How to get rid of old wallpaper on the wall

Before carrying out cosmetic repairs, it is necessary to clean the walls of old wallpaper. This process is considered by many to be laborious, because they do not know the secrets that allow you to quickly remove old wallpaper. That is why some people prefer not to bother and glue the new wallpaper over the old canvas. This can not be done categorically, because the surface of the wall will be uneven, and new canvases can fall off at any time along with old wallpaper.

 How to get rid of old wallpaper

Types of wallpaper

There are many types of wallpaper, each of them should be removed in different ways. That is why before you get rid of old wallpaper, you need to decide on their appearance. Consider the most popular:

Paper. This type of wallpaper is known for a very long time, it is made of thick paper. They may have a different texture.

Vinyl. Appreciate for moisture resistance, most of all are suitable for a hall and kitchen. They are double-layered, the basis can be both paper and non-woven, and foam vinyl is applied on top.

Textile. They look expensive, the top layer is fabric, and as the basis can be used paper, thick fabric or other materials.

Flizelinovye. They are two-layer, made of cellulosic material, the top layer is covered with a polymer coating.

How to quickly remove the wallpaper from the wall

A universal method of getting rid of any wallpaper is to pre-moisten the material and then remove it. But before you use the water, you need to prepare the room. In the room, it is imperative to turn off the electricity to avoid a possible short circuit. Switches and sockets are best glued with scotch tape, preferably with masking, it will not leave any marks when ungluing it. In the room should lay a plastic wrap, and its edges should be glued to the baseboards, so as not to flood the neighbors.

You can wet the wallpaper with a sponge, do not cost to pour too much water, it should not flow to the floor.Carefully treat each section of the cloth with warm water, and preferably hot, and wait until it is soaked. In a few minutes you can remove the wallpaper with a spatula.

If they are washable, then their top layer is waterproof, in which case it must be broken. You can try to remove it, and if it does not work out, then cut it with a knife in several places so that water can penetrate to the base. Once they are soaked, you can remove them with a spatula.

How to get rid of paper wallpaper

It is difficult to remove them, because they are fragile, they have to be removed piece by piece. In addition to the above-described universal method with water, we will consider two more ways how to get rid of paper wallpaper:

  1. Special fluids. A solution is applied to the wallpaper, which deeply penetrates the material, the wallpaper is soaked with it and removed. Wallpaper glue can be added to it, the mixture is applied to the entire surface, and when it dries, the wallpaper can easily move away.
  2. Steam generator Before removing the wallpaper, a special steam generator is used, after heat treatment, the wallpaper glue loses all its properties and the wallpaper is easily removed.This tool can be replaced with a damp cloth and a heated iron.

How to remove from the wall vinyl wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper is considered waterproof, that is, they can be washed. They are double-layered, a non-woven or paper base is glued to the wall, and the top layer of such wallpapers consists of PVC. In the paintings of such material there is one feature, they can not be removed completely. It is enough to tear off the top washable layer, and the base coat can be left, but on condition that it is firmly glued.

 How to remove the wallpaper from the wall

If there is a need to completely remove such wallpaper, then you can first tear off the top layer, and wet the base with warm water and clean with a spatula. Problems can arise if this kind of wallpaper has been glued to water-insoluble glue. To remove them in this case will be very difficult. The method with the use of water does not work, because even if the paper layer swells, the residual glue will still be visible on the wall.

In this case, not to do without mechanical cleaning. First you need to try to tear off the wallpaper with a spatula, and small pieces of wallpaper and glue pieces will have to be removed with a grinder.Instead, you can also use an electric drill with a special nozzle.

Removing wallpaper from nonwoven

Non-woven wallpaper is a two-layer. The bottom layer is usually made of paper or cloth, and the top is covered with polyvinyl. As in the previous version, the top layer of these wallpapers is easily removed, but the bottom one remains. If it is not damaged and securely glued, then new wallpaper can be glued to it. Thus, a good result can be achieved, new canvases will be glued evenly and without defects.

But if you still need to completely clean the wall from old wallpaper, then you can remove them with water. First, cuts are made over the entire surface of the wall, and then the old cloths are moistened with warm water, it can be replaced with a primer. After the wallpaper is soaked, they can be easily removed with a spatula.

If it was not possible to completely remove a part of the web from the first time, it is necessary to moisten the remaining fragments again with water or with a solution, wait until it is absorbed, and then scrape with a spatula. Use the method with water is possible only if the walls do not absorb moisture.

How to remove wallpaper from drywall

Gypsum board does not tolerate moisture, so it can not be wetted abundantly. If you tear off the wallpaper with force, then drywall may fall off. What to do in this case? Here are a few ways to help get rid of wallpaper, glued to the drywall.

  1. Solutions. On sale there are special tools that dissolve the glue. You can use them and then problems with the removal of old wallpaper from drywall will not arise.
  2. Type of wallpaper. You need to understand what wallpaper glued to the drywall, if they are fleece or vinyl, then there should be no problems. It is necessary only to tear off the top layer, it usually moves away easily, and new cloths can be glued to the base, but only if it is securely glued.
  3. Primer. If the wallpaper turned out to be paper, then you need to look at how well they are glued. In that case, if you can’t remove them on a dry one, then you can put in old cloths, wait until they are soaked, and then carefully remove them with a spatula.
  4. Water. It is impossible to wet the drywall, but you can try to wipe the wallpaper with a damp cloth and if they are not washable, and besides, they are poorly glued, that is, there is every chance to get rid of them.

Hopeless option - this is when vinyl wallpaper glued to the drywall with white glue. In this case, it will be very difficult to tear them off, it is easier to replace the entire element at once and not to suffer.

From the above, it becomes clear that if you know some of the tricks, as well as the type of old wallpaper, you can get rid of them much easier and faster. Of course, it is impossible to know in advance how the work on wallpaper removal will go, because in this case you need a certain skill. But in order for new wallpapers to last for a long time, you need to try to carefully remove old ones, in this matter it’s not the speed but the quality of the work that is important.

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