How to prepare a woman for pregnancy

The task of a woman who dreams of a healthy child is to find a good father and take care of her own body. Planning for pregnancy begins in a year, at least 6 months, in order to be able to get rid of hidden diseases and cure chronic ones, give up bad habits, and tune in for future changes.

 How to prepare for pregnancy

In a healthy body - strong baby

The first step is to consult a gynecologist, or a family doctor. Examination of the thyroid gland and genital organs, digestive tract and heart. Be sure to have blood tests for sugar and hormones, because sometimes the expectant mother does not realize that she has a tendency to diabetes, or an excess of testosterone.

Pregnancy is not a fairy tale, and all nine months a woman will not flit on the wings of happiness.The developing organism is a tremendous test for the mother's body, because the child needs calcium, vitamins and minerals, which he takes from the parent. During this period, old problems are exacerbated, the risk of earning several new diseases increases. A woman who decides to give birth to a baby should take care of her own health so that the pregnancy can proceed with minimal complications.

So, during the preparation for conception, it is worth testing for:

  1. Worms, which have almost 90% of the world's population;
  2. Toxoplasmosis, if the cat lives in the house, or you often have to contact it;
  3. Venereal diseases, because some are transmitted not only by intimate intimacy, but also by household means: through handshakes, kisses (even on the cheek), hygiene items, for example, a towel;
  4. AIDS, even to ladies who trust their husbands 100%;
  5. Rhesus factor spouses. Sometimes it is this item that causes premature labor or miscarriages;
  6. If there are relatives with genetic diseases in the family history, it will not hurt to find out how likely it is to pass this problem on to the child.

Minor troubles
The future mother does not hurt to go to the dentist’s office, and to cure all her teeth affected by caries. During gestation, the enamel gets less calcium, and due to toxicosis it becomes thinner. Bacteria develop more actively, the inflammatory process begins, risking to develop into pulpitis or other unpleasant things.

Vaccinations and drugs
Rubella, parotitis, measles and chickenpox threaten the life of the mother and the developing fetus. They can lead to deafness, diseases of the brain and nervous system of the child. Analyzes will help determine if a woman has antibodies to these infections. In the absence of them, it is necessary to undergo vaccination at least 3 months before conception.

Planning a pregnancy is to refrain from certain hormonal drugs, antibiotics and other drugs, because of which babies are born with pathologies.

Conscious choice

During pregnancy, not only physical health is tested for strength, but also the nervous system of a woman. Morning toxicosis in the first months, the weight increases, and the shape of the figure changes.Someone feels more confident and attractive when others are depressed.

 Informed choice of pregnancy

The stomach will grow, you may have problems with your nails or hair, you will have to change your wardrobe, and try to remain calm when another relative tries to touch the “cute belly”. The future mother should learn to treat all changes and problems with humor, or at least with understanding, not to worry about trifles and tactless people.

Psychological tricks
You can draw a table in two columns: enter all the disadvantages of an interesting situation and fears associated with carrying into the first one. The second is filled with pleasant associations and thoughts, the advantages that pregnancy gives. And if there are more minuses, it is worth to postpone the conception of a son. If you won the pros, you can safely proceed to the implementation of the plan.

Material base

A child is an expensive pleasure. A pregnant woman has to be tested regularly and undergo an ultrasound scan. Plus, the nutrition of the future mother, the replacement of clothes, the choice of a good clinic and qualified doctors.You can use the services of free specialists, but in most cases a modest gratitude is a guarantee of the careful attitude of obstetricians and light labor.

Units of parents thinking about the child, understand what amounts will have to invest in the development of the baby. Money is needed for additional examinations that help find out how healthy the fetus will be. To repair the room for the nursery, and purchase supplies for childbirth, as well as the baby itself.

Stable salary plus savings on a “rainy day” is a guarantee of calm for a pregnant woman. After going on maternity leave, she wouldn’t have to worry about where to get an extra hundred rubles to buy bread, or from whom to lend money for a caesarean section (if you suddenly need it).

Lack of stress is a healthy baby, reducing the risk of premature birth, or threatened miscarriage. Therefore, it is worth saving for pregnancy, as for buying a car or a vacation at sea.

Stop nicotine

To smoke or not is the choice of the woman herself, but if she thinks about the continuation of the race, there is only one option: to quit. Nicotine is a heart disease, low weight, delayed development of the fetus.To give up cigarettes should be 4-7 months before conception, giving the body the opportunity and time to be cleansed of tar, and recover.

 Stop nicotine

The future father is recommended to forget about the existence of nicotine for at least 3 months in order to improve the quality of sperm. The ideal option is to throw away a pack of cigarettes, and never to return to them, because a woman in a position is contraindicated in the same room with a smoker.

We are for sobriety

The second bad habit is alcohol. No spirits for 4 months before pregnancy. The exception is a glass of wine, but even red or white should not be carried away. Smart women do not need to tell what is fraught with alcohol abuse, or narcotic substances. And adult men understand that they are also responsible for the health of the child, and together with the beloved they switch to fresh juices and mineral water.

Power in food

Special attention deserves the diet of a woman who has decided to give birth to a child. The daily menu should be rich in vitamins and minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. It is necessary to abandon tough diets and fasting for 6 months before conception, so as not to deplete the body.There is a list of components that a woman should receive daily, and in sufficient quantities.

Calcium (prevention of osteoporosis and tooth loss):

  • Whole milk;
  • Natural yogurts;
  • Cottage cheese and cheese;
  • Kale;
  • Beans;
  • Broccoli;
  • Dietary fish;
  • Figs;
  • Seaweed;
  • Almond.

Iron (prevention of anemia and oxygen starvation of the fetus):

  • Chicken and red meat;
  • Beef liver;
  • Yolks;
  • Dark chocolate;
  • Dried pears;
  • Prunes;
  • Nuts;
  • Brewer's yeast;
  • Oatmeal (not to be confused with fast food).

Folic acid, or B9 (for the prevention of miscarriages and the normal development of the child):

  • Spinach;
  • Hard cheese;
  • Cod liver;
  • Asparagus;
  • Peanut;
  • Boiled or raw beets;
  • Brussels sprouts.

Useful cereals, salads from fresh vegetables, fruits and berries, vegetable oils. It is advisable to avoid fast food, margarine, fried foods and animal fats.

Weight category

Big ladies are recommended to think about losing weight, because during the development of the baby a woman is gaining extra pounds.And the extra weight is fraught with complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

It is necessary to dump body fat a year before the planned conception, adhering to proper nutrition, or a strict diet. It is obligatory to consult a doctor so that weight loss does not provoke gastritis or an ulcer.

Important: Having achieved the desired performance, you need to fix the result for at least 6 months, and try not to lose kilos and not get better.

For girls with a fragile physique bordering on anorexia, a diet is recommended for gaining muscle mass (not fat). Thin women, as well as excessively full, it is harder to endure a child, not hitting a save.

Physical exercise

Sport is a great option to prepare the body for 9 months of pregnancy. Running develops stamina and breathing, strengthens the back and legs. You can visit the pool, sign up for fitness or learn yoga, which is also involved in carrying a baby.

 Exercise to prepare the body for pregnancy

Strength training is not the best option. It is advised to give preference to cardio workouts. It is advised to pay particular attention to abdominal muscles, and at least 15 minutes a day to pump the press. Due to physical exertion, the body remains in good shape until pregnancy, and after giving birth it quickly returns to its original parameters.

Specific complex
Women will benefit from Kegel exercises aimed at the development of vaginal muscles. Girls who have mastered this complex, it is easier to endure the process of childbirth, with minimal injuries and tears. You can do at home, or find a center where a special trainer will teach all the subtleties, and show you how to work with equipment and without.

Father's preparation

It is useful for a man to follow a diet with his wife, to give up beer for football and to be examined. You can not go to the bath or sauna, high temperatures are harmful to sperm. Recommend to give up synthetic underwear, and regularly walk with her lover in the fresh air.

The future father does not interfere with the preparation of the moral to the difficulties that he will have to overcome during the carrying of the fetus, as well as after the appearance of the baby in the family.

Pregnancy is associated with certain risks and inconveniences; it is not as fabulous as it is described in women's forums. But if properly prepared, 9 months of carrying a new life will fly quickly, and without complications.

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