How to curl eyelashes with forceps

Many ladies prefer tongs over eyelash curlers. Until recently, the device was almost the only way to curl eyelashes, so the girls are in no hurry to refuse it. There is a myth that the device is bad for the condition of the hairs, but professional masters refute this assertion. In their opinion, the damage is caused not by the procedure itself, but by the inept use of forceps. To figure out whether this is true, consider the main points.

 How to curl eyelashes with forceps

The advantages of eyelash curlers:

  • eyelashes become voluminous in minutes;
  • technology is considered the most harmless of all available today;
  • daily use of forceps is acceptable when used correctly;
  • low cost of the procedure in comparison with other methods.

Disadvantages of eyelash curlers:

  • in wet and windy weather, the effect of the procedure is reduced to zero;
  • incorrect use severely injures the eyelashes.

How curling lashes work

The lower part of the device is equipped with two connectors for fingers, resembling the rings of nail scissors.

On the upper part, depending on the design, levers or springs are located. They end with two volumetric hemispheres, tightly adjacent to each other.

The bottom of the semicircle has a long groove, in which there is a dense silicone or rubber lining.

The upper semicircle has an identical radius, due to which, in contact, both parts join to form a kind of puzzle, where the cilia are located between the two parts.

Tweezers are designed for curling eyelashes and only. Hairs are placed between the two hemispheres, then the device is closed and pulled up, held for some time, and then released.

How to choose eyelash curlers

Working with eyelashes has always been considered delicate, for this reason it is important to treat the process with all seriousness. If due to inexperience to purchase a device of dubious quality, you can easily lose eyelashes. A defective tool cuts hairs that are not so easy to grow. Refuse to buy forceps in underground passages, markets, small stalls with cosmetics. Choose only professional stores that give a guarantee on their products.

 How to choose eyelash curlers

  1. Take the forceps in your hand, pass your fingers into the holes, then make a few movements with them. If unpleasant grinding sounds appear, refuse to buy. The hemispheres should walk easily and freely without any extra effort on your part.
  2. Carefully inspect the silicone lining, which stretches along the bottom base. It should not be very soft, so as not to crush eyelashes. Only with forceps with a hard rubber band will you be able to give the hairs the desired curvature. The surface should not have "burrs", glue residues, cuts and other defects.
  3. Choose only those forceps, in which the elastic is fixed tightly. On a quality device, it does not stagger when in contact with the upper semicircle.
  4. If you have decided that the tongs will be used daily, pay attention to the products equipped with additional gaskets. With regular curling, the gum wears out after 1.5 months of operation, after which they cannot be used.

Types of eyelash curlers

  1. Metal tongs. Classic and most popular tool. The device is durable, durable, respect for the eyelashes. Negative feature of the device is the inability to twist the mascara painted eyelashes.
  2. Plastic tongs. Novelty in the world of lash industry. They allow you to curl up painted eyelashes, but do not find their consumers. Inconvenient design of the body does not allow to curl the eyelashes properly.
  3. Spring tongs. These include both metal and plastic devices. The spring prevents excessive squeezing of the hemispheres, due to which it is extremely difficult for an inexperienced user to damage eyelashes. The disadvantage of the tool can be considered short-lived. Springs fall out constantly, making it difficult to twist.

How to curl eyelashes with forceps

 How to curl eyelashes with forceps

  1. Stretch the skin, mobile eyelid should be well looked through. Unclench the forceps and bring them to the lash line so that the hairs are located between the hemispheres. Try not to pinch the skin of the upper eyelid.
  2. Make sure that your hand does not falter, only then proceed to the compression. Slowly close the forceps, raise your hand up and hold for 5 seconds, do not press too hard, otherwise the eyelashes will curl unnaturally. Repeat the manipulation 2 more times. Remove the forceps, evaluate the result.
  3. After that, move the tool to the middle of the length of the eyelashes. Hold, wait 5 seconds, release, repeat 2 more times. Next, you need to smoothly move on twisting the tips. Repeat the same procedure 3 times.
  4. To fix the perm will help very thick mascara. Liquid cosmetics contributes to the rapid extension, as a result of which your labors will be in vain. An alternative to mascara is a thick eyebrow gel, apply it to the brush and lightly go over the eyelashes.

Important recommendations for curling eyelashes with forceps

  1. For the first time, the curl should be done slowly. Do not proceed to the procedure if you are in a hurry.Otherwise, the hand may slip off unintentionally, damaging the skin and tearing off the eyelashes.
  2. The procedure is carried out strictly before using the mascara. The recommendation is also relevant for plastic forceps, which allow you to curl painted hairs. After applying the makeup eyelashes become fragile.
  3. Before using tongs pour boiling water or hot air from a hairdryer.
  4. Make sure that the rubber bands are always in good condition, check the tongs for defects. With their incorrect work, you risk cutting the hairs under the root.
  5. Ladies who use the device daily are advised to take a break once a month. Duration varies from 5 to 10 days depending on the state of the eyelashes.
  6. Every 4-5 days, conduct therapy for the eyelashes. Oil them with olive, castor, sea buckthorn or corn oil. Apply the composition on the hairs and go to bed.
  7. Regardless of the length, the eyelashes always curl in three stages: at the base, in the middle, at the tips. Avoid prolonged squeezing, squeeze the hemispheres for no more than 5 seconds. Otherwise, the bend is not smooth, but angular, like a Barbie doll.
  8. To fix the result, always apply only thick mascara. It is advisable to give preference to two-color cosmetics, consisting of black and white bases. White visually lengthens hairs, black - gives volume. You can also use cosmetics designed to maintain bending.
  9. To get the eyelashes fan out, master the new technology. The outer edge of the hairs curl slightly to the side, positioning the forceps accordingly. Take the middle and the inside at once, keep the device in the usual straight position.
  10. Perform the procedure in a well-lit room. This may be sunlight or bright daytime lamps.
  11. Curl only dry eyelashes. If you recently got out of the shower, blot your eyes with a cosmetic swab and wait 15 minutes for the moisture to evaporate from the hair structure.
  12. Can not use forceps on false eyelashes. The technology does not imply a stable adhesive base, as a result of which you can tear off the tape or tear out bundles. The same applies to extended eyelashes. In this case, if the artificial hair comes off, it will take with it the natural one.
  13. To comb curled eyelashes, use a special brush with natural bristles. It can even be used on mascara-covered hairs.

We decided to try technology curling eyelashes with tongs? To get started, pick a quality tool, carefully examine the state of the silicone gaskets. Do not start the procedure 10 minutes before leaving the house, in order not to accidentally injure the skin of the eyelids and hairs. If you decide to use the device daily, try to take breaks once a month. Twist only dry eyelashes, use mascara strictly after curling.

Video: how to curl eyelashes with a teaspoon

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