How to clean fox fur at home

Arctic fox is considered to be sought after fur. Products of this kind are popular not only among young people, but also among elderly people. Thanks to the practicality of fox fur coats withstand more than 5 years of socks. Of course, the main advantage is considered to be heat conservation, with which the product copes completely. However, after a certain period of time, dust accumulates in the long pile and a yellowish or grayish tint appears on the collar. Especially difficult is the ladies who wear light fur coats of arctic fox.

 How to clean fox fur

Practical recommendations

  1. Professional craftsmen who have many years of experience working with fur products do not strongly recommend the use of pure acetone or acetic acid to treat fur. This advice is relevant not only for products made of arctic fox, it applies to collars and fur coats from any fur.
  2. Refuse to dry the fur coat near radiators and other heat appliances, otherwise you will not be able to avoid damage to things.It is forbidden to affect a fox product with household appliances (gas stove, hairdryer, oven, etc.). The best option for drying is considered to be fresh air and natural light far from direct UV rays.
  3. The arctic fox belongs to practical furs, but at the same time it is excessively capricious. Products of this kind do not tolerate fragrances, so do not spray the thing with perfume. The recommendation is relevant in the case of stylers and hair sprays, which glue the pile, subjecting it to drying and further deformation. The same applies to alcohol products and moth sprays.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to subject the arctic fox fur to machine wash. By and large, manual processing is highly undesirable. However, if such a need arose, the temperature of the water should not exceed 35 degrees. In addition, it is worth remembering forever that it is impossible to act on the fur mechanically (spinning, twisting, etc.).

How to clean fox fur

Experienced housewives have developed effective recipes to help cope with soiling and yellowing of fur in the home. In this case, before the procedure, you must conduct a test.Apply a small amount of the prepared composition to the imperceptible area, wait a little, wash, dry and inspect the product. If the fur is not bald and has not changed the shade, proceed to processing the fox fur coat as a whole.

Prepare in advance the semolina or corn starch in the amount of 1.7 kg., A basin, a compact vacuum cleaner with a clean brush (you can use a car). It is not uncommon for the clothes to be contaminated with the highest degree, remove the fur from the lining fabric, treat it separately.

Type in a basin of 8 liters of warm water (preferably filtered), add cornstarch or semolina, wait for swelling. Place the fox fur coat / collar in the prepared mass, wait 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly and dry.

At the end of the drying process, the pile will strongly stick together, shake the fur coat over the bath, then go over it with a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush. Lay a white sheet on a flat surface, lay out a fur product for partial drying.

When the coat is a little wet, hang it on a hanger, dry it completely, shake it again and vacuum it.At the end of all actions, wash the lining and sew it to the fur.

Hydrogen Peroxide Solution
The composition is prepared for the removal of gray and yellow on products of white fox. Usually, this phenomenon is observed in cases when drying or wet processing of a fur coat is impaired. Prepare a solution of 270 ml. purified water, 25 ml., hydrogen peroxide (3%), 25 ml. ammonia.

 Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

Mix all components, transfer them into a container with a sprayer (atomizer), bring it to the fur coat and sprinkle it from a distance of 35-45 cm.

Try to handle the thing in such a way that the droplets of liquid are evenly spaced on the pile. In this case, you should not get large wet spots, otherwise the coat will be bleached unevenly.

At the end of spraying, walk with a wet brush for clothes or animals on the villus, do not apply pressure. The method is designed for cleaning as a whole product, and its individual parts (cuff, collar, etc.).

Flax Bran
Wash and dry the pan, to the bottom and walls of which nothing sticks. Put in a container 80-110 gr. flaxseed bran, heat up, avoid burning. Spread the product on the floor, lay a white sheet.Powder with warm bran, begin to slowly rub them into the pile.

Leave the thing for half an hour, after this period, shake the fur coat and brush it with an animal brush in the direction of the wool. Put the product on the hanger, leave for 3 hours, and then repeat the previous manipulations. To effectively remove the remnants of bran, use a vacuum cleaner with a clean brush or a soft broom for processing furniture.

In everyday life, table vinegar is used to maintain the color and texture of delicate fabrics. Therefore, the composition copes with the processing of fur products of any type.

To prepare the solution, take table vinegar in concentrations from 6 to 9%, dilute it with filtered water in a ratio of 1: 3 (300 ml. Of liquid per 100 ml. Of product).

Dampen a cotton pad in the prepared essence, place the wardrobe item on the floor or on the table, and walk along the cosmetic sponge 2-3 times. Proceed carefully, do not try to press on the stain or rub it.

At the end of the procedure, hang the coat on the hanger, send it to the loggia or balcony to dry, then comb the brush for animals.

It is worth remembering that any fur is a delicate product that requires careful handling. Do not confuse the vinegar solution with the essence, the concentration of the second product is 10 times higher than the first.

To effectively clean the fox fur coat or collar, you need to buy baby talc without fragrances or with chamomile. The technique involves the dry processing of products that have long been spent in the closet or slightly dusty. Spread the fur coat on a flat surface, powder it with talcum powder, rub the mixture into the wool. Wait a quarter of an hour for the powder to absorb dirt and traces of fat.

After that, shake the item, brush it with an animal brush, vacuum it. If it is not possible to remove talc from the pile, use a cold-blown hair dryer and a comb. If desired, talc can be replaced with wheat flour, the processing technology is identical.

Fur products require a delicate approach, therefore it is worthwhile to carefully consider the choice of means for cleaning the pile. Use hydrogen peroxide (can be replaced by “Chlorhexidine”), flax bran, baby powder, table vinegar (not to be confused with concentrated essence), semolina.Do not forget to do a preliminary test to convince the security technology.

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