How to get rid of the smell of new or old furniture

It is impossible to live without furniture - this is one of the main attributes of a comfortable life. However, furniture may require a lot of attention if its wooden base or soft part has a peculiar smell. Old furniture smells of pollution and staleness, and the new one has a certain smell that remains from finishing materials. Getting rid of the obsessive smell is pretty simple.

 How to get rid of the smell of furniture

Eliminate the smell of old furniture

It so happens that we have to live in a rented apartment with old furniture. Count on more is not necessary - furniture can not be replaced. Or are you faced with an old and rare grandmother's chest of drawers, which is a pity to throw away. In all these cases, you just need to bring out the unpleasant smell of old furniture in order to enjoy the interior items with pleasure.

  1. Vinegar and manganese. If it is a chest of drawers or a wooden table, it should be wiped with a solution of vinegar, better than apple.To do this, in a bowl of water, dilute a tablespoon of vinegar with half a glass of water. Then soak a sponge or rag in a bowl and wipe all surfaces of the furniture with the prepared composition. It is not necessary to moisten a tree strongly - it can start to rot from humidity. Therefore, after processing, thoroughly wipe the piece of furniture dry. Instead of vinegar, you can use a solution of potassium permanganate. Only he must be really weak, so as not to paint the surface. And you can not rub light furniture with manganese - yellowish stains may remain.
  2. Antifungal agents. Very often the cause of a musty smell can be a fungus or mold that develops in the pores of a wooden structure. To get rid of such infection, you need to process the piece of furniture with anti-fungal and disinfecting agents. These can be special household chemicals that you can buy at the hardware store. You can also use chlorinated bath cleaners and a toilet bowl. Regular bleach diluted in five parts of warm water will eliminate any signs of mold and mildew. Pay attention to the legs of the furniture - exactly there,between layers of wooden structure most often hide dangerous bacteria that cause rotting and musty smell.
  3. Adsorbent agents. If the smell comes not from the surface of the furniture, but from the internal cabinets, the principle of getting rid of the smell should be slightly different. First make soda water - a glass of water a tablespoon of baking soda. Wipe the exterior and interior surfaces of the interior with this compound. After that, pour into the bowl any adsorbing agents that absorb moisture and odor well. This may be dry soda, activated carbon, salt, citric acid. You can also expand on the nooks of the furniture peel of lemon or orange, ground coffee in a linen bag. Citrus and coffee not only cope with an unpleasant smell, but also give the interior a pleasant noble aroma.

Cleaning upholstered furniture is a bit more difficult, because the smell of dust and animal stains penetrates deep into the fabric. To effectively cope with the smell of old upholstered furniture, a sofa or chairs must be dry-cleaned. If this is not possible, we use the following tools.

Washing composition
In two glasses of warm water, dilute some liquid soap, add a teaspoon of citric acid and the same amount of vinegar. Wear gloves when handling. Stir the compound thoroughly to form a thick foam. Sponge foam on the entire soft part of the furniture and leave for a few hours in a ventilated room. Then clean the soft surface of the dried soapy composition with a stiff brush. And put some citrus peels inside the sofa - it will save you from the remnants of an annoying smell.

Remember that upholstered furniture requires constant care. If you spill something on the sofa, you must immediately remove the pollution so that the smell does not penetrate into the deeper layers of furniture. Do not forget to vacuum the sofa and treat it monthly with special soap for cleaning upholstered furniture. Do not allow animals to sit on the master's couch, because if an incident happens, it will be very difficult to remove such a pungent smell from the sofa.

How to get rid of the smell of new furniture

You feel the joy of buying new furniture, which is replaced by chagrin - conceived new furniture has a peculiar smell.It will gradually erode, but why wait so long? You can get rid of it today.

 How to get rid of the smell of new furniture

  1. Ozonator This is a modern device that produces ozone from the surrounding air. The ozonator needs to be turned on indoors with new furniture that has an unpleasant smell. The device not only eliminates the smell, but also cleans the air from possible vapors of toxic compounds that can be used in the manufacture of furniture.
  2. Salt and tea. Most often, an unpleasant smell comes from varnish, which is covered with furniture. Indeed, in its composition are formaldehydes, which not only exude an unpleasant odor, but also dangerous to health. To get rid of the unpleasant smell of new wooden furniture, you need to place a bowl with salt and brewing around the room. They absorb smells like a sponge. If the smell is on the new shelves or in the lockers, it is better to put absorbent substances directly into the furniture.
  3. Essential oils. To get rid of the smell of new upholstered furniture, you need to open the sofas and armchairs, remove all removable cushions and linings from the furniture, and unfold everything in the open air. Furniture should erode if possible a day, but not less than 10 hours.After that, when you assemble the furniture, put an open bottle with essential oils inside the sofa and chairs. With their pleasant aroma, they will kill the remnants of the unpleasant smell of new furniture.
  4. Heater. Sometimes new furniture smells like mustiness and dampness. This suggests that it was stored in high-humidity warehouses. To get rid of this smell you need to dry the furniture. Turn on the heater in the room and leave on medium temperature for about three hours. During this time, usually, from moisture does not remain a trace. You should not heat the air in the room too much - from this, some of the details may crack. You can not dry upholstered furniture in direct sunlight - you run the risk of upholstery fabric - it can fade.
  5. Ammonia. This tool is used in the fight against the smell of new leather furniture. To do this, you need to dilute a teaspoon of ammonia with a glass of water and wipe the surface of the furniture with this composition. If the smell is very persistent, you can add a little vinegar or lemon juice to the solution. Usually a pair of such procedures is enough to smell disappeared forever.

Before using any cleansing agent, apply a little of the prepared composition on the back of the invisible piece of furniture to check the reaction of the material.If the color and structure of the furniture remain the same, you can safely apply the product to the entire coating.

If all the measures to eliminate the smell do not bring the expected effect, you can replace the upholstery of upholstered furniture - this is not as expensive as changing the sofa.

The smell can be so annoying that it not only spoils the mood, but also begins to ache. Therefore, it is very important to get rid of unpleasant odors in time and create comfortable living conditions for yourself and your family.

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