How to get rid of the fear of a fight

Fear of fighting arises in many people. And this is absolutely normal - a person has a sense of self-preservation - a natural animal feeling to save his life and his health. Of course, the true “diplomat” will try to avoid the assault on the end, resolving all the problems orally. However, adequate interlocutors do not always come across. Some intend to want to hurt you. And in this case it is important to be able to stand up for yourself and your loved ones.

 How to overcome the fear of a fight

It's all in the head

Look at some categories of people and animals. Why in nature is the most fierce rival considered a mother, whose children have been offended? Try only to touch a little wolf or a tiger cub, a wolf or a tigress will tear you to shreds. Even the mother of a simple sparrow will try to peck out your eyes if you touch her offspring. It is the same with man. Try to hurt the child, and the woman will become fierce and violent, although in life she is a sweet and calm person. This is the maternal instinct.In her head installation - to protect the child at any cost. Therefore, to cope with the fears of a fight, you need to give yourself the right psychological attitude.

In the book of one scientist who writes about auto-suggestion, it is told about one interesting experiment. In the ordinary gym of martial arts practiced average fighters. A district champion was supposed to visit them, but they didn't know him in the eyes. The coach decided to conduct an experiment. He told one of his fighters that, say, one upstart, an ignoramus, a boaster, who imagines himself as if he can beat you in sparring, will arrive now. That is, he settled in the head of his fighter that he will be able to defeat the “novice” without special efforts. The champion, the coach, said that the man with whom he will fight now is a very talented, budding guy. That is, he placed doubt in the head of the district champion. Such a psychological attitude allowed the young fighter to fight without fear. But the champion, on the contrary, was psychologically difficult, and he lost. When the winning fighter was told who he won, he was shocked and admitted that if he knew who he fought with, he would not be able to win.

Therefore, if you can properly tune in before a fight, this is almost half the successful outcome of the case. Do not be afraid of the person standing in front of you, he is the same as you.

How to get rid of the fear of a fight

  1. It so happens that you were attacked in a dark transition. There are no ways of retreats, no one will hear cries for help, you need to fight. Before the fight, try to adopt a psychological attitude towards physical aggression. Feel your instincts, become an animal. Imagine that these villains offended your girlfriend, mother or sister. Pass this feeling through you and boldly respond to the aggressors of the offenders. Just do not kill a person inadvertently. After all, when adrenaline is released into the blood, when danger is felt, blood rushes from the brain to the legs and arms, the person simply does not think what he is doing. This is called a state of passion. Fight, but still, do not forget to control yourself.
  2. If you are haunted by the constant fear of fighting, if it seems to you that sometime the moment will come that you will have to fight, and you will not be able to do it - develop confidence in yourself.This can be done by enrolling in a fight, boxing or self-defense course. The coach will be able to teach you how to defend yourself and you will be more confident in your abilities.
  3. If you are afraid of the size of your opponent, do not do this. After all, not the one who has a huge mountain of muscles wins. Immerse yourself in the history of sports. How many champions did not win thanks to their weight. It's all about sharp mind, briskness and agility.
  4. To overcome the fear of a fight, regularly practice with a punching bag. It will help put a punch and throw out fear and anxiety into physical aggression.
  5. Fear of pain is absolutely natural fear of any healthy person. Even the greatest athletes are afraid, coming to the next fight. And do not think that your opponent is not afraid of you. Behind insolent, rude behavior is the same animal fear of pain. Therefore, show him that you are not afraid, perhaps he will give up the idea of ​​joining a scuffle with you.
  6. If you are attacked, if the battle is unequal, there is nothing shameful to escape. Scream, ask for help, run - save yourself. If all paths are closed, try to behave inadequately - scare your opponent or do something extraordinary. He just hesitates from misunderstanding, and you will win precious time.
  7. In adolescence, there are many situations when you have to defend their dignity with their fists. Therefore, than for years to endure the humiliation of peers, it is better to show once that you are not a wimp and give free rein to your strength. Fighting does not hurt, because during a fight a huge amount of adrenaline is produced. But if you could not defend their interests, the heartache is much stronger. Therefore, if a fight is inevitable, you need to fight with all your might. You have to fight like a wild beast for your freedom, life and dignity.
  8. If your knees tremble before the fight and there is not enough flames, remember what your fists are clenching from. Remember the situation when you were humiliated or insulted, and maybe when you hurt your loved ones. Increase this feeling to a feeling of rage and anger. Remember in detail this unpleasant moment and imagine that the person who stands before you is to blame for everything. And then there will be no trace of fear. Perhaps your view will be so aggressive that a potential rival will abandon its claims.

Fear is a natural animal feeling that occurs when life and health are threatened.However, fear often prevents us from defending ourselves and our loved ones. Do not be afraid, because human capabilities are endless. Sometimes a simple rag can be so infuriating that it will give odds to any athlete. Therefore, everything is in our head. Do not think that you will win - know this. And you will succeed.

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