How to get rid of moles at home

Most often moles do not cause inconvenience to their owners, if they are in inconspicuous places. However, if a mole appears on the face, it becomes a cause of cosmetic inconvenience. There are professional techniques that specialize in laser removal of tumors. The procedure is carried out by a highly qualified specialist and, as a rule, is expensive. Hence the need to find other ways to deal with moles.

 How to get rid of moles

Features moles

If we take the physiological aspect, moles are not skin defects, but full-fledged benign tumors. But to a greater extent they do not pose a threat to human health.

The question of the removal of tumors becomes relevant when the situation concerns the following aspects:

  1. Moles rub against the surface of clothes, causing discomfort and pain.
  2. New growths may look sloppy in aesthetic terms. Often moles hang, have pigmentation and friability. All this looks ugly.
  3. There are people who are facing unnaturally fast moles. Every day, skin defects are becoming more and more. This is the cause of many complexes, especially in adolescents and women.

Interestingly, the number of moles is proportional to a person’s age. They appear with age and almost never - innate. Genetics affect neoplasms: if the parents have many moles, the child is also at risk.

During the life of the "speck", their color, the number changes. Moles appear in different places, it is impossible to predict. After a time, defects may swell, it becomes darker, more friable.

Factors affecting the appearance of moles

Moles are also called nevi. They appear for various reasons, consider them below.

  1. Disorders in the thyroid and the entire endocrine system can cause a large number of moles.Most often, this is faced by people in adolescence, pregnant and lactating girls, and ladies during the climatic period.
  2. Dermatological problems affect tumors. If the skin has a rash, acne, irritation, it can all lead to inflammation and the appearance of moles.
  3. Since childhood they all say that it is impossible to stay in the sun without ultraviolet protection. Scorching rays penetrate deep into the dermis, modifying its structure.

Quite often become relevant issues that relate to the removal of moles. It is important to understand that therapy is based on a thorough analysis of the neoplasm. Only a qualified specialist can handle this.

Mole Classification

It has already been mentioned earlier that the size and structure of moles depend on the physiological characteristics of the organism. However, there are basic types, which we will discuss below.

  1. Birthmark - neoplasm refers to congenital cosmetic features. Only 1% of people on the planet are faced with marks of this type. Spots can be a different shade and size. Experts have concludedthat people with birthmarks are at risk of developing oncological ailments.
  2. Acquired mole - the most frequent education, which is caused by the flow of life. With age, a person has more and more moles, they can cause pain and discomfort (in the case of large defects). The medical designation of moles of this type is an ordinary nevus.
  3. Epithelioid nevus - such neoplasms have a pink tinge, a round shape and a convex structure. Moles rarely appear in humans, they somehow resemble melanoma. Defect can strongly itch, bleed, have a specific smell.
  4. Atypical mole - has a suspicious pigmentation and color. Education is not like other species. Atypical moles are distinguished by their large size and strange shape. If you find this phenomenon, immediately consult a doctor. There have been cases when similar moles developed into melanomas.

Folk ways to deal with moles

In folk healing there are many recipes that are designed to eliminate moles. Less often, the compounds lighten defects, making the latter look less noticeable.

 Garlic from moles

  1. Garlic is an amazing vegetable, which is famous for its complete chemical list of elements. When using gruel you dissolve the mole and get rid of the characteristic dark shade.
  2. To combat neoplasms, apply on a garlic clove per mole or make vegetable puree. Wait at least half an hour, spend the procedure daily for a week.
  3. You can make lotions from garlic paste. Put gruel on the defect, press down with a bandage and wait all night. Similarly, therapy lasts 7 days.


  1. Arm yourself with castor oil and baking soda. Prepare an ointment based on these products. Stir until smooth, then let the mixture stand for half an hour.
  2. Again mix, put on a mole with a thin layer. Fix with a gauze cloth or bandage, go to sleep.
  3. By morning, the paste is dry, remove it with water. Therapy continues until the disappearance of moles, but not longer than 7 days.


  1. Inflorescences or dandelion roots are suitable for preparation. It is better to use 2 parts of the plant, taking them in equal proportion. Squeeze the liquid out of the root, do the same with the flowers.
  2. Mix the ingredients together, then apply to the mole and wait for drying. Repeat the action 3 times, at the end of the last, note the time. Therapy lasts half an hour.

Official medicine

Cutting moles

  1. If you find an unwanted mole on the face, you can get rid of it surgically. Depending on the type of growth, the specialist will take the necessary measures. The mole will be removed by excision or cut.
  2. Note that a bulging small mole is most often removed by cutting. The procedure takes place in compliance with all related rules. The place with the birthmark will be anesthetized, they will take sterile surgical instruments and perform the operation.
  3. The mole is removed in a circle, the doctor cuts off a small amount of healthy tissue. Such a condition is necessary so that the problem does not reappear. In this case, the stitches do not overlap, but after the operation there remains a slightly noticeable scar.
  4. If you have a flat mole, most likely its roots are located deep in the skin. In this case, surgical excision is unavoidable. The operation is carried out in a similar manner as described above.
  5. The difference is that after the procedure stitches are applied. As a result, there remains a thin, inconspicuous scar. The method is no less popular for removing moles on the face, so as not to leave visible scars in the form of a section.

Freezing moles

  1. The procedure in medical practice is called “Cryosurgery”. The mole is removed by applying a small amount of liquid nitrogen. Low temperature allows you to freeze the cells of moles, completely destroying them.
  2. Often, after a surgery, a small blister remains. Plus the fact that such a phenomenon after a few days is completely absorbed. In place of the former birthmark, practically no trace is left.
  3. Experts recommend resorting to this method of removing moles on the face. If the scar remains after the operation, it is less noticeable in comparison with previous manipulations.

Burning moles
 Burning moles

  1. Modern medicine boasts the burning of moles through the use of a laser, the procedure is called "Electrosurgery". Manipulation does not cause a painful sensation. Laser induces a problem place and begins to emit radiation.
  2. Through a complex procedure die cells die.After removal there is a blister. It can completely dissolve or leave a small scar. Keep in mind that the removal of moles using laser surgery is extremely rare.
  3. The fact is that radiation penetrates rather deeply into the tissues of the skin. During the operation, the specialist cuts off the top layer of the growth with a scalpel. Next, the tissue is destroyed by the laser.
  4. The device looks like a needle (electric probe). A special current passes through the bar. In this way, the remaining tissues are heated, as a result of which the cells die. In rare cases, repeated procedures are carried out. The method is good because it leaves almost no traces.

Acid removal of moles

  1. To get rid of unwanted moles, you can resort to using solutions based on weak acids of directional action. The composition is available at any pharmacy, you can also write a prescription to a specialist after consultation.
  2. It is strongly recommended to thoroughly read the instruction manual before use. Otherwise, you risk damaging healthy tissue. According to the rules, the tool is applied directly to the mole itself.Avoid contact with healthy skin.
  3. The most common means for removing moles is salicylic acid. Corrosive formulations are available in the form of liquids, lotions, creams, patches and cleansing tampons. In some cases, the mole may disappear completely or significantly reduced in size.

Treatment of moles with herbs

  1. There is quite a good remedy based on medicinal herbs, which is prescribed by some dermatologists. It is called "BIO-T", the composition of the drug contains mineral salts and the collection of herbs.
  2. The product is used to eliminate defects of the skin and in particular moles. The solution is applied locally to the neoplasm. Next on the treated area of ​​the skin is recommended to apply a bandage. After that, the composition begins to act actively.
  3. Systematic use will give a visible result after 5-6 days. Birthmark, as a rule, completely disappears. However, after the procedure, there are no traces left. Such a procedure is considered the most benign. More often, the drug is used specifically for removing moles on the face.
  4. There are a lot of controversies among dermatologists about the above described drug. Therefore, in consultation with a specialist, you can not hear about such a tool. In this case, it is worth to mention such a product yourself. The doctor will share experiences and personal opinions.

Experts in one voice say that you need to constantly monitor your skin and keep track of new moles. If they grow at an unprecedented rate, you should be wary. If unnatural changes are observed, consult a dermatologist.

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