How to make coffee in the Turk: useful tips

Coffee is considered to be a unique drink. Thanks to its exquisite aroma and unsurpassed taste, it finds popularity in all countries of the world. Leading manufacturers have developed many options for coffee machines, but none of them will not give the taste the way Turkish does. A simple device, which we will talk about today, will help to reveal all the qualities of ground grains. Consider the important aspects in order, we give practical recommendations.

 How to make coffee in Turk

Which coffee to choose

Before talking about cooking ground coffee, you need to choose the basis for the drink.

Coffee variety
The most popular varieties are Robusta and Arabica.As a rule, “Robusta” is used extremely rarely, because the final composition is strong, tart, bitter. In our country, the Arabica variety has gained wide popularity - coffee with optimal bitterness and mild acidity.

Coffee grind
Depending on the degree of grinding, large (coarse), medium, fine (fine) and ultrafine grinding are distinguished.

Coarse grinding is used in cases when coffee is prepared in “express” coffee machines or filtration coffee makers. In addition, on the basis of coarse grinding, you can prepare a drink in the Turk, it will turn out without sediment.

Experts call the average grinding universal. With it, you can make coffee in a professional machine or at home on the stove - in a Turk.

Finely ground coffee is chosen by people who have available geyser equipment for brewing a drink. Also, the composition is great for cooking in the Turk, but the appearance of sediment.

Ultrafine or ultrafine grinding is used less often than all others. On the basis of this type of brewed real Turkish coffee, it is also used for coffee makers, which imply the output of the final product through small grains, similar in structure to the flour.

Important! All the necessary information about the variety, grinding and degree of roasting is on the front side of the package. If you have a coffee grinder, give preference to whole grains that need to be grinded just before cooking.

Coffee class
If we talk about the quality of coffee beans, there are 4 classes: the first, second, highest and premium segment.

Of course, the best option is considered a premium class. In this case, the grains will be ground uniformly without large particles. However, if it is not possible to purchase an extra-class, give preference to a higher or medium one, you should abandon the low option immediately.

Degree of roast
The taste of the finished drink, its strength and consistency depend on the roasting of the grains. There are 4 degrees (1-4). If you do not like too strong coffee, choose the second or third stage. Connoisseurs of soft drinks fit the first category of roasting. It all depends on individual preferences.

Choosing the right Turks

Turk is an instrument that came from ancient times, it allows you to fully convey the taste and aroma of the selected coffee.Of course, coffee machines simplify the process, but they are inferior to the "manual" cooking option.

 Choosing the right Turks

Coffee brewed on the stove using the Turks (it is also called the Cezve) is a truly unique delicacy. For this reason, it is recommended to approach the selection of accessories thoroughly.

Types of cezve
Depending on the available subspecies, clay, ceramic and copper Turks are distinguished. All of them have a number of features and properties.

  1. Clay Turk. The device is bad because the walls absorb the taste and aroma of coffee beans. For this reason, when choosing clay pots, it is important to consider that it is recommended to cook only one variety in it. Otherwise, the taste and smell will mix and spoil the invigorating drink.
  2. Ceramic Turk. Initially, it was in this celebrity that coffee was prepared by our ancestors. However, due to excessive fragility and fragility of the device went into the background. If you have a ceramic Turk in good condition, give preference to it.
  3. Copper Turk. Due to the fact that the jazz has thick walls and the bottom, the coffee is heated evenly. This variant of cooking is considered the most common, but the taste and aroma are transmitted only by 90%.

If we talk about other types of dzhezv, allocate silver and gilded Turks (collection series). It is better to refuse them, since such devices were made for decoration, and not for household use.

Technical characteristics of the Turks
When choosing a cezve, give preference to a variant that has a narrow neck and a wide bottom. This design ensures uniform warming up, as a result of which water boils away much more slowly.

If we talk about the volume of the Turks, one mug accounts for about 65-70 ml. water. It is important to remember forever that the size of the cezve directly affects the taste of the finished drink. If possible, better get a small-sized Turk, in which you can cook 1-2 servings of coffee.

What can replace the Turk

Not all people have a Turk, and everyone wants to enjoy a natural drink. In order not to buy cezve, consider the current replacement options.

  1. Geyser coffee machine. The device is considered to be analogous to the Turks. It consists of a lower compartment for water, a tap, a container for ground coffee and a kettle for the final drink.After pressing the “Start” button, the water in the lower compartment warms up, passes through a faucet that is directed towards the coffee grounds. The finished composition flows down, filtering the ground grain. As a result, you get a delicious coffee without froth and blotches.
  2. French press. Household appliance not intended for brewing coffee. You can brew the crushed kernels, insist them and strain. This replacement option is suitable for people who are accustomed to drinking coffee in a large company, as well as those who do not like to observe the remnants of ground beans in a cup. The taste of the final drink is much inferior to the Turk and geyzernoy coffee maker.
  3. Stewpan or saucepan. If you have a stew-pan in the kitchen or a small-sized thick-bottomed pan, use the dishes to brew coffee. The downside of this option is that the thick rises along with the foam and settles very slowly. At the same time the aroma disappears, distorting the entire drink. If you decide to make coffee in a saucepan / stewpan, cover the dishes with a lid and leave a small gap for steam to escape. Make sure that the coffee does not boil out and does not burn, these are the most common mistakes.

Features of making coffee in the Turk

 Features of making coffee in the Turk

  1. Not everyone likes to observe remnants of thick in their cup, so it must be filtered out. To do everything right, after brewing coffee, tap the bottom of the Turks on the edge of the table, then pour in a teaspoon of ice-cold purified water.
  2. In order to get coffee without foreign smell, use only filtered drinking water. It does not contain metals and impurities. Never bring the liquid to a boil, it should simmer over low heat.
  3. If you do not brew coffee often, give preference to whole grains. Before cooking, they need to grind. If you use the already finished grinding, which has lain for a long time, the coffee will turn out to be unsaturated.
  4. In order not to get a drink with a strong bitterness (especially the Robusta variety), do not put too much ground into the Turk. Adhere to the optimum mark, which will make the drink suitable for the whole family.
  5. If you want to surprise guests with an invigorating aroma that will last for a long time, proceed as follows. Before pouring the drink, warm up the mugs (microwave, water or steam bath, pouring boiling water, etc.).
  6. To reveal the taste and enhance the flavor, put a pinch of chopped salt (not iodized, not sea) at the bottom of the Turks. Do not be afraid that the coffee will be salty, this will not happen.

How to make coffee in the Turk: classic (with foam)

After choosing the base and the right cezve, you can start cooking. The final drink will be tart with a light foam on the surface.

  • drinking water - 90 ml.
  • fine salt - 1 pinch
  • coffee (preferably fine grinding) - 35-40 gr.
  • cane sugar - 20 g.
  1. Wash the pots, rinse with boiling water, wipe dry. Pour in a pinch of chopped food salt, add sugar and ground coffee, do not mix.
  2. Gently begin to pour in the pre-cooled water so that the bulk mix does not rise much. Turn on the burner to the minimum mark, put the Turk on the stove.
  3. In the process of boiling, you will notice that the composition begins to foam and darken. When the coffee rises exactly to the edges of the cezve, remove it from the heat and allow the foam to settle. Most importantly, do not miss this moment so that the drink does not spill over the Turks.
  4. After the foam is lowered, put the device back on the stove, wait for the next approach. Repeat simple manipulations (removed from the stove, waited for foam settling, put on the stove) about 4-5 times.
  5. In the process of cooking, special attention should be paid to the froth. It covers the drink, so that it retains the flavor. If the foam disappears, the coffee starts to bubble, the drink will be spoiled.
  6. After the final preparation, tap the Turk on the edge of the table, warm the cups, pour the drink on them. Add condensed milk or whipped cream if desired.

How to make espresso coffee in Turkish

Latte and cappuccino are made on the basis of espresso, so it makes sense to consider this recipe.

 How to make espresso coffee in Turk

  • ground coffee (medium or fine grinding) - 40 gr.
  • purified water - 75 ml.
  • beet sugar - 10 g. (at the discretion of)
  1. Wash and dry the Turk, pour ground coffee into the container, turn on the stove to the minimum mark. Put the pots on the hob, fry the ground kernels a little. At this stage, you can add sugar or skip this stage (if you do not like sweet coffee).
  2. Preheat drinking water to 40 degrees, gently pour it into the cezvea around the edge of the device. Wait for the drink to boil as soon as it happens - remove the Turk from the stove.Stir with a wooden spatula, return to fire.
  3. Wait for the second boiling, again carry out the previous manipulations. Repeat steps 3 times, then turn off the burner, heat the cups and pour the coffee over them. Cover the saucer, let it brew for 1 minute.

How to brew Turkish coffee in the Turk

The second classic recipe for cooking is coffee brewing in a cezve in Turkish. If you want to surprise guests, this method is perfect.

  • drinking water - 145 ml.
  • ground coffee ultrathin - 23-27 gr.
  • sugar (preferably cane) - at the discretion
  • ground cardamom to taste

  1. Cool the water to a temperature of 30 degrees. Take cezve, add ground coffee, cardamom and granulated sugar (optional), pour in water and mix the composition with a wooden spatula to the state of porridge.
  2. Turn on the fire at a minimum, wait for the moment when the foam rises to the brim. After that, remove the Turk from the stove, pour the foam into a pre-heated cup.
  3. Repeat the action 2 more times, waiting for boiling, during each approach, remove the foam. Now turn off the burner, wait 3 minutes for the thick settled. Pour the remaining coffee into the cup, start drinking.

How to make coffee with milk in the Turk

  • ground coffee - 35 gr.
  • milk (fat content of 3%) - 60 ml.
  1. Pour milk into the Turk, put it on the stove and bring to a temperature of 45-55 degrees. After that, pour the ground coffee into the heated liquid, put it on fire again.
  2. When the drink starts to foam, remove the pots from the hob, set aside for 2 minutes. Then repeat the action 2 more times. Pour the composition into cups, sweeten (optional), enjoy a mild flavor.

How to make coffee with cinnamon in the Turk

Besides the fact that cinnamon gives the drink a refined and refined aroma, it also reduces appetite.

 How to make coffee with cinnamon in the Turk

  • drinking water - 110 ml.
  • cane sugar - 15 gr.
  • coffee (fine or medium grinding) - 25 gr.
  • ground cinnamon - 5 gr.
  1. Wash and dry the Turk, warm it over the fire so that the moisture is completely evaporated. Cool the device, add sugar, cinnamon and ground coffee, again hold the Turk over the fire.
  2. After 1 minute, pour in the drinking water, set the burner to the minimum, put a cezve on it. Wait for the drink to boil, remove the Turk from the stove, pour some coffee into the cup (preheated).
  3. Then again bring the composition to the first boil, heat, pour the "tip" into the cup. Repeat the manipulation 3 times, after the final preparation, let the coffee brew for 2 minutes.

It is easy to brew coffee in the Turk, if you follow simple rules. Consider options based on milk, with the addition of cardamom or cinnamon. The main condition for the preparation of an invigorating drink is considered to be uniform heating. You can not get a delicious coffee by boiling it over high heat. Stick to the mark between average and minimum power, otherwise the composition will lose flavor or boil.

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