How to use eyelash curlers

Currently, there are many procedures for curling hairs. Curling tongs eyelashes to this day remain in demand among the beautiful half of the population. Due to the design of the device, the twisting procedure is not particularly difficult. There are many disputes that the forceps adversely affect the state of the eyelashes. Professional masseurs say the opposite: it is not the device itself that is harmful, but the inability to use it correctly.

 How to use eyelash curlers

Advantages of using forceps

  • a noticeable volume of eyelashes appears in a short period of time;
  • of all available technologies, this one does not cause any harm;
  • observing all recommendations daily use is possible;
  • The method used for curling with tongs is several times cheaper than the existing procedures.

Cons of forceps

  • due to inept use of the device, eyelashes can flake or become brittle;
  • with high humidity and strong wind, the effect of curling is reduced.

Selection of curling tongs

  1. When working with a curl eyelashes should approach the procedure responsibly, because the process requires delicacy. Do not purchase the device in dubious stalls, use high-quality and proven products.
  2. In case the forceps are defective, you risk cutting the hairs. In the future, eyelashes deliver a lot of problems for their recovery.
  3. Before carrying out the procedure at home, it is recommended to go with a friend to a professional beauty salon. You can clearly gain experience, as the master eyelashes curl.
  4. Before buying a tool, familiarize yourself with its design. Take the tongs, make a few taps. However, hemispheres should not create any rattle sounds. A good device works easily, effortlessly.
  5. When choosing tongs, compare different samples with each other. Pay attention to the silicone layer in the lower hemisphere.This attribute should not be too soft, it will save from wrinkling eyelashes and giving unnecessary shape.
  6. Inspect the tool carefully, it should not be particles of glue and other similar defects. Pay attention to the fact that when the crescents are squeezed, the silicone layer does not change shape and does not falter.
  7. With daily use of tongs, choose a tool with additional replaceable elements (silicone rubbers). With frequent use, they wear out for 2 months, after which operation of the device will only harm the hairs.

Curling irons: types

 Types of eyelash curlers

  1. Mechanical forceps. This type includes devices with the presence of springs in them. It prevents strong compression. This option is provided for inexperienced users to avoid damage to the hairs. A minus of such nippers is considered short service life. The reason is the weakening of the spring and its frequent loss from the device.
  2. Plastic tongs. This type of forceps is a novelty among other devices. The difference lies in the fact that such a tool can curl colored eyelashes.The downside is the design inconvenience. In the end result, the curling of the hairs does not turn out the way we would like.
  3. Metal tongs. This type of tool is considered a classic and more common. The advantages of forceps is considered a long service life, gentle treatment of the hairs, strength. The negative side of the tool is that they cannot curl colored eyelashes.

Working forceps

  1. The bottom section resembles nail scissors with identical holes for the fingers. Depending on the design features, the upper part has springs or levers.
  2. Any instrument, except plastic, has two volumetric crescents. When compressed, they tightly close together.
  3. The lower crescent is a long groove with a silicone interlayer to protect the eyelashes from mechanical damage.
  4. The upper part of the hemisphere has a similar groove of the same length. When two sections are closed together, a kind of construction is obtained, between which the hairs lie.
  5. This tool is used only for curling eyelashes.Placing the hairs between the hemispheres, they are closed. The device itself is pulled up, holding for a while, then the eyelashes are released.

Technique curling eyelashes tongs

 Technique curling eyelashes tongs

  1. Cover your eye to better see through the upper eyelid. Hold the tongs close to the hemispheres. Eyelashes should be located between the roundness of the device. Watch the process carefully without pinching the skin of the eyelid.
  2. Do not be nervous, do not allow hand shake. When you are convinced that this behavior is unusual for you, proceed to clamp the eyelashes. Raising your hand up, hold the tool in this position for 5-6 seconds. Do not pinch the forceps too much; this will result in unnatural hair curling. Repeat the procedure in total 3 times. Remove the device, look at the result.
  3. The next step is to transfer the tool to the average length of the eyelashes. Repeat the above steps in the same way. After that, proceed to the completion of manipulations on the curling of the tips in the same way.
  4. Use mascara thick composition, it will help keep the fixation. Do not use cosmetics of the liquid type, such a move would entail a quick hair straightening.If you have no mascara of this kind, use a thick eyebrow gel, using a brush, apply the composition on the eyelashes.

Recommendations for curling eyelashes

  1. Focus on the first independent curling procedure. Take your time, haste will lead to disastrous and irreparable results. Eyelash recovery will take a lot of time.
  2. Carry out the procedure before applying mascara. In case you use a plastic device for curling your eyelashes, this recommendation is also relevant for it. Since the manipulation is detrimental to the colored hairs, making them brittle and weak.
  3. Before each use, treat the cosmetic device with boiling water. This will help to disinfect it and wash away the remaining pieces of cosmetics.
  4. Do not neglect silicone interlayers. Replace old samples with new ones if necessary. Watch the condition of the forceps themselves, with proper care, the risk of cutting the eyelashes under the root will disappear.
  5. To avoid fragility and hair loss with daily use of curling irons, it is recommended to take a break of 5-7 days.If the hairs have not recovered during this time, extend the rest for a few more days.
  6. When using the eyelash curler tool, feed the hairs with natural oils every 5 days. The composition is applied immediately before bedtime.
  7. The technique of curling is always carried out in 3 stages - from the base to the tips. The length of the eyelashes does not matter in this case. Squeezing hairs should not exceed 5 seconds, so the form will be more like a natural.

If you decide to do the curling eyelashes yourself, first get a quality device. Familiarize yourself with the components of the forceps. Pay attention to the softness of the silicone gum. Do not rush through the procedure, so you will avoid a long hair restoration. With daily use of the tool, take a break once a month, feed the hairs with oil.

Video: how to curl eyelashes with a teaspoon

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