How to get rid of ears on hips at home

Beautiful and polished figure - the dream of many girls. However, often the whole look spoils the insignificant at first glance, but such an important detail is the ears on the thighs or breeches. The ears are growths on both sides of the legs, which spoil the figure, even if in general the girl is rather slim and taut. But why fat localization occurs in this area? Why does the fat from the ears go so reluctant? Why do some girls have slender and thin thighs, while others unsuccessfully trying to get rid of the hated growths? We will try to answer these and other questions in this article. You will learn about the nature of breeches, understand why they appear, and also get acquainted with the most popular ways of getting rid of this defect of the figure.

 How to get rid of ears on hips

Why on the hips grow "ears"

Here are some factors that can cause the deposition of fat on the hips.

  1. Of course, one of the main reasons is overweight. If there were no extra calories, then there would be nothing to be postponed. Therefore, most often these ears appear in women in the body, namely ears say that a woman began to gain weight.
  2. Fat stagnation in a particular place is the lack of proper physical exertion. If you do not spend all the calories eaten, then they are deposited fat on the sides and thighs - this is an axiom.
  3. The ears on the thighs do not occur in men, even if they are very full. In men, all fat becomes visceral, that is, is deposited on the internal organs. But in women, fat is deposited on the hips, as arranged by nature. The body in all conditions is trying to prepare for a possible pregnancy and the ability to bear a child. The formation of fat on the thighs contribute to female hormones. If the ears on the thighs are too obvious, it probably indicates a hormonal failure. This can occur during puberty, during pregnancy and taking oral contraceptives.

Together, these three factors give a disappointing result - on the beautiful female hips adorn ugly growths in the form of trousers breeches.It is worth admitting to yourself - how long have you been out for a run? How long have you been able to abandon a plate of hot pasta with cheese in favor of vegetable salad? If you answer these questions with longing "very long", you need to radically change your life. Unless, of course, the motivation is strong enough. If you are tired of looking at the protruding femoral ears in the mirror, and you do not want to disguise them with loose-fitting clothes anymore, you need to take action. To deal with the hated ears need in three main areas - nutrition, exercise and cosmetic procedures. In the complex, all efforts will give you a quality result.

What to eat to get rid of ears on hips

The question is a little wrong. Would it be more appropriate to ask what should be discarded in order to cope with the ears on the hips? Here are some of the rules of nutrition, which should be followed if you want to lose weight and get rid of excess volume in the hips.

  1. To lose weight, you need to eat! But there is little and often - so you accelerate your metabolism. Portions should not exceed the volume of one glass.
  2. Do not eat 3 hours before bedtime - food must have time to digest, otherwise it will go into fat.
  3. Eat whole grain cereals, low-fat dairy products, meat, fish, cereals, vegetable salads, fruits (preferably not sweet), greens, nuts.
  4. Avoid salty, spicy, fatty and smoked products, do not buy ready-to-cook foods. Sweet and flour - in limited quantities, but it is better to completely give up on it.
  5. Drink water - it decomposes the products of fat. At least one and a half liters of fluid per day for an adult.
  6. Do not eat in front of the TV and at work - you will not feel the amount of food eaten and you can overdo it with a volume that you will not even notice.
  7. Do not eat up the children, do not eat up the last remaining bowl of soup so that it does not “disappear”. Understand that your body is worth only the best and freshest.

By following these simple rules, you can get rid of fat, not only in the hips, but throughout the body. After all, proper nutrition is the first step to a beautiful figure.

Physical activity in the fight with ears on the hips

It is quite difficult to burn fat in a particular area, the body loses weight unevenly. As luck would have it, first of all the volume goes from the chest.It is practically impossible to change this, but you can slightly correct the zone by the influence of sports. So, here are the popular types of exercise and exercises that will help you in the fight for slender hips and thighs.

 Running from the ears on the hips

  1. Only cardio load can help burn body fat. These are running, aerobics, cycling, playing tennis and even dancing. Anything that makes breathing more frequent, and the heart to beat faster, can burn subcutaneous fat from the sides. To make a figure thin, you need to run for a long time, but slowly. Look at marathon runners and sprinters. The first run long distances for a long time. Their figures are very thin, emaciated and thin. But the sprinters, who run fast at the limit of their abilities, are able to boast beautiful relief muscles. In the fight with the ears, be careful - building muscle from the outside of the thigh visually only increases the volume of the thigh. Therefore, before you start running, you need to understand how to do it correctly.
  2. In the fight against riding breeches is very useful to swim. In water, muscles are always in good shape, although they do not experience such a serious load as they do on land. In addition, swimming not only trains the muscles, but also has a cosmetic effect - cool water increases blood circulation in the tissues.
  3. It is very effective to fight the ears with the help of hula hoop.Only 10 minutes of daily use of this simulator will save you not only from the ears on the thighs, but also from cellulite and sides.
  4. Engage in the gym with great care. It is not necessary to build up the thigh muscles from the outside, because the hips will seem even more massive. But to tighten the overall muscular corset still stands. The more muscle, the more they need nutrition. And if you create a calorie deficit, the muscles themselves will “eat” excess fat.
  5. Very effective squats with a barbell that will help you not only tighten your thigh muscles, but also round your buttocks. You need to squat not to the end, but to half, so that there is no serious load on your knees. Back straight, buttocks slightly back. Since the technique of the exercise is very important, it is desirable that the coach instructs you the first time. At home, you can squat without a barbell, but do it as quickly as possible - so you burn fat in the right place.
  6. Against growths on the sides it is very effective to do attacks with weighting. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Lunge your foot to the side with a squat, and then stand in the starting position. Repeat the exercise with the second leg.In each direction should be done at least 20 repetitions. And do not forget that in the hands should be dumbbells - 2-3 kg.
  7. Get rid of the sides on the hips to help swing to the side. Lie on the floor sideways. The lower leg should be bent at the knee, the upper should be as much as possible to the side. You need to make 30-40 moves at a time without touching the legs - quickly and vigorously. Repeat the exercise with the second leg. Remember that your back should be straight with the palm of your hand on the floor to maintain balance.

Along with this, it is important to change your habits. Scientists have proven that during the whole day we spend a lot more energy and calories than during workouts. One has only to revise your daily routine. If you live near work, try not to go there by car, and walk on foot. Go out for a walk after dinner, spend more time on active games with children. If you are too lazy to walk, get a dog. It will make you walk daily in the morning and evening, regardless of your mood or the weather. By acquiring such good habits, you can change your life forever.

Cosmetic procedures against ears

In the fight against localized fat deposition, local exposure is very important. Massage will help you to normalize blood circulation in adipose tissue, reduce the volume of the hips, break up dense fat deposits.

 Can massage from the ears on the hips

  1. Cup massage. This is one of the best remedies against any subcutaneous growths. To begin with, the skin should be well steamed, so it is better to do canned massage after a sauna or a bath. After that, an oily massage cream is applied to the skin. The alcohol wick needs to be set on fire and brought to the jar so that the internal oxygen is burned out. The procedure is no different from the medical setting of cans. Then, a can attached to the skin should be led around the problem area of ​​the thighs until it falls off. This is a good deep massage of subcutaneous adipose tissue. Of course, the massage is quite painful and can lead to small bruises, but it's worth it. After a couple of sessions, you will notice a decrease in volume.
  2. Bast. Strengthen blood circulation can be with the help of a hard washcloth. Make it a rule for each shower to massage the hips on both sides to the red. This will help get rid not only of the ears, but also of cellulite.
  3. Massager. Massage can be done with the help of an ordinary massager. However, note that its edges must be sharp enough for the effect to be sensitive.
  4. Kuznetsov applicator. Kuznetsov's applicator is a small piece of fabric on which plastic needles are sewn. This is a great way to disperse stagnant processes in adipose tissue. It is necessary to sit on the applicator as if sideways. With enough relaxation, the pain will be tolerable, and the benefits simply invaluable.
  5. Cup. This is an effective and very convenient way to remove excess volume on the hips. Keep a mug in the bathroom so that it is always at your fingertips. Once the gel or soap has been applied to the skin, turn the cup upside down and run it over the hips. There is a vacuum inside, which will pull in part of the skin. The soapy surface will relieve friction, and the procedure will be pleasant, quick and effective. Mug need to do a massage in a circular motion on the hips. If you do this massage with each shower, after a couple of weeks you will notice a real decrease in volume.

These are simple, but time-tested and many girls procedures that will help you get rid of the hateful ears.

With impressive riding breeches on the hips, the girl seems fuller, the figure becomes unformed, even the height is visually reduced. You can not overcome the ears on the hips once and for all. If you want to live with thin legs and narrow thighs, you can not relax. Make proper nutrition a habit, constantly move, care for your body - and then your figure will not be equal. Every self-respecting lady should take care of herself!

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