How to get rid of hair in intimate places at home

Yes, today there are many methods to remove hair in an intimate place for a long time. You can use the services of specialized salons, or you can resort to popular methods, the main thing in this business is not to harm your health!

 How to get rid of hair in intimate places

Should I get rid of hair in an intimate place

In some nations it is considered bad form, but we live here, and therefore we will adhere to our rules. Why do girls want to remove hair from the bikini area? And all because they want to look more neat and tidy, especially in the summer season.

And there may be causes of a more serious nature, allergic rashes that disappear only after complete hair removal.So now you need to decide what ways you can effectively and safely remove unwanted hairs in the pubic zone.

The classic way to get rid of hair in the intimate area

One of the most common methods is with a razor. In this case, it is recommended to use disposable machines with a special protective strip from cuts.

The shortcomings of this method include the short-term result, the danger in use, the possibility of infection, the occurrence of irritation.

How to shave, so as not to leave cuts?

  1. Always use a new machine, or regularly change the blade in a reusable one.
  2. Be sure to moisturize the bikini area while shaving with special means, you can use a spouse's shaving foam or hair balm, which gives an amazing result, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, protects against external irritants.
  3. Try to shave so that the hairs are removed in one go, as several passes in the same place can significantly damage the skin and cause redness.
  4. If you are injured, you should carefully treat the cut with an antiseptic solution and no longer touch the damaged area with a razor until the skin is completely healed.

Depilation with cream

This is a more gentle way to remove unwanted hair from the intimate area. The tool works according to this method: it is plentifully applied on the necessary area of ​​skin; softens the hairs, which after 5-7 minutes are removed along with the cream from the skin with a special brush or spatula.

Warning: before applying the cream should check its expiration date, as well as make a test for sensitivity in order to avoid undesirable consequences.

The main advantage of this method is the absence of cuts and wounds after depilation, but the disadvantage is the presence of aggressive substances in the product, and therefore the cream can be applied only on the extreme hair of the bikini area.

Today you can find lotions in cosmetology to prolong the effect obtained after shaving, they are applied to a moist shaved surface until completely absorbed. Able to extend lasting results up to two weeks!

Wax depilation

Another effective way to remove hair from the bikini area. Helps for a long time to maintain the desired result.You can conduct this procedure at home or seek qualified help.

 Wax depilation

How to make wax depilation?

  • Heat to a temperature when the wax begins to melt, but it will not be too hot, in order to avoid burns on the body.
  • Apply with a special spatula to the “affected area”.
  • Then attach the prepared strip and press tightly to fix with the hair.
  • Next, sharply pull the strip against the growth of hair.

Whether every woman will be able to withstand such a procedure is difficult to say, but the method is truly effective!

Especially for the depilation of the legs wax strips will be just the way. Feelings are also not particularly pleasant, but much more tolerant. After completion of the procedure, a moisturizing cream should be plentifully applied to the damaged area and held until completely absorbed, not rinsing.

Shugaring from unwanted hair in the bikini area

This method is able to provide the perfect result for 3-4 weeks. The only difficulty is the preparation and use of the composition. This tool can be prepared at home.

  • It is necessary to prepare 10 tablespoons of sugar, juice of one lemon and a spoonful of water.
  • Mix all ingredients and put on a slow fire.
  • Boil the mass, stirring carefully, to a caramel color.
  • After cooking, cool slightly and apply a lot on unwanted hair with a wooden spatula.
  • From above stick a tape for depilation, wait 3-5 minutes and tear off a strip against hair growth.

Attention! The first time will be painful, but soon the skin will get used, and as a result you will get a smooth and elastic surface for a long time.

Laser hair removal

This method of removing unwanted hair can be tested only in cosmetic centers, laser hair removal leads to the destruction of the root, which allows hair to stop growing in the "problem" areas.

You can use this method in the absence of problems with the veins, and allergic irritations. Owners of sensitive skin should also abandon this method, although it is completely painless and safe.

Just a few minutes in the cabin, and your bikini area will be velvety, delicate and supple. And after a few procedures hair will stop growing altogether, provided that laser hair removal is used regularly.

Haircut in intimate places

Lately, hair cutting in intimate areas is gaining a peak of glory, each girl can surprise her partner with unusual patterns or the original style of the bikini zone. The work should be entrusted to the master, who will do everything neatly, beautifully and neatly.

 Haircut in intimate places

This step is an excellent way to diversify sex life and surprise your sexual partner. Such haircuts are made to both women and men, they are completely painless.

And if you don’t like the drawing, you can complete the removal of vegetation - and there’s no problem!

Attention! If you have increased hair growth in the inguinal and pubic areas, then it is important to consult a specialist. Such a signal may indicate a variety of serious disorders and chronic diseases:

  • an excess of testosterone, a male hormone;
  • polycystic ovaries;
  • inflammatory process of the adrenal glands;
  • impaired hormonal balance;
  • diabetes.

Hair removal in the bikini zone folk remedies

Before using the following methods, you must pass an allergen test for each component.If irritation is not observed, then you can safely use this folk remedy.

  1. Alcohol composition: 1 tsp alcohol, 5 ml of ammonia, 1 tsp castor oil and 1.5 g of iodine. Mix all components and apply on the “damage zone” in the morning and evening for 7 days, after removing the hair with a wax strip and no longer worry about their growth.
  2. Burn the walnut shells and the resulting composition to process unwanted hairs. You can also use the juice of fresh grapes, preferably green.
  3. You can remove the hair with still ground pine nuts, pour boiling water over it, insist for a few minutes and treat the bikini area. After several times the skin will become supple and silky.

Before you use the above methods should grow hair up to 5 mm, so it will be better seen, in order to effectively carry out the removal.

Danger when using popular recipes
Possible side effects: burns, allergies, irritation, pigmentation, itching, sores. So, before applying different formulations, it is better to consult with a dermatologist, and only then try a remedy on the skin of the pubic zone!

The reasons for which it is forbidden to carry out hair removal in the bikini area

These are various inflammatory processes on the skin, all sorts of rashes. A large number of moles in the place where the proposed hair removal. You need to be careful with the presence of varicose veins, capillary reticulum, malignant tumors on the skin.

In diabetes, it is forbidden to remove hair from the inguinal and pubic sites. Therefore, think a hundred times before you do at home hair depilation in the intimate area.

Yes, beauty requires sacrifice, but health is paramount! Take care of it and remember - you are beautiful, no matter what!

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