How to paint eyelashes with mascara correctly: useful tips

Make lashes voluminous, fluffy and at the same time long, you can use mascara. It is not necessary to use the overhead attributes of beauty or visit the salon to make capacity. Observing simple manipulations and practical advice, any lady will emphasize an unusual eye shape and give expressiveness to her look.

 How to paint the eyelashes with mascara

How to choose mascara

Before you start staining, you need to take care of the appropriate cosmetics. Choose only a professional series, do not buy mascara of dubious quality. While in the store, open the tube and appreciate the smell. It should not be harsh and unpleasant. If the vial is sealed, ask the consultant for a fresh sample. Always look at the expiration date.

Lengthening mascara
Carcasses with the effect of lengthening contain synthetic fibers, they can be either silk or nylon.Due to this composition, the look becomes expressive and emphasizes the length of the natural eyelashes.

Microparticles are evenly distributed on each hair, painting over all areas. The extension mascara is equipped with a thin silicone brush with no interwoven villi. The bristles are usually thick and short; a similar shape stains even the invisible hairs.

Lengthening mascara less often all the others form lumps, that is why it is so loved by representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. After using such cosmetics, the eyelashes are well separated and practically do not stick together.

Bulk mascara
Girls who want to give cilia thickness and make a "puppet" look, use the bulk mascara. It consists of silicone and wax, which tightly envelop every hair.

Often you can find voluminous mascara with twisting effect. In this case, the brush has a curved shape, where long fibers are located on the outside, and short on the inside. If your eyelashes are naturally twisted, or you use curling irons,the choice is to be made in favor of the usual volume (brush short with long intertwining villi).

The composition is applied with a thick layer, so when painting you need to be careful. Very often you can get not the look of a Barbie doll, but spider legs, on which there are a lot of lumps. When dried, the bulk mascara increases, due to which it often crumbles.

Waterproof mascara
This makeup deserves special attention. It is suitable for those who often fly at sea and engage in intense exercise. Every girl wants to look good even in the gym.

There are two types of waterproof mascara. One is not afraid of only moisture (sweat, condensate), due to which it is not smeared, but is not suitable for diving in the sea or pool. On a tube of mascara is the designation "proof water". The other can withstand everything from the pouring rain to the frequent diving without a mask. This mascara is referred to as “proof moisture.”

Choose the appropriate option depending on the destination. Waterproof mascara can be voluminous, lengthening and twisting. It is important to understand that because of the hard composition often use such makeup is not recommended. Of course, it should be in the arsenal of every lady, but be careful.

The choice of color mascara for eyelashes

Black ink is not for everyone. If you are a blonde, such cosmetics will make the look not open and sexy, but vulgar. For these purposes, invented colored cosmetics.

 Colored mascara

Women with green eyes are advised to choose emerald, sand, maroon and black mascara. Blue-eyed girls should prefer blue, brown or gray mascara. Brown-eyed fit brown, black and green.

In this case, you need to pay attention to hair color. Light girls do not want to use black mascara, but it is not prohibited. Dark-haired young lady fits any option from green to black. Experiment!

If you are going to a party or a festive event, take a closer look at the pearl carcass with glitter. It is applied on top of the color base and gives the eyes a naughty shine.

How to paint eyelashes with mascara

When you have decided on a suitable option, you can proceed to the procedure.

Step 1. Coloring always begins with a rolling age. Open the tube, pull out the brush and bring it back, repeat this several times to get the necessary amount. After that, remove excess from the tip of the brush on the neck of the tube.

Take a disposable plastic spoon, bring its convex side to your eyelashes and start the procedure from the inner corner of the eye. Make a few zigzag movements from the bottom up, linger a little at the end point to twist the eyelashes. Hold the brush in the direction of the nose, at an angle.

Now go to the middle of the century, put the brush horizontally and again make two zigzag movements. To avoid the appearance of lumps, the bulk of the carcass should remain on the roots. It is also necessary in order to maintain the bend, without weighing down the eyelashes.

Move to the outer corner of the eye, in this area, hold the brush in the direction of the temples. Try to handle the hairs with a brush tip in order not to touch the middle part of the already painted eyelashes. Your movements should be moderately intense with a slight pressure, in order to evenly process the hairs and not allow the carcass to dry out during the dyeing process.

Step 2. Now you can go to the lower eyelid. Here the technology is different. The brush for the application should not be thick, choose a long and thin brush. Lift the plastic spoon and place it under the eyelashes with the convex sideup. Start the procedure from the outer corner of the eye, gradually moving towards the middle and the inside. Try to paint the eyelashes in one touch.

 How to paint eyelashes with mascara

It is very difficult to paint the lower eyelid evenly, with the slow motion of the hand the mascara quickly sets, and eyelashes of various lengths and thicknesses are obtained. If you are unable to paint everything in one fell swoop, take a few steps. First, treat all the eyelashes with one layer, then cover them with another. Try not to weight the hairs, otherwise the eyes will seem unnatural and tired.

Step 3. The next step is the fixative staining. Type a little mascara on the brush, walk it on the tips of the upper eyelashes. Do not blink for a few seconds for the mascara to grab. Now dip the brush into the tube, gathering more funds, remove the excess from the tip.

Paint one touch first the outer corner, then the middle and the inside. The movements should not be zigzag, as in the first case, but straight. Do not blink for 5 seconds. With fixative staining, the risk to glue the hairs is much higher; therefore, it is impossible to carry out 2 approaches. Go to the lower eyelid and do the same, first paint the tips, then the entire length.

After both eyelids are painted, type on a brush a minimum of mascara and bring it to the upper eyelashes to give them volume. Push the roots down a bit, wait 10 seconds for them to lock in that position.

How to remove mascara from eyelashes

You should always clear your eyelashes before going to bed, even if you come tired after a long day at work or a party. Otherwise, the mascara will begin to crumble and fall into the eyes. You risk catching up conjunctivitis or swelling, your eyelashes start falling out.

 How to remove mascara from eyelashes

Never remove mascara with toilet soap, give preference to soft grooming milk to remove makeup. Apply the product to two cosmetic discs, one put on the lower lashes, the other on the top, wait 3 minutes. After that, gently swab from the roots to the tips once. Then take the new disks, repeat the previous manipulations.

No need to rub your eyes with intense movements. Wait for the moment when the mascara softens under the action of the milk to avoid pulling eyelashes and the appearance of unwanted wrinkles. Now cover the hairs with any natural oil (sea buckthorn, olive, vegetable, castor, corn). For these purposes, use a clean brush.

Eyelash mascara secrets

  1. To prevent lumps, buy a special metal brush for eyelashes. Also sold options are plastic or silicone, but they do worse task. Before direct coloring spend several times on the hairs, separating them. Then do the same after applying the first coat. Keep your eyes closed so that no dried mascara gets into them.
  2. If by mistake you have acquired too much mascara, do not be discouraged. Apply it to the roots of the mobile eyelid and stretch the entire length of the brush. Repeat 4 times.
  3. To give your eyes a feline look, paint the inner corner of the eye in one layer, and the rest in two. In doing so, always hold the brush in the direction of the temples. A simple maneuver is better to do lengthening mascara, it does not stick together eyelashes even in this position.
  4. The mascara of light colors, such as brown, gray or turquoise, gives a much larger volume than the classic black. Take advantage of this!
  5. To give lashes volume and lengthening at the same time, purchase two-sided mascara.One part of it contains a white base, the other - black. Due to this, the effect is 2D.
  6. Always dye your eyelashes with fresh mascara. It needs to be changed 1 time in 3 months with regular use, and 1 time in 5 months, if you are beautiful only on weekends.
  7. Give the image expressiveness and sexuality with appropriate makeup. Smoky ice is suitable for an evening out, and for daytime get-togethers with friends or shopping, wear beige, brown or gray shades. Add makeup with mascara of a suitable shade and go ahead, to conquer the heights!
  8. Extended and false eyelashes are painted in one layer. As for the natural, 1-2 touches are enough for daytime makeup; for evening it will take 3-4. Before you make the next layer, wait for the previous one to dry.
  9. Curling tongs will help to give your eyelashes an expressive bend. Twist the hairs first, then apply the makeup. In no way case, on the contrary, otherwise you risk losing most of your eyelashes. Do not hold the tongs for longer than 5 seconds.

To properly make up the eyelashes with mascara, you need to choose the appropriate cosmetics, do not hesitate to ask the consultant probes.Begin the procedure always with the upper eyelid, know the measure, do not overdo it with layers. In cases where you use tweezers, curl your eyelashes before using mascara.

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