How to get rid of corns on the toes

Corn appears due to the protective reaction of the epidermis to mechanical damage. Peculiar seals on the legs often cause discomfort, forcing people to resort to popular and pharmaceutical methods. As a rule, heel cornea, the outside of the foot and toes are most susceptible to the appearance of callosities. To get rid of this disease, it is important to find out the causes of occurrence, as well as to determine the nature of the tumor. Consider the important aspects in order and give practical recommendations.

 How to get rid of corns on the toes

Causes of callus formation on the legs

  • overweight;
  • diabetes;
  • lack of, or, conversely, an excess of vitamin A;
  • too wide and stiff shoes;
  • psoriasis;
  • foot fungus;
  • flat feet;
  • orthopedic diseases of a different nature.

What are corns

Dry corn. Such tumors appear due to bursting bubbles.As a rule, they look like a seal. After the liquid leaves, the upper layer of the dermis "sticks" and hardens, forming a crust. As a result, new skin begins to grow, blocking the formation. From here, a small bump appears, dry and dense in structure. In the end, he finds a "core", which is quite difficult to extract.

Wet corn. Due to the socks of the wrong shoes (wide or, on the contrary, narrow), the first thing is the so-called dropsy, or wet corns. They are a bubble filled with liquid. New growth interferes with walking, causing pain and discomfort when in contact with any surface.

The main feature of water holes is that it is impossible to prevent rupture of the bubble and extraction of tissue fluid. It is enough to remove the uncomfortable shoes, and then stick a adhesive plaster on the sore spot. After 2-3 days, the corn will disappear. It is also strictly forbidden to pierce dropsy with a sewing needle, so as not to infect the infection.

In cases where it is not possible to keep education in its original form, try to remove it on your own.To begin with, treat the sore spot with an antiseptic (brilliant green, medical alcohol, peroxide, vodka, iodine, etc.). After that, sterilize the sewing needle in the same way.

Make 2-3 punctures in the lower part of the bladder, moisten the cosmetic disk in the peroxide solution, press on the corn, wait until the liquid flows out. In no case do not cut off the shell of the bubble, it serves as protection against bacteria.

Callus. As it was mentioned earlier, core formations appear as a result of growth of the upper layers of the skin on a dry callus. From the name it can be understood that the rod goes deep into the cavity of the skin, it also presses on the nerve endings and soft tissues. Corn of this kind is almost impossible to remove at home, the only way out is to visit a doctor.

Folk ways to get rid of calluses

Do not rush to contact the experts, consider effective home ways to get rid of calluses.

Aloe vera. The first in the list of effective drugs is considered a compress based on aloe vera. The plant has excellent antiseptic, moisturizing and bactericidal properties, therefore it is ideal for use at home.To prepare the composition, take one fleshy aloe stem, wash it, dry with a towel. Send to a blender or mince a few times to make a mushy mass.

 Aloe vera from corns

Lubricate the areas of skin that are not affected by corns with a fat cream or petroleum jelly, then apply aloe gruel on the corn. Fix the mixture with a sterile bandage or adhesive plaster, leave for 20 hours, not less. After the prescribed period, the keratinized layers of the skin will become soft, you will only have to remove them with a pedicure scraper or cosmetic knife (blade). After completing the procedure, it is mandatory to lubricate the feet with nourishing foot cream.

Onion. Peel the onion (preferably white or red) from the husk, place it in a meat grinder or blender. Turn the vegetable into a liquid porridge, grease healthy leg areas with petroleum jelly. Apply the onion mixture to the corn, wrap with a bandage and plastic wrap on top, wait about 24 hours. After the allotted time, remove the compress, remove the remnants of a paper napkin. Carefully remove the dead skin layer in a convenient way (scraper, pumice stone, cosmetic blade, etc.).Rub the treated corns with baby powder without perfumes and preservatives, and if necessary, repeat the procedure after 1 day.

Not less effective in the fight against corns is considered onions in combination with table vinegar. To use this kind of popular compress, remove the husk from two medium-sized heads, soak it in 6% vinegar for 3 hours. After that, squeeze the husk, tear it into thin strips, attach it to the affected area. Fix with sterile gauze or a bandage, do not forget to pre-lubricate healthy skin with petroleum jelly or fat cream.

Ammonia. Effective way to get rid of corns are hot baths for the feet. Due to the effects of high temperatures, the upper layers of the dermis soften and disinfect, the skin becomes soft.

To properly prepare the composition, pour in a bowl filtered hot water at a temperature that is acceptable to you. Add 30 ml. liquid ammonia (ammonia) and 65 gr. baking soda at the rate of 4 liters of liquid. To enhance the effect of the composition, rub a quarter of a bar of tar soap on the grater, send the chips to the solution.

Dip your feet in the prepared tool, wait for about 30-45 minutes, constantly add hot water so that the solution does not cool. After the allotted time, remove the softened calluses with a pedicure knife, scraper or pumice stone. Treat the skin of the feet with Chlorhexidine or hydrogen peroxide, then apply a greasy foot cream.

Tar soap. The tool copes with calluses of any complexity, most importantly, be patient and pay attention to all sorts of little things.

Prepare a thick-bottomed enameled pan, add two small cubes of tar soap and two pieces of beeswax. Pass through a coffee grinder or chop 7 pumpkin seeds in another convenient way, send the powder to the previous composition. Pour in 20 ml. corn oil or vegetable oil, put the pan on the stove.

Tomit the composition on a slow fire, stirring constantly with a wooden spatula. Collect the mass from the walls of the container so that it does not stick or harden. Boil the composition for about 10 minutes until it is completely homogeneous. As soon as this happens, turn off the burner.Peel off a third of the onion, chop it in a blender and add to the cooked mass.

Lubricate areas of skin not affected by corns, apply the mixture on the growths, press tightly with a bandage and fix. Leave a compress for 8 hours, after this period remove the remnants. Remove softened skin with a scraper, pedicure knife or pumice stone.

Egg. Melt in a convenient way 125 gr. butter or 150 gr. margarine to make the composition became liquid (like cream). Add 1 chicken egg (can be replaced by 3 quail), pour 45 ml. Table vinegar concentration of 6%. Mix all the ingredients with a fork, wrap the container with food film, leave for 3-4 days in a dark cabinet.

 Chicken egg from corns

After the expiration date, prepare a piece of gauze, fold it into 6 layers, soak it in the mixture. Squeeze a little, apply a compress to the affected area of ​​skin, wrap a leg with cling film, wait 5 hours. It is mandatory to lubricate a healthy area with a cream to avoid irritation.

After the expiration date, remove the bandage, remove the callus in one of the following ways: pedicure knife, scraper, pumice.Next, lubricate the skin with baby cream, wait until completely absorbed.

Medical disposal of corns

In the pharmacy you will find a lot of drugs that are designed to deal with any kind of callus. Prefer acetylsalicylic acid based ointment or cream. Component perfectly disinfects the skin and has an analgesic effect. Well-proven drugs are considered "Mozoil", "Antimozolin SUPER", "Bensalitin."

Such tools soften the dead layers of the dermis, so that you can easily remove tumors. If there are no contraindications, use the composition as intended (recommendations of the manufacturer are specified in the instructions), carefully remove the softened layer with pumice stone or pedicure knife.

During the treatment of the affected areas do not allow the composition to reach healthy areas of the skin to avoid burns. After the procedure, seal the wound with a plaster or apply a sterile bandage. If possible, do not wear shoes that injure the treated skin.

The appearance of corns on the toes is an unpleasant discovery for many people.For this reason, it is recommended to prevent such consequences. If you cannot avoid the problem, use a recipe based on aloe vera pulp, ammonia, baking soda, beeswax or tar soap. Buy pharmaceuticals, they will help to cope with blisters many times faster.

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