How to properly dilute hair dye: instructions

Many girls think about dyeing their hair on their own, but not all of them know how to properly dilute the paint and make the procedure gentle. It is important to understand that even the slightest mistake will lead to disastrous consequences in the form of unwanted hair color or an allergic reaction to the drug. If you want to be the owner of a luxurious head of hair, follow the important guidelines for the proper dilution of paint.

 How to dilute hair dye

Necessary materials

  • coloring pigment;
  • oxidizing agent;
  • rubber / polyethylene gloves;
  • spatula or brush for mixing;
  • glass / porcelain container.

Instructions for breeding hair dye

Step 1. First you need to decide on the mixtone. It mixes with dye and oxidizer, resulting in the same shade on the entire surface of the hair.The color of natural curls is a purely individual thing. Even if you are a true blonde, your hair will still be yellowish or grayish in certain places.

Imagine a picture where you paint with one paint on sheets of different colors. Perhaps they differ slightly in color, but the final version will be completely different. So in the hairdressing business. Masters study for months in courses to understand the table of the sub-colors and learn how to apply them in practice. It is important to understand that a certain “extra” shade of a native hair needs its own mikston, which will eliminate the defect and create a uniform color.

Mixston properties:

  • red gives the headpiece brightness and saturation, allows you to get a warm shade;
  • green removes unwanted redness after previous unsuccessful staining;
  • violet and lilac are created to eliminate the yellowness of blondes;
  • Gray and blue will make your hair matte and enhance the brightness of gray tones.

Step 2. The next stage involves the choice of oxide. Everything is much simpler here, it is important to consider only what thickness of hair, whether your hair is dyed or whether the procedure will be carried out in the native color, as well as the darkness / lightness of the hair. When choosing an oxidizer, pay attention to your paint type.So, for resistant coloring agents, an oxide designed for semi-resistant pigments and vice versa will not work.

Blondes should give preference to 3% oxidants, brunettes suitable oxide 6-12%, depending on the thickness of the hair. If the hair is of medium density, then regardless of the original color, ideal for blondes, and for brown-haired women, brunettes, fair-haired, - 6% oxidize.

Step 3. Now you need to familiarize yourself with the enclosed instructions, in which the proportions of mixing pigment and activator are written. Remember, there is no single rule, only the manufacturer is able to give correct information. Therefore, open the manual and look for the "Mixing Oxide with Paint" section.

Step 4. It's time to start mixing the ingredients. Put on gloves, take the tank and the selected micone. Pay attention that its quantity should not exceed the basic coloring pigment. Read the instructions for the drug, it says the required amount of addition to the paint, as well as examples of shades of native hair. Proceed from the natural hair color, the lighter it is, the less need for a mixton.

Squeeze the miconest into the mixing tank and add coloring pigment. There is one important point: the ratio of cream-paint and mixton should not be less than 4: 1. Next, add the oxidant. Consider the previously introduced mikston, if it was less than 10 grams, then when adding an oxide, this amount is not taken into account and when combining the oxidizer with other components, you need to repel only the amount of paint. Begin to slowly mix the components with a brush or spatula, collect the pigment from the edges of the bowl so that the mass is homogeneous. The blending procedure is finished and the paint is ready for application!

Important recommendations

  • Use paint and oxidizer strictly one firm.
  • You can not choose an oxidizing agent (activator, oxide) for ammonia-free paints, if you are painted with ammonia.
  • Do not measure components by eye, use the scale bar or syringe.
  • Read the instructions carefully before the breeding procedure.
  • Always use gloves.
  • After mixing the components proceed to the direct application, the tool can not be left next time.
  • Prefer professional series, they are reliable and retain color longer.

You are tormented by the question how to dilute the paint yourself? Follow a set of recommendations to achieve the right result. Remember, the coloring pimenta reacts with an oxidizing agent, so it is important to observe the necessary proportions for mixing the components. Do not neglect the safety rules and everything will work out!

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