How to understand that a cat is pregnant: the main signs

Often, the owners of the cat after a date with a gentleman can not make out - it turned out or not. How to understand that a cat is pregnant? An experienced vet is not difficult. What to do to ordinary people? Let's figure it out together.

 How to understand that a cat is pregnant

External signs

Somewhere the information slipped that some owners did not even suspect about the interesting position of their pet until the very day of birth. What kind of impassable stupid one must be to ignore a markedly grown cat belly? Probably, even an absolutely blind person will feel by touch that the cat is pregnant. But this sign appears only after 5 weeks. Up to this point the cat is not recovering, and only an experienced specialist can notice the pregnancy.

Although there are other external signs. For example, change the color of the nipples. By the 3rd week of pregnancy, it becomes very noticeable.But, only if you knew their color before the interesting position of the cat. Otherwise, a visual inspection will give you nothing.

By the 6th week of gestation, the mammary glands noticeably increase. It feels like a slight swelling. In this case, the further, the more it is noticeable to the naked eye. Of course, such precursors for early replenishment in the family will be seen first of all to attentive owners. If for you the cat is not a member of the family, but an interior item, then you will learn about pregnancy only during childbirth.

Behavioral signs

As in pregnant women, the mood of the cats changes. No, she will not require roasted strawberries with chalk flavor from the owners, but something is very noticeable.

Lack of estrus. A cat that does not wait for offspring, shows sexual desire. Depending on temperament, it can:

  • shout in a loud voice
  • mumble
  • write leaving tags
  • roll on the floor

If after mating there are no such characteristic signs, then congratulations, you will expect replenishment soon.

Morning toxicosis. Yes, some cats are very sensitive to hormonal changes in the body. And their body reacts to the like almost as human.After 4 weeks of pregnancy some expectant mothers vomit in the morning. This is rare, but it occurs.

Increased attention. Since 1 week of pregnancy, most cats noticeably change their behavior in terms of increased attention. They can walk behind the owner on the heels, requiring additional affection. Sometimes the cat itself is not averse to poopimi with the owner, even if until that time, such a relationship was not in its rules.

Nesting. Approximately 2 weeks before the lambing, the cat begins to climb around the house, looking for the future maternity hospital. In other words, the lady is looking for a place to nest. During this period it is very important to control where the pet has decided to lamb it. There she is:

  • claws the litter (it could be your clothes)
  • marking time in one circle
  • sniffing carefully
  • spends a lot of time leaving your smell

Only surveillance should be carried out as imperceptibly as possible. Otherwise, the cat will be alarmed and start looking for a new place. It is likely that this place will be your bed. Give birth to a pillow, on it or under a blanket - yes, easily! And after lambing, a frightened cat may begin to drag the offspring from place to place.This behavior can end very badly. There are cases when mommy just threw the kids to the mercy of fate, and completely refused to approach them.

Therefore, we recommend the owners to prepare in advance the cat maternity hospital. This may be a regular cardboard box, placed in a secluded place. It is advisable to lay inside not new clean rags, but old cat litter. The familiar smell will soothe the future mom.

Complete peace of mind. Even the most nimble and playful cats from about 7 weeks of pregnancy become a sort of armor-piercing machines. They show absolute phlegm and calmness. Some owners, unaware of the interesting position of the pet, begin to worry. It seems to them that the cat has become lethargic and painful.

In fact, this is a protective natural reaction of the feline body. After all, soon lambing, which means that the offspring in the stomach has already grown. Therefore, extra gestures are completely useless. Jumping and active games can be traumatic. Experiencing the owners do not need such behavior within the normal range.

Incomprehensible bustle. If your cat is torn around the house, dives headfirst into nooks,does not find peace even in the nest - congratulations! You missed the gestation of your cat, and the fight is about to begin. How? Tell me, how could you not notice the grown belly and strange behavior of the cat? Science is unknown. But one thing is clear to us - you are not a very good boss.

How to understand that a cat is 100% pregnant

All of these signs do not give an absolute guarantee that soon there will be small fluffy lumps in your house. But animals have a false pregnancy. Or some diseases of the genitourinary system have similar symptoms.

 How to determine that the cat is pregnant

Let us tell you the secret of how to determine cat pregnancy at 100%, starting from 2-3 weeks. No, the human one-time test will not work. Although there are such pseudo-advisers.

In fact, everything is simple. We must take the pet to the veterinary clinic. There an experienced specialist will conduct all the tests and will be able to tell you:

  • exact cat age
  • her condition
  • gestational age
  • number of future babies

And the last item the vet checks to the touch. And it is possible to do this only up to 5 weeks. If a cat’s pregnancy lasts longer than a month, then most likely it’s impossible to determine the number of kittens exactly.

If you are considering an option with a visit to the vet, then by all means do it. You will receive many valuable recommendations and instructions. As a rule, such concern for the health of your beloved cat in the future eliminates many problems.

Useful tips

Pay close attention to feline habits. At first glance, they may seem insignificant and not noticeable. But it is not. With any change to a good owner, it is immediately obvious that something is happening.

Some sources call one of the signs of pregnancy cats completeness. And they declare that not only the belly grows, but also the paws, the muzzle, and even a little tail are getting better. What science fiction invented this nonsense? When pregnant, an absolutely healthy cat does not get fat face and paws! And the stomach does not get fat, but gradually rounded. In general, the constitution of the body of the future mom does not practically change.

If the cat began to recover completely, then immediately show it to a veterinarian with a specialty endocrinologist. It is possible that this is obesity or worse - diabetes.

And further. Even the thickest cats and cats have a tail that is always the usual size.He never gets better! Any changes in the thickness of the cat's tail is a reason to consult a doctor immediately. It can be anything from a fracture to a tumor.

How to understand that a cat is pregnant? According to the changed behavior and external signs. A little attention and a little control to prepare in advance. Then there will be no possible problems. And you will become the owners of charming babies.

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