How to get rid of the blues and depression

How often do we start to feel sad and sad? It seems that everything is fine in the family, it’s fine at work, true friends are close and everything is fine with money. However, for some reason I want to hide in a corner so that no one touches. This is a typical blues that can overcome anyone - optimist and pessimist, young and old, rich and poor. What is the blues, mental imbalance or a real physical illness, try to figure it out.

 How to get rid of the blues

What is the spleen

Tired of overwork, lack of sleep, lack of sun and vitamins, the body begins to be depressed and capricious. And it is not surprising, because even the most powerful machine does not want to work without proper attention and care. And then a live person.

Distemper is manifested in different ways. For some, this is an incredible feeling of apathy and despondency. Someone during such a depression loses interest in life and any of its manifestations. Well, some people experience a feeling of boredom and longing in the desire to constantly lie down or just sleep.

Why are we miserable

There are many reasons why the blues periodically overcomes a person. Here are a few highlights:

  1. Lack of sun and vitamin D. As you know, depression most often develops in the fall, when daylight hours are shrinking and the sun is less and less likely to come out of the clouds. In fact, there is a direct relationship between the number of sunny days and the mood of a person. In the sun, the skin produces vitamin D, which is vital for a person. And in the fall, people often go to work when it is still dark, and come home, too, when it is already dark. From here and problems with a psychological condition and health. If you have no time at all, take a walk in the sunshine during your lunch break at work and you will feel much better.
  2. Problems and life troubles. Of course, who wants to have fun, when life is not so smooth. However, do not worry about it excessively. Your experiences will not change the situation, so why worry for nothing?
  3. Health problems. Surprisingly, problems with certain organs of the body can affect our psychosomatic condition. For example, the organs of the thyroid gland.If the blues overcomes you more and more, you need to pass the necessary tests and consult with a specialist. Women can also change their mood with hormonal changes. This usually occurs during the premenstrual period, during pregnancy, lactation or menopause. This, too, must be taken into account and just wait out the difficult period.
  4. Depletion and exhaustion of the body. If you work for a long time without days off and holidays, the blues is just a protective reaction of the body. Take a break from work, because in this state you will not be able to work efficiently anyway. Spend free time with benefits for the soul and body.
  5. Lack of exercise. Oddly enough, this can also be a serious and real cause of depression and depression. Indeed, during physical activity endorphin is produced - the hormone of joy. Take regular walks or runs. They will improve not only your mood, but also your health.

Symptoms of spleen

Distemper is characterized by a series of physiological, behavioral, emotional, and mental changes. Usually with the blues a person becomes passive, irritable, dull, insecure and anxious.Often, a person loses interest even to such natural, from a physical point of view, needs like food, sleep, sex. He gets tired faster, wakes up longer, ceases to enjoy ordinary things. Close ones try to help, call to unwind, take a walk in nature and visit. But the person in the spleen avoids entertainment and contact, he prefers loneliness. All this leads to a state of deep depression. Therefore, the blues need to be treated on time.

How to beat the blues

 How to beat the blues

  1. Movement is life. To defeat the blues, you need physical work. After all, it will bring pleasure and satisfaction. If you have the opportunity, go to the grandmother in the village, dig up a vegetable garden, chop firewood or get some water. If this is not possible, clean up your own apartment, wash the windows, disassemble the cabinet, paint the walls. After all, the ordering of objects puts in order the thoughts and feelings. The main thing - do not lie on the couch in front of the TV. This will only aggravate your emotional state.
  2. Take care of your favorite things. Think about what you would like to do at the moment? Perhaps the girls will need shopping, men will find pleasure in the company of friends in the garage over a beer.No matter how old you are, start doing what you have long dreamed of. Start painting, dancing, or riding a bike. Forget about all the worries.
  3. Do not forget about your feelings. Dial a hot bath of water, add foam and flower petals, turn on the candles. Why don't you do this for someone else, but for yourself? And then you can make yourself a delicious coffee and sit in the chair with your favorite book under a soft blanket.
  4. Look for the opportunity to travel or just be more often in nature. In the summer, go to the river or to the woods for barbecues, in the winter, ski and skate. Yes, just go out with the child on the street and sculpt a snowman - it's so great! A simple walk through the park will give you a whole day of energy.
  5. Many psychological disorders arise from a lack of tactile sensations. Ask your loved one to massage you, cling to your mother or any other loved one. And you get a portion of warmth and peace of mind.
  6. Organize a meeting with old friends, classmates, classmates. People with whom you were once associated, will certainly lift your spirits.You can discuss the latest world news, talk about your problems and listen to advice.
  7. Look around. There are many people in the world, much more unhappy, uglier and poorer than you. You probably have relatives, close people, there is food, a roof over your head, arms and legs. Millions of people in the modern world do not have this, but they are not sad, but they are struggling with problems and going headlong with the head up. Take a look around, appreciate what you have and enjoy for yourself and your achievements.
  8. There is another activity that completely removes the blues from your life. This is extreme sports. If you ever dreamed of jumping with a parachute or diving on the seabed - it's time to do it. Go karting, conquering snowy peaks, or even riding on a roller coaster will highlight a huge amount of adrenaline in the blood.
  9. With bad mood, odors are great. Aromatic oils are able to completely change our attitude. Choose the shade you like. Esters of rosemary, grapefruit, almond oil will bring you back to life.

Well, the most important advice - change in your life that which does not suit you.Throw out the old rubbish, clean the house and head from the garbage. There is a goal - go to it, every day, step by step. And then there will be no thoughts of depression, feelings and depression. Change your world for the better, and start with yourself.

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Thanks for the article, I completely agree, especially about the TV, as soon as I look, so immediately bad thoughts come to my head, during the period of the blues, increased fatigue, I try to switch to something positive and joyful, I drink glycine courses, I do gymnastics, I walk!

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