How to wash feather pillow at home

Modern manufacturers of accessories for sleep and rest have come up with a lot of useful things, such as pillows with pressure control, a rim on the neck for long flights, an orthopedic mattress 2-in-1 and so on. However, nothing of the above can compare with the good old feather pillows. The filler of such products is not knocked together in bunches, holds a form and differs in the increased wear resistance. Like any other attribute for the home, feather-based pillows need careful maintenance, such as proper washing and drying.

 How to wash feather pillow

Hand wash feather pillows

Necessary materials:

  • warm water in large quantities;
  • 5 meters gauze;
  • gel for washing wool products (preferably liquid consistency);
  • pelvis or bucket 20-30 liters;
  • new set of napernikov;
  • rinse for clothes.

  1. Fold the gauze in 2-3 layers, sew the edges so that you get a square bag. You will need 4 pieces. Do not sew one edge of the bag.
  2. Spread pillow napernik along the seam, remove the downy filler, divide its quantity into 4 equal parts.
  3. Mix each section into a separate bag of gauze, sew the open edge, or tie a nylon thread tightly.
  4. Pour warm water into a basin, add gel to wash the wool items to the container and mix well before foaming.
  5. Place the first gauze bag with down in the basin / bucket, leave for 10 minutes. At the end of time, wash well for a quarter of an hour. After that, change the composition to a new one and repeat the manipulations.
  6. When you finish washing the first bag, pour out the soap solution, take clean water and rinse it several times. Re-do and wash again. When you notice that the foam was several times smaller, type the last basin and add 60 ml. fabric softener.
  7. Squeeze the bag with a feather as carefully as possible, hang it over the bath, wait half an hour to drain excess liquid. Repeat the previous steps with the other bags.

Machine wash feather pillows

Not all ladies like to do hard work, such as hand washing or soaking too dirty products. Thanks to a century of technical progress, the possibility of washing in a typewriter appears, which will greatly simplify the task. The main feature of the machine wash down and feather pillows is the correct choice of mode. It depends on it the final result.

 Machine wash feather pillows

  1. Fold the gauze fabric in 5-6 layers so that in the end you manage to make a full dense bag. Since even gentle machine wash has a much tougher effect on the product, you need to sew the edges correctly.
  2. After that, spread the pillow, distribute the filler into several equal parts. Each of them should be placed in the drum and have a reserve of space. Put the parts of the pen in the bags, sew them firmly.
  3. Place the bags in the washing machine, set the mode of washing delicate products, do not forget about the cleaning agent. Just as with the manual method, machine wash involves the use of a gel for washing wool.Pour a large amount into the appropriate compartment, add a conditioner cap.
  4. With regards to the temperature of the wash, it should not exceed 40 degrees. Pay attention to the speed before washing bags. Set them to minimum power, turn on the double rinse program.
  5. When everything is ready, turn on the machine and do not miss the second rinse cycle. Directly in front of him you need to pour another 1.5-2 cap air conditioner.

Machine wash feather pillows is considered a problematic way due to the fact that the unit is at risk. Feathers can clog the filter and as a result, impede a proper cleaning procedure. Be careful, sew gauze bags well and fold in 5 layers, do not feel sorry for the fabric. Make sure that there are no wide holes.

You should not try to fill the machine "to the eyeballs", leave some space. It would be better to drive it away in several stages than to perform poor-quality cleaning.

How to dry feather pillows

There are several options for drying pillows: heating radiators, outdoor version, drying in a typewriter, special devices.Let us dwell on each of them separately.

 How to dry feather pillows

  1. Heating radiators. The option is suitable for people who decide to mop up pillows in the winter. In the cold feathers will not dry, so the battery - the best way. To use this method, beat the bags of fluff, mash the lumps and place on the battery. The method is bad in that the feathers shrink over a short period of time, so bags must be constantly beaten and turned over.
  2. Fresh air. Ideal for drying feather pillows in the summer. To begin the procedure, remove the bags from the washing machine, wrap them in a soft towel, squeezing out water. Do not rub the feathers too hard, otherwise you will damage them. The board is particularly relevant for drying and washing old pillows, the filler in them is more fragile. Mash any lumps with your hands, shake the bags thoroughly. After that, bring them to fresh air, be it a balcony or hangers on the street. Periodically shake the feathers so that they do not damp inside.
  3. Indoor dryer. Knead the lumps in the bags and place the products on the dryer rails. Put the device on the balcony or near the battery.Very convenient option, since the air is constantly circulating. Before using the pillow, make sure that the feathers are completely dry. Otherwise, the products will start to smell like mold, and getting it out of the pillow is much more difficult than washing the product itself.
  4. Drying in the machine. The technique is especially popular in Europe and America, machine drying greatly simplifies life. In a short time, the pillows will become dry and whipped, just put them in the drum for 5 hours, observing the temperature regime of 30 degrees. In the process of scrolling the pen will constantly develop into lumps. To avoid this, you must put in the machine 5-6 balls for tennis. Together with the constant scrolling, they will beat the pen.

After the final drying of the pillow, spread a thick sheet on the floor and lay the feathers on it. Gut them well, then place them in a bedtick and sew firmly, beat the pillow with a special device or with your hands. Vacuum the room at the end of all manipulations.

Practical recommendations

  1. Washing feather-based pillows is a time-consuming task that requires a lot of time and attention to detail. If you consider yourself to be a busy category of people, we recommend using dry cleaning services. The production of this level processes pillows with steam at high power, which penetrates into the product. The pen does not wrinkle, does not break, does not fold into lumps. The cost of cleaning one pillow is not great, the family of any wealth can afford this service.
  2. Dirty feathers contain a lot of bacteria. If the pillow for a long time lay in the pantry or in the attic, do not rush to put a pillowcase on it. Spread and see if the fungus struck the feathers and the pillow-case, smell the product, it should not smell like mold.
  3. A frequent consequence of poor care of pillows from a feather is a large accumulation of microscopic mites, their waste products are extremely dangerous. Parasites of this kind contribute to the appearance of an allergic reaction in a difficult phase, which is very difficult to cure.
  4. The recommended frequency of washing feather pillows is at least 1-2 times in 1.5 years. At the same time every 3 years it is necessary to change naperniki, since their service life goes beyond this time. Do not forget, after drying, firmly sew up the pillow-case, so that dust does not fall into it.Choose a dense fabric for sewing napernikov to reduce the frequency of washing.

Processing and drying feather pillows requires patience and constant monitoring, otherwise the filler either does not dry out completely or will clump together. Choose your preferred wash option, but remember that for a washing machine you need to fold gauze more tightly. Always add air conditioner and beat pillows after distributing the pen.

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