How to teach a dog to stay alone at home

Dog lovers know how important it is to conduct timely pet training. This applies not only to basic commands, calmness during hygiene procedures and other aspects. Education also includes the fact that a puppy from early childhood must be taught to be alone. This does not mean that you abandoned your pet to the mercy of fate. But it is necessary for every modern person to leave for work or work; the pet must endure such circumstances calmly.

 How to teach a dog to stay alone at home

Fear of being alone in a dog

It is necessary to immediately run forward and explore the essence of the pet. Puppies raised by wild dogs live in minks lasting 8-12 months. Only after this period does the mother of the family allow them to swim freely, and not always.

When a person takes a puppy from his mother, he is literally responsible for him.If the mother of the family fed her children, warmed them and protected them, now all these responsibilities fall on your shoulders. You are the only adult in whom the dog sees a protector. Only you, according to the puppy, can feed him, warm him and calm him down.

Agree, a little sentimental, but such is life. When you go to work, they take away the "center of the universe" from the puppy. He is simply frightened, but many inexperienced parents take barks and howls at the door as whims. The animal is afraid, but this fact does not prevent the pet from manipulating you.

Manipulations occur when the owner returns home at frequent intervals when the animal’s first squeals appear. Already at 6 months old, the dog is perfectly aware of what he is doing, and therefore is happy to use his charm.

But this behavior has a reverse side of the coin. Some owners, when they leave for work, after the completion of the working day, return and find the pet of the family for savoring sneakers or other shoes. The dog does not miss at all when the teeth change begins. But at such a time it is necessary to teach her a completely different way - not to spoil things for the period of your absence.

This is another matter affecting training and punishment. Today we are talking about the fact that the dog really misses you when it howls and barks near the door. This situation often affects unadapted pets that were recently taken away from the mother. Also in this group are adults who have experienced the strongest stress, fear, betrayal. The animal is simply afraid of loneliness.

Such individuals prefer to follow the master in the footsteps, waiting for him to finish his work. But if the owner only takes a step beyond the threshold, the pet begins to urinate, make sad sounds, whine. This is how a dog is under stress. It is necessary to teach her, but not to harm.

Where to begin

  1. No dog that has just been taken away from their parents will not want to be alone. There is nothing strange in this, because for many centuries now, four-legged friends have lived with a man and perfectly exist together.
  2. On the first day the dog may whine, being from you in another room. You should not run on the first call, wait for silence and only then go to your pet. So you will show that silence is welcomed, not squeak.
  3. After last night, introduce the animal to its new home and place. Put a bed or box, let your baby smell. Until he masters, at home, the dog can not be left alone. Only when she gets used, proceed to the manipulation.
  4. If for any reason you are forced to leave, there is no opportunity to find a “nurse”, then proceed as follows. Add to the number of months of the pet one. For example, a dog is 3 months old, which means that you may be absent for 4 hours. Strictly no more.
  5. Adult dogs can be left for a maximum of 8 hours, this is the limit. During this period you need to do all your business, work and return home. For the period of absence the pet needs to leave a lot of toys.
  6. When an animal misses its owner, a certain aggression wakes up in it. It manifests itself in the deterioration of shoes and other interior items. Therefore, a pet walking around the apartment should constantly stumble upon their toys. You can buy them at the pet store. Not superfluous will be treats for dogs.

How should the owner behave

 How to leave the dog alone at home

  1. Do not think that you need to bring up only a dog.It is also necessary to pay attention to yourself. If the pet is not alone at home, analyze your own actions and follow your behavior. Often the owner himself provokes bad behavior of the pet.
  2. Leaving home and returning should always be calm. Do not show emotional impulses and do not stroke the animal goodbye. Do not sob and do not speak the relevant phrases. Just pack up, pet the dog and go to the exit.
  3. It is not necessary to reprimand the pet in advance and give him any instructions. In any case, the dog will not understand what you are telling her. But the animal will perfectly feel your already upset tone. The dog understands something is wrong when you say goodbye to her.
  4. A more difficult situation will be in the form of general suppression of emotions after coming home. Most owners are happy that the pet jumps, climbs on his hands and squeals. If you encourage this behavior from puppyhood, imagine what will happen to an adult dog.
  5. A stronger individual during your absence may begin to strip the upholstery from furniture or wallpaper. Hearing that you are returning home, the dog will constantly scratch the door, or rush to meet you sweeping away everything in its path. Nobody argues that the pet loves you very much, only everything should be in moderation.
  6. Separately, it is worth noting the worst mistake of the hosts. While waiting, the pet could badly shuffle, you come home and start scolding him. Here are just similar behavior on your part is unacceptable. If you have not caught the animal at the scene of a crime, it will not understand why you are so angry and show aggression.

What to do if the puppy pisses in the apartment

  1. Often, when the dog is left at home alone, it starts to spoil in the wrong places. If you have a small puppy, be prepared for the fact that up to 8 months, such problems will often emerge. It is necessary to teach the dog to wait before walking or to the tray.
  2. Do not scold the animal and do not poke his nose. Such behavior is unacceptable and meaningless. When a pet remains at home alone, he has no one to ask on the street, hence the consequences. Therefore, do not be surprised "surprises" upon arrival home.
  3. Put a tray with a special filler, as an alternative, you can lay a newspaper or an old rag. After coming home, silently clean up after the pet. Put a soiled rag or newspaper in the place of your future toilet. Thus, the dog will get used to the home toilet.

To teach a pet to stay at home are important actions that cannot be done within 24 hours. Have patience, learn to distinguish pure manipulation from actual fear that a pet is experiencing. Start small, gradually increase the duration of the absence. Encourage silence, not the howl of an animal.

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