How to make facial peels at home

Peeling of the skin is an abrasive or acidic composition created to remove dead skin cells of the epidermis. Over the last five years, the procedure has gained wide popularity, it is carried out by both young girls and women in age. The secret lies in the effectiveness of the product and the long-term result, after which the skin acquires radiance, smoothes the tone and improves elasticity. Like any other matter, peeling includes its own characteristics that must be taken into account without fail.

 How to make a face peeling

Benefits of Deep Peeling

  • global cleansing of pores from blockages, blackheads, black spots;
  • normalization of the sebaceous glands;
  • improved blood circulation;
  • fight against dry skin areas (local method);
  • elimination of excessive hyperpigmentation of the dermis;
  • exfoliation of dead particles of the epidermis;
  • removal of dead tissue that prevents the formation of a new layer of skin;
  • smoothing of wrinkles and other irregularities;
  • partial elimination of the effects of skin damage (scars, scars);
  • improving skin elasticity by stimulating the production of collagen fibers.

At the end of the peeling, the face is transformed, the skin becomes soft, smooth, evens the tone.

Indications for peeling

  • sharp hormonal disruptions in the body;
  • excessively oily skin due to transitional age;
  • burgundy or blue dots from acne or acne.

Contraindications for peeling

  • herpes is active;
  • neoplasms and inflammation of the epidermis;
  • allergic reaction to the selected composition, in particular, individual intolerance;
  • exacerbation of acne;
  • sensitive skin from nature;
  • endocrine gland diseases;
  • incorrect work of the heart muscle;
  • disruption of the circulatory system;
  • lactation, breastfeeding, pregnancy.

Features of the home peeling (precautions)

  1. The basic rule is considered to be testing for an allergic reaction. Before the procedure, apply a moderate amount of the composition to a small area of ​​skin, wait for a certain interval, rinse and evaluate the result. If there are no redness and inflammation, peeling can be done.
  2. Experienced cosmetologists unanimously say that it is advisable to do the procedure only in autumn and winter. During the rest of the year, notions such as “mechanical action on the skin” and “direct sunlight” can not be mixed. If you do not have such an opportunity, do not go out in the sun during the day after the treatment of the dermis.
  3. All the recipes below should be used wisely. Coat the epidermis with a thin layer, do not violate the exposure time (do not increase it). By neglecting this advice, there is a risk of burning the skin by chemical composition.
  4. Do not apply mass to the area around the eyes. This zone is extremely gentle and sensitive; its treatment with acid preparations is not allowed. Before starting the procedure, always wipe the dermis with a tonic.
  5. There are cases when the test for individual intolerance did not show a reliable result. Carefully monitor your health, with the slightest tingling / burning sensation, immediately wash off the mixture with warm and then cold water.
  6. People with normal, combination and oily skin types are allowed to do peeling 1 time in 10-12 days. If you have skin that is too sensitive or naturally dry, discard the chemical attack.
  7. At the end of the procedure, try not to use decorative cosmetics, in particular, foundation, powder, blush and concealers. They clog pores, so that the skin does not have time to recover. Do not touch your face with your hands, braid your hair in the tail, so as not to grease the skin.
  8. If you use ready-made cosmetic products, carefully read the instructions. The manufacturer indicates the required amount of applied funds, the exposure time and the frequency of the procedure.

Peeling technology

In most cases, calcium peeling is used to effectively cleanse the skin.The drug is sold in pharmacies, comes in the form of 10 ml ampoules. each For the first procedure, you will need to purchase a 5% solution. If, after all the manipulations, the skin responds normally, with the second one, you can apply 10% of the composition.

 Peeling technology

It is prohibited to use calcium chloride as a peeling with a concentration higher than 10%.

Before proceeding to the procedure, make a test for individual intolerance. Cover the wrist with an acid that is intended for facial treatment. If the epidermis responds to the composition correctly, namely, there will be no discomfort (tingling, burning, itching, redness, pain), feel free to proceed to peeling.

  1. Wash yourself with a gel / foam based on your skin type, and thoroughly degrease your face. Wipe it with lotion or tonic, eliminating dirt and grease.
  2. Open the calcium chloride ampoule, soak a cosmetic tampon in the composition, slowly wipe the skin, avoiding the area around the eyes. Moisten sponge periodically as soon as it becomes semi-dry.
  3. After you coat the epidermis with the first layer, leave the composition until it is partially dried, then apply the second. The total number you should get is about four layers in the first procedure, and about 8 layers in all subsequent ones.
  4. When the last layer of calcium chloride is applied, wait for it to dry, then begin to remove the peeling mask. Lubricate your fingers with moisturizing cream-soap, move in a circular motion over the entire surface of the applied composition, carefully rolling the mask. You do not need to rinse the mixture, but twist it into small lumps.
  5. Since the skin has received incredible stress, it must be reassured. Wash with warm water, gently massage the forehead, cheekbones, cheeks, collections. Then turn on the cold cycle, wash again, then wipe the skin with cosmetic ice based on chamomile or train. Upon completion of all manipulations, apply a moisturizing serum or cream according to your age.

Sugar peeling

Lather your hands to get a foamy mass (you can use ready-made mousse if you wish) Scrub the face without touching the sensitive skin around the eyes. After that, pour on the palm of your hand one tablespoon of granulated sugar (preferably cane), massage the epidermis in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes. Rinse with warm water, wipe your face with ice cubes with the addition of infusion of lemon balm.

Baking Soda Peeling

The final mass is great for oily skin, it removes greasy shine, cleans pores, draws out toxins. Rub your palms with tar soap to form a thick foam. Lubricate the face, do not touch the dermis around the eyes. After that, apply a small amount of soda, massage the skin of the face for 2 minutes, immediately wash with water. Do not increase the time of application of the composition, otherwise you risk to dry the epidermis.

Oatmeal peeling

 Oatmeal peeling
Pass the cucumber through the meat grinder along with the peel, squeeze the juice out of the porridge. Crush the oatmeal in a convenient way, mix with cucumber juice. Add 15 gr. shallow sea salt without fragrances, drip olive or sea buckthorn oil. To add flavor, you can pour 2 ml. ether ginseng or rosemary. Apply the resulting porridge on the face in a circular motion, make a light massage. Smooth the skin, rub the composition in the wings of the nose, forehead, chin and other problem areas. After facial treatment, leave the mixture for another half hour, then rinse with cold water.

Egg Shell Peeling

Crush in a convenient way (coffee grinder, hammer, blender, etc.) the shell from 2-3 eggs, add 30 g to the powder. blue and 20 gr. green clay, fill with water to a pasty mass.If desired, you can replace the egg shells with crushed nuts (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts), while adding a teaspoon of coffee grounds. The composition is more similar to the scrub, however, cosmetologists refer it to peeling. Gently massage the skin for 5 minutes, wash with melt water, lubricate your face with caring serum.

Coffee peeling

Mix together 40 gr. finely ground coffee grounds, 30 gr. rice flour and 30 grams. liquid fat-free cottage cheese (if desired, you can substitute kefir or sour cream). Wash your face with gel or foam, wipe dry, then apply the mixture and wait 10 minutes. After the expiration date, rub in the face with soft circular motions, treat all problem areas (pigment spots, freckles, acne marks, etc.). After the procedure, make cosmetic ice, freezing the infusion of birch or oak bark (pre-filtered).

Curd based peeling

Mix in a homogeneous mass of 70 grams. low-fat cottage cheese, add 30 grams. ground sea salt. Pour in a teaspoon of corn oil, mix well. Treat the skin with mousse for washing, to defat it to the maximum.Then make a peeling mask of the mixture, leave the composition on the skin for a quarter of an hour. After this period, wash with ice water, repeat the application of the mass. Massage the skin in a circular motion, after 10 minutes, remove the mixture with water, apply a moisturizer.

Strawberry peeling

Take 7-10 frozen strawberries, chop it in a blender. Add 60 grams. sour cream, mix everything thoroughly and put the mass to thaw at room temperature. When the strawberry juice is released and the ice is gone, bring the mixture to a pasty consistency by adding finely ground oatmeal. Gently massage the epidermis for 10 minutes. This method is suitable for all skin types.

Citrus Peel Peeling

The composition perfectly tones the skin, smoothes wrinkles, emphasizes the shape of the face. Grind in a blender or coffee grinder the peel of half an orange or grapefruit, as well as one lemon. Mix the powder mixture with sour cream in such a way as to obtain a thick consistency. Pour in a teaspoon of sunflower oil, rub your face well. Wash off the composition with soap, repeat the manipulation 1-2 more times.

Exfoliating facial skin is very popular. It is senseless to overpay money to the salon, if the product can be prepared at home from improvised products. In the case of calcium chloride, carefully monitor the duration of exposure of the product, do not increase it. After the procedure, do not resort to sunbathing and tanning. Use simple peeling recipes based on strawberries, citrus, soda, cottage cheese.

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