How to care for eyelashes

Everyone knows that perfection has no limits, so even the very first beauty is always trying to improve her appearance. Today it is especially important, because ladies can afford a lot of procedures provided by beauty salons. A professional master can make a perfect make-up, manicure or increase eyelashes that look thicker and longer than natural ones.

 How to care for eyelashes

How to behave immediately after building

Imagine that you have already made the cilia of your dreams. Do not be afraid of suddenly surging tears, because this is a normal phenomenon - a reaction to the evaporation of glue. Bring a fan in advance that will be a good helper in the fight against excess moisture and ideally dry the glue.If you don’t have a fan at home, you can ask the master for it, often in shops with similar procedures they immediately sell fans and other special devices.

How to treat eyelashes correctly

Professionals are always advised to wash water after you returned home, and it does not matter if you have eyelashes or natural eyelashes. This is especially true among residents of large cities, where a lot of dust accumulates on the eyes.

In order to remove makeup from the extended cilia, you must purchase a special non-greasy tool. Remove makeup should be smooth neat movements, then rinse eyes with slightly heated water and blot the face with a towel, trying not to touch the eyelashes. After washing, you should use the same fan in order not to rub your eyes with a towel, and dry them in a natural way.

Representatives of the fair sex, who have decided to build eyelashes, will have to refuse to visit the bath and steam room, as under the influence of hot air and high humidity cilia may fall off.

Try to pick a posture for sleep in such a way that a pillow or blanket that may crush or break the eyelashes does not lie on the face.In addition, it is the correct position during sleep that makes women more beautiful in the morning, because there are no wrinkles and no pillow trace on even skin.

How to dye your eyelashes

Quite a lot of girls refuse to use decorative cosmetics after they become owners of extended eyelashes, because the eyes and so look beautiful and expressive. But some ladies have little brightness and they want to add shadows and mascara to their image.

Makeup products must be non-greasy, and mascara must be special. In order to remove cosmetics from the face, you should also buy a professional non-greasy substance.

 How to dye your eyelashes

Another indicator that affects the lifespan of eyelashes is the type of skin a woman has. If the skin is oily, then the secret falls on the eyelashes and violates the adhesive composition. But the opposite has happened: dry skin clients had a very frequent need for cilia correction. But all this was easily explained: they used rich face and eye creams.

If we talk about the combination of extended eyelashes and lenses, then it is worth considering that the eyes with lenses are very sensitive and wearing artificial eyelashes on them is not recommended, as redness and allergy can occur.

How to care for your eyelashes

  1. It is forbidden to wash during the first three hours after building.
  2. You can not touch the cilia very often, pull or bend them.
  3. Try to sleep so that the face is not turned to the pillow.
  4. Make-up should be removed very carefully, with a cotton pad dipped in a non-greasy makeup remover. Remove the shadows so that you do not touch the eyelashes.
  5. It is not recommended to use fat creams or waterproof cosmetics. Do not use oils that have a detrimental effect on the eyelashes.
  6. Do not wash with hot water. By the way, it is contraindicated not only for the extended eyelashes, but also for the skin as a whole.
  7. It is prohibited to use eyelash curlers.
  8. Remember that if you wear glasses, then you should not make the eyelashes too long, because they can break off the rim or glass.
  9. Do not forget to regularly carry out correction at least once a month.

In general, you can wear extended eyelashes for no longer than four months. Then the skin should rest a bit and only after that you can again go to a beauty salon to improve your appearance.

After all the tips above, you can always provide the right and timely care for your new cilia, without worrying at all that they break, lose their attractive appearance or disappear completely. Do not be afraid to experiment with appearance, be beautiful.

Video: care and extension of socks of the extended eyelashes

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