How to get rid of leg hair at home

Not long ago, hair on women's legs was not a problem for anyone, but more recently, smooth legs are one of the standards of female beauty. And what is most unpleasant, for the smoothness and beauty of the skin on the legs you need to constantly monitor.

 How to get rid of hair on legs

Why does the hair on the legs of women grow

Surprisingly, the hair on the limbs is a normal phenomenon associated with the development of the human body. Even I. Efremov in the novel “Razor Blade” proved that each hair on a human body performs a specific function. But it is unpleasant to feel the coat on his feet. Some women, those with thin and light hair, are more fortunate, and owners of dark and thick have to do their best. Why is this injustice?

Doctors have divided increased hair distribution into two concepts - hirsutism and hypertrichosis, the causes of which may be different.

Types of hirsutism:

  • Increase in the level of male hormones, the occurrence of which may be the result of diseases of the adrenal glands, ovaries or lung cancer;
  • Family - a consequence of genetics;
  • Drug hirsutism occurs due to the use of hormonal drugs;
  • Idiopathic hirsutism occurs for no apparent reason; treatment methods do not yet exist.

Hypertrichosis is subdivided into congenital and acquired, similar to medicinal hirsutism.

The cause that triggered the growth of hair on the limbs must be eliminated in order to avoid further and more dangerous consequences. First of all, you should visit the doctor, but what specialization - further examination will show. As a rule, it is an endocrinologist or a gynecologist-endocrinologist. If no serious functional impairment is found, there is no need for drug treatment, then this is a job for a cosmetologist or you will have to master the methods of eliminating unwanted body hair.

How to get rid of leg hair at home

The first and fastest way to remove hair is with a razor. The wide range and promises of advertising campaigns inspire hope for an eternal or at least long-lasting result. But disappointment comes after two days of joyful sensation of bare legs. Bristles first appear, and then hated hair returns. And surprisingly, the more often they are shaved, the more intense the growth, the structure becomes more rigid. The reason is that the razor only cuts the hairs superficially, but the bulbs remain.

Using an electric shaver is safer, but the effect is similar to a razor. This procedure has to be done almost daily.

With the help of the epilator you can achieve a more durable result. The structure of the hair is destroyed along with the bulb, so for so long the skin remains smooth. But the process itself is very painful.

With wax hair removal, the wax as if envelops the hairs and due to this they are pulled out together with the bulb. After repeated use, newly grown hair becomes thinner and less visible.To use this technique should be strictly following the recommendations described in the instructions, since the manifestation of allergies is possible.

Leg hair removal with folk remedies

If for some reason the removal of traditional methods is not suitable, then traditional medicine will come to the rescue. Such funds are very effective, plus they save time and budget.

The oldest and most well-established methods are solutions based on iodine and potassium permanganate.

 Leg hair removal with folk remedies

  1. Manganese pour hot water to the liquid turned out to be unsaturated, slightly pink (be sure to comply with this condition to avoid burns). The resulting solution to moisten the treated areas. This procedure is best done before bedtime, it is considered very effective, and the disadvantage is that the skin will be colored.
  2. Iodine also belongs to the effective folk methods of hair removal. About 2 grams of iodine mixed with 5 grams of castor oil, 2 grams of ammonia and 30-40 grams of medical alcohol. Mix everything thoroughly, hold for a few hours until the solution becomes discolored. Twice a day, rub the hairy areas for several weeks. The use of this tool will relieve hair for a long time.

This is what concerns, though popular, but chemical means. And our grandmothers preferred to use those with which nature is rich.

  1. Juice of fresh walnuts, always unripe. They say that if two weeks in a row every day to smear the hair with a piece of green walnut, they will fall out. New ones will grow back weak and light, and after prolonged use they will disappear altogether. Only nuts are seasonal.
  2. The seeds of the nettle plant destroy the hair follicle, you can buy them at the pharmacy. Grind 40 grams of seeds, pour about 100 ml of any vegetable oil and insist 2 months. Tincture grease the hair, which after regular use will disappear.
  3. Popular rumor says that you can burn poppies, and rub the ash from them with ashes.
  4. The following recipe is popular because of its simplicity: pour 1 teaspoon of soda into a glass of hot water, stir and cool. Apply from this solution compresses to the hair places. Gradually, the hair weakens and disappears.
  5. The oldest, time-tested method: the main component is sugar, 100 grams of which is mixed with a pinch of citric acid and add 3-4 tablespoons of water. Boil until golden. To distribute the ready weight on hair of legs and to sharply remove.This tool - an analog waxing.
  6. Hydrogen peroxide is also not the worst option, only with hard hair will have to be patient, as it requires repeated use, but the result is worth it. A teaspoon of peroxide, preferably 6%, the same amount of liquid soap and 5 drops of ammonia mix, then lubricate the hair, wait ten minutes. After washing, rinse with herbal decoction, preferably chamomile, which has bactericidal properties.

The use of folk recipes also sometimes causes unforeseen reactions, for example, allergies, burns, pigmentation. Therefore, starting a particular procedure, you should conduct a sensitivity test on a small area of ​​skin.

How to get rid of hair on legs in a beauty salon

Many women, who have free time and money, prefer to use the services of professional cosmetologists and regularly indulge themselves in visiting salons. Specialists offer several options for salon procedures, after determining the type of skin and its possible reaction to the chosen method.

  1. Photoepilation - it takes only five sessions, which are held after six weeks and will improve the appearance of the legs at times. The essence of the technique is that under the influence of light the hair bulb collapses. For gray and light hair the way is not effective.
  2. Laser hair removal allows you to extend the end result for a longer time. The inconvenience is that each procedure takes about five hours, and several sessions are required. As a side effect, itching and pigmentation can occur. But this procedure allows you to remove hair permanently by 90%.
  3. Another method that is possible only in specialized conditions - electrolysis. This is a very effective and expensive procedure. The electrode is inserted into the hair follicle, which is destroyed by the action of an electric current irrevocably. The number of sessions depends on the degree of hair distribution and ranges from 5-10. The process of electrolysis takes a lot of time and is accompanied by pain. After completion, it takes time to restore the skin.
  4. One option is bioepilation with the use of wax.But there may be side effects, for the prevention of which the skin is pre-treated with painkillers.

So, permanently remove the hair on the legs is possible only in the conditions of beauty salons, but the procedures are painful, and complete deliverance will take a long time. More benign methods, including home ones, bring only temporary satisfaction and require regular use. The effectiveness of each method depends on the frequency of use. After weighing all the pros and cons of the above methods, each woman should choose the most optimal option herself.

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