How to get rid of wrinkles on the forehead at home

People with active facial expressions often experience premature wrinkles. This raises the question of how to get rid of such problems in a short time. In addition, wrinkles and creases often appear as the skin ages. Understand everything in order.

 How to get rid of wrinkles on the forehead

The main causes of wrinkles

  1. In most cases, wrinkles are formed as the body ages, so the process can be called natural. If you lead the right way of life, with good genetics, wrinkles begin to form at the age of 30+.
  2. Unfortunately, in the modern world, quite often young girls over 20 years old already face the appearance of the first wrinkles. The reasons may be weight, for example, genetic predisposition is clearly reflected in the girl.
  3. Often the cause of wrinkles on the forehead is facial activity. Wrinkles appear prematurely due to the emotions of surprise or increased brain activity. In the first case, the eyebrows rise strongly, forming folds. In the second, the man frowns, causing wrinkles.
  4. In this regard, mimic wrinkles are treacherous, because they appear at an early age. Plus, the situation can exacerbate the harmful effects of the environment. The skin of a young fair sex is daily faced with harmful factors.
  5. Dust, exhaust fumes, strong winds, exposure to ultraviolet rays and dry air damage the epidermis. In addition to all the skin deteriorates when having bad habits. The abuse of fast food, coffee and energy drinks, alcohol and tobacco causes enormous damage to the entire body and the epidermis in particular.
  6. Do not forget that often the condition of the skin leaves much to be desired due to the presence of ailments that affect the internal organs. If you do not provide proper derma care, it will look much worse.Therefore, you need to systematically apply the cream and sunscreen.
  7. Do not forget to eat right. This factor affects the state of the dermis and the organism as a whole. It should be remembered that the main criterion for the appearance of wrinkles remains facial expressions and the lack of proper daily care. If you have poor heredity, with modern cosmetics you can still keep the dermis in order.

Balanced diet

  1. Do not forget that in addition to complex cosmetics, the epidermis needs proper nutrition. Only the right foods should be present in the daily diet.
  2. Try to include animal protein in every meal. Most often the enzyme is found in nuts, chicken, beans and fish. These products regenerate and restore inactive cells of the epidermis.
  3. Regularly consume cold dishes with olive oil. Fatty acids are present in the last product. They provide the skin with elastin and collagen.
  4. Experts strongly recommend daily use several fresh teeth of garlic.Vegetable rich composition, which contains polyphenols. Substance is vital for skin cells.
  5. Do not forget about the regular consumption of fresh berries. They are an integral part of the diet to maintain the health and beauty of the skin. Berries are famous for high concentrations of antioxidants. Substances protect the epidermis from external environmental influences.
  6. High-quality green tea is also necessary for the skin. In addition, the fish makes an invaluable contribution to the regenerative processes of the cells of the dermis. Use mackerel or salmon systematically. The recommended rate of the product should be about 200 grams. in Week.
  7. To provide the skin with essential trace elements, use at least 0.5 kg. fresh vegetables daily. The daily rate of water will provide cell membranes with flexibility and susceptibility to nutritional components.

Salon treatments for wrinkles

 Salon treatments for wrinkles

  1. If you want as soon as possible to get rid of wrinkles and smooth the skin, you need to resort to injections.
  2. The procedure is performed by filling the creases with a special solution - “beauty cocktail”. Several procedures will provide the desired result.
  3. Most often they inject hyaluronic acid or vitaminized complexes.
  4. Botox is not less popular, with its help mimic wrinkles disappear. The drug prevents their further education.

Deep peeling

  1. The procedure after the first application has a visible result. Peeling is able to save the client from the deepest creases on the forehead.
  2. If you do not have such problems, a superficial procedure will help. As a result, irregularities and fine wrinkles will disappear.


  1. Peeling is a simple procedure, due to which the cornified layer of the epidermis is removed. Through this structure and skin cells are rejuvenated and renewed.
  2. Different types of peels are applied based on the depth of the wrinkles. The procedure can be carried out with a laser, ultrasound and fruit acids.

Cosmetology hardware

  1. Similar procedures are carried out with the help of electrical and radio equipment.
  2. As a result of the manipulation, the skin cells receive the necessary toning and stimulation.
  3. Apparatus cosmetology provides smoothing of creases and lifting of the skin.

Homemade wrinkle masks

To consolidate the effect after salon procedures, you must regularly apply the mask. Also, the tool will help maintain the skin in good condition.

 Homemade wrinkles on the forehead

Bunting and Yolk

  1. Take a chicken egg, separate the white from the yolk. Last grind with 40 gr. oatmeal flour. Add 25 ml to the ingredients. olive oil. Get from homogeneity products.
  2. Apply the product with a cosmetic brush on problem areas, expect about half an hour. After the time expire, remove the mask with warm water. The tool effectively eliminates small creases that form up to 30 years.

Retinol and olive oil

  1. This composition helps to get rid of the halls of the ladies who turned 30+. To create funds you need to connect 30 grams. herbal product with 1 ml. vitamin A.
  2. Thoroughly mix the oil base, spread on the problem area of ​​the skin. After 40 minutes, remove with a tissue.

Aloe and sour cream

  1. Use a small container, add 30 ml to it. fresh aloe vera juice, 35 gr. home-made sour cream and 1 ampoule of tocopherol.
  2. Stir well, distribute in places of wrinkles and facial wrinkles. After 25 minutes, wipe your face with a soft towel.There is no need to wash.

Kiwi and apple

  1. Fruit acids do a great job with these problems. Pass a green apple and a fruit of a kiwi through the blender. Do not forget to prepare the fruit before the procedure.
  2. Connect the mush with 40 gr. low fat cottage cheese. Stir the ingredients thoroughly. Homogeneous mass needs to be distributed in problem areas. Wait 35 minutes, delete.

Clay and milk

  1. The composition is recommended for all skin types, the result will appear after several procedures. To prepare an effective mask, install the milk on the steam bath.
  2. Achieve an animal product temperature of 36 degrees. Mix 40 gr. pink cosmetic clay and 20 ml. corn oil. Stir the ingredients until smooth. Apply for half an hour, wash.

Banana and avocado

  1. Add an equal amount (25 gr.) Of avocado, banana and kiwi to the blender bowl. Pour 40 ml. homemade milk, turn on the household appliance, achieve uniformity.
  2. Spread the mask on the skin of the forehead. Wait for about 15-20 minutes, wipe your face with ice cubes. The procedure should be carried out twice in 6-8 days.
  3. As a result of the systematic application of the means mimic wrinkles will disappear.Due to the high content of collagen fibers and protein, tissues are restored at high speed, wrinkles disappear in a short time.
  4. Derma gets a complex of necessary enzymes. The mask is recommended to apply from 20 years.

Flax and grapefruit juice

  1. To prepare the composition, peel 1 avocado fruit, take half of the fruit, chop into mush. Connect the product with 15 ml. Fresh grapefruit, 25 ml. flaxseed oil.
  2. Get from the ingredients of a homogeneous composition. It is recommended to apply the mask locally. Wait until the mass is partially absorbed into the epidermis. The process will take about 2-3 hours.
  3. Vitamin composition to fully restore tissue at the cellular level. As a result, the skin acquires a noticeable elasticity. After the deadline, wash in a standard way.

A means to increase the elasticity of the skin

  1. To restore the former elasticity of the skin, it will take a lot of time. It is strongly recommended to nourish the dermis with directional cream in combination with homemade masks.
  2. The composition must be applied immediately before bedtime. For its preparation will need to mix 35 grams.flower honey, egg yolk and 15 gr. wheat flour.
  3. Homogeneous grud is necessary to apply a thin layer at night. The tool does not need to be washed off. With the onset of the next day, it is enough to wash with warm water and nutritious soap.
  4. The cream should be applied after you have cleared the face with a mask. Consider that home remedies must be used by courses.

Preventive skin care

  1. If you follow simple recommendations, you can avoid problems and put your skin in order. Do not forget to use the recommended rate of clean water (about 2 liters).
  2. Take the habit of systematically taking multivitamins and mineral complexes. Experts recommend feeding the epidermis with tocopherol and retinol. It is mandatory to include fish, fruits, nuts, vegetables and greens in your daily diet.
  3. Try to pay attention to your facial expressions, control it. Learn not to strain eyebrows. Always before applying to the fresh air, apply SPF-protected cosmetics on the face.
  4. Cosmetologists recommend using anti-aging remedy twice a day. Forget about using alcohol-based products and tonics.Otherwise, the skin is subjected to dehydration, from which it begins to peel off.

For 3 weeks should be used about 10 masks. Repeat the course to hold no earlier than the monthly rest. Home remedies must be prepared for single portions. Otherwise, such masks in a short time lose their healing properties. If possible, resort to salon procedures.

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