How to get rid of the smell of plastic in the kettle

It often happens that the joy of buying a new kettle is replaced by disappointment - the water boiled in such a kettle stinks of plastic. How to get rid of it? Do you have to stop using the device? No need to be upset. There are many effective methods that will help rid the kettle of plastic smell. But first, let's see why some kettles have such a pungent smell.

 How to get rid of the smell of plastic in the kettle

Why does the kettle smell like plastic

The answer is obvious - because it is plastic. But after all, some models have no foreign smell, although they are made of plastic. It's all about product quality. If a cheap material was used in the manufacture of the kettle, it can have such a side effect as the smell of plastic. Sometimes the kettle smells because it was stored for a long time in an airtight package in warehouses. To get rid of this kind of smell you just need to rinse the kettle and put it on the open air.

If this does not help, then the plastic composition of which the kettle is made smells. This happens if a plasticizer is added to the plastic. It increases the life of the electric kettle and makes it more brilliant and attractive. When buying such a kettle, be sure to pay attention to the smell, if it is sharp - it is better to refuse such a purchase. Well, if you have already purchased the coveted device, we will learn how to remove the smell of plastic quickly and safely for health.

How to get rid of the acrid smell of plastic

  1. In the instructions of some teapots it is said that before the first use you need to boil water in it three times, each time pouring fresh. Try this advice first. If the smell of plastic is still quite noticeable, use the following methods.
  2. Pour water into the kettle and squeeze the juice of one lemon into it. Boil lemon water, and when the kettle turns off, leave it to cool completely. So you can repeat several times. Lemon perfectly absorbs odors. Instead of fresh lemon juice, you can use citric acid.
  3. It copes well with unpleasant odors and vinegar. Pour two tablespoons of vinegar into the kettle and then fill it with water. Heat the liquid, but do not boil it, otherwise the reaction may go - the water will start to foam. Leave the hot vinegar water to cool for several hours, and then rinse the kettle thoroughly with running water.
  4. Take a clean sponge, moisten it with water and dip in baking soda. Gently wipe the inside walls of the kettle. Do not use excessive force to avoid scratching the surface. Then pour the water straight over the soda, boil it and put it to cool overnight. Rinse the kettle thoroughly in the morning - there should be no smell.
  5. Instead of lemon and citric acid, you can use fresh zest. Peel a few lemons and put them in the kettle. Fill with water and boil. Leave the mass for 10-12 hours, then rinse the kettle with clean water.
  6. To get rid of the smell of plastic in a closed container will help the carbonated drink Sprite. Pour the sprite into the bottle and boil the liquid. Wash the kettle before further use.
  7. Another effective way is a bay leaf.Pour boiling water in a separate container on a handful of laurel leaves and then simmer on low heat (not in a kettle, but in a small saucepan). When the leaves have softened enough, pour the whole composition into the kettle and turn it on. When boil boil, do not rush to pour it. Only after complete cooling, pour out a decoction of bay leaf and rinse the kettle thoroughly several times. This is a very effective way to get rid of the most persistent smell of plastic.
  8. You can eliminate the smell with sugar. Boil water in the kettle and pour a couple of tablespoons of sugar into it. After the water has cooled down, rinse the kettle and repeat the procedure.
  9. To get rid of the smell of plastic, try the following method. Find a small dish that fits in the kettle. It can be a coffee cup or an open salt shaker. Pour in salt, soda, or put a few tablets of activated charcoal. Put the dishes in the kettle and leave overnight. During this time, the adsorbent absorbs an unpleasant smell, and it will not be so caustic.

If no method has helped you solve the problem, the kettle is probably made of cheap plastic that cannot be heated.Drinking water from such a kettle is extremely dangerous - toxins can enter the body with water. If the smell of plastic persists, try to return the kettle to the store - the seller must return the money for the purchase. But even if it is impossible to return finances, you should not risk your health.

When using an electric kettle made of plastic, you should not drink water that has been standing in the kettle for a long time - it absorbs harmful substances. Pour into the kettle as much as you are going to drink. And the next time you want to boil water, pour the old and pour fresh. From time to time leave the kettle open to avoid the smell of mustiness. If the smell of plastic comes even from the water that was boiled in the kettle, do not continue to use it. It is better to buy a new kettle.

Today's range of electric kettles is very wide. You can choose metal kettles made of stainless metal, glass or ceramic. They are safer for health. If you basically want to buy a plastic kettle, check the documents on the device - they must comply with all sanitary standards.And do not forget to smell the kettle before you buy, so that an unpleasant surprise awaits you at home. Treat your health carefully, drink clean water!

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