscle groups are involved, you not only lose weight, but also completely tighten the figure. Running is available to everyone. It is enough to go out and run through the stadium, through the park or grove, along the avenue. You can run in any weather. And the best run with headphones. Favorite music will not only cheer you up, but also inspire you to new victories over yourself! If you have a very large weight, you can not run, it is better to walk.
  2. Jumping rope. This is another effective way to lose weight. Jumping on a rope can be at home at any time convenient for you. Jumps are considered cardiopulmonary exercise, exactly like running. After all, cardio can burn fat. You need to jump at least 10 minutes every day to achieve a real result.
  3. Hula Hup. According to reviews of numerous successful weight loss stories, a heavy hula hoop is an easy way to hone the lines of your figure. If every day in the evenings you will turn the hula-hoop during each advertisement on TV, you will lose 3 kg in a month only thanks to this exercise. Also hulahup helps get rid of local fat - in the sides and "ears".

In addition to training every morning, do exercises, look for an opportunity to move as much as possible. Stop using the elevator, more often climb the stairs on foot. On the way from work, go a few stops before, walk the rest of the way on foot. Often walk with children and a dog, at the weekend choose active types of recreation.

Little about water

How much has been said about drinking plenty of water.And if you strongly want to lose weight, you need to drink water. When the process of losing weight begins, the burned fat must somehow be removed. And this fat is excreted from the body only with water. If you regularly drink two liters of water a day, you will notice that the process of losing weight has accelerated.

 Slimming water

When you start to lose weight, you will notice that your hair and nails began to look dull and faded from vitamin deficiencies. That water will help make the skin more elastic, silky hair, and strong nails.

Massage from excess weight

If there is a lot of excess weight in the body, then during weight loss you should definitely take care of your skin. After all, when we lose weight quickly, the skin begins to sag. To avoid this, you should regularly massage the arms, legs, abdomen, and double chin. High-quality massage breaks up large fat deposits and accelerates the breakdown of subcutaneous fat.

In addition, with the help of massage you can get rid of cellulite, which is a frequent companion of excess weight. The most effective massage for weight loss and against cellulite - honey. It is quite painful, but very effective.With it, you can clear the pores of toxins and expel excess water from the epidermis, eliminating swelling.

Overweight is not a sentence. Fat people live for years and decades with their kilograms, not knowing that their one decision, a competent approach and the will to win can change their whole life. Take yourself in hand and bring the body in order. After all, you are the master of the situation. How you decide to become slim and beautiful, or to remain in the same weight, depends only on you. Good luck!

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