How to clean plastic windows without stains

Plastic windows have become an integral part of modern life, although they appeared in it not too long ago. They are easier to clean than wood, while looking no less beautiful and presentable. And yet, despite the simplicity and ease of use, they also need to be washed. At least twice a year, and with strong and rapid contamination more often. In general, you can not do without wet cleaning. But how to hold it so that the windows not only sparkled, but also kept their shining appearance for a long time, and at the same time there would be no rainbow spots and stains on the surface, we'll talk today.

 How to clean plastic windows without stains

Plastic windows: a bit of history

Modern life is difficult to imagine without plastic windows, and in fact they actually came into our lives not so long ago. In essence, it is this part of the house that is considered the main source of heat loss. It is not surprising: a large area, poor sealing, the presence of cracks and cracks in the profile itself - all individually or collectively leads to this problem.Especially true of this statement in respect of wooden options. Partly, it was in order to combat the loss of warm air and plastic windows were invented.

For the first time they were invented, of course, in Europe and the USA. There, plastic windows appeared at the beginning of the second half of the last century and very quickly won the love of consumers. There were several reasons for this:

  1. In comparison with the classic wooden version, easier to clean;
  2. They are not afraid of excessive moisture, do not crack and do not diverge, serve longer and more reliable;
  3. Effective and in terms of heat conservation;
  4. They look neat, beautiful, long retain marketable.

All this helped very quickly the new invention to enter the western life. Plastic windows came to our country much later. At first they were randomly imported from abroad, and there was no streamlined flow, and no one thought about whether the products were suitable for our climate. But in the mid-90s, the situation began to change. At first, official dealers appeared, and already closer to the twentieth century - their own firms producing these products.

The widespread installation of plastic windows began after 2000, so we can say that on the domestic market, such products have existed for only about 20 years.

Proper care and cleaning of plastic windows

And yet, at the moment PVC windows are in almost every house, whether it is a residential or municipal building. And no matter how comfortable and undemanding they are, they sometimes have to wash the surface of the glass and clean the frame structures. How to do it right, we will tell below.

You just need to follow a few simple rules:

  1. Wash windows only in cloudy weather when direct sunlight does not fall on them. Otherwise, the appearance of unsightly rainbow divorces guaranteed.
  2. Pick up a special glass cleaning fluid. We will not advise Mark: for each person it becomes better that which is more convenient and easier for him to use. And not always advertised "Mr. Muskul" may be right for you.
  3. Use microfiber. This cloth has a special structure that absorbs detergent very easily and does not leave any stains when wiping. With it, washing windows is simplified to the maximum.
  4. Choosing a detergent, pay attention to its composition. If alcohol comes in - great.It was he who, evaporating instantly from the surface, ensures perfect purity and radiance.
  5. Do not use products with abrasives! It will scratch the surface, permanently spoiling the appearance of the window, as well as degrading its performance.

 How to wash windows without stains
The main secret is to wash properly and correctly. Stock up with all the necessary tools and substances:

  1. Sponge It is needed if you decide to pre-wash the glass with water, as well as for cleaning frames and fittings.
  2. Detergent. It must be selected individually. The main requirements we have already outlined above.
  3. Microfiber. It is useful in the final stage of washing.
  4. Spatula for cleaning windows. This item helps to quickly and easily remove all the liquid and, again, to avoid the appearance of stains.

Before proceeding with the procedure, tidy up the window sill. Nothing should stand on it, remove all flowers, vases, etc. We begin to wash with the dirtiest parts. This is usually the eaves, the outer parts of the frames, the gaps in the double-glazed windows. All of them can be washed with soap and water, and quite quickly. The most difficult part is glass. Here proceed from the degree of pollution.

If it is high, then pre-rinse with water and wipe dry. If the windows are not very dirty, then you can do without the procedure described. We recommend a simple way: take the liquid, evenly distribute it first over the upper half of the glass. Quickly wipe with microfiber, make sure the cloth is clean and dry. Then process the remaining lower half. This is usually enough to make the glass look perfectly transparent and radiant.

If the surface is very dirty, then first we advise to thoroughly wash it with warm water and soap, then wipe dry and only then treat it with a special cleanser and microfiber.

Now let's talk about the accessories. If she is not properly cared for, she can quickly become unusable and start wedging. By the way, this is a fairly common problem with plastic windows, so wash carefully, handle every detail, while using a soft sponge or rag. Be sure to pay attention to the fact that after wet processing the surface was dry. Excess moisture can also damage the mechanisms inside the frame.

So, it is not at all difficult to clean plastic windows, the main thing is to do it as necessary and correctly. If you take care of the requirements and do not run, the product will last a very long time and will retain not only its radiant appearance, but all functions in perfect condition. Plastic windows - a great guarantee that the house will be warm, bright and cozy!

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