How to make sleep healthy and strong: 5 ways

Regular lack of sleep leads to reduced performance and stress resistance. A person who goes to bed late and gets up early, more often gets sick and ages faster. Not only the nervous system suffers, but also the heart, the digestive tract, and the metabolism slows down. Insomnia can cause overweight, blackheads and acne, premature wrinkles and pressure problems. In order not to toss and turn in bed for 3-4 hours, you need to develop good habits.

 How to make sleep healthy and strong

Empty stomach

Preparing for bed begins at dinner. A person must follow what he eats, and in what quantities. Evening food intake is the easiest and most dietary. Do not get involved in fried meat, junk food, sandwiches with sausage and sweets. Heavy and fatty dishes, which are digested for a long time, are replaced by light options:

  • vegetable stews or salads;
  • steam fish or meat;
  • a glass of kefir;
  • porridge.

Fruits are also contraindicated, because they can cause fermentation and bloating.

You need to go to bed with a half-empty stomach. Do not snack for 2-3 hours before bedtime, and also do not drink plenty of fluids. When overeating appears heaviness, which prevents to relax. But it is also very difficult for a hungry person to go to the world of dreams. Cause of insomnia can also be an overflowing bladder, due to which you have to get up every 30-40 minutes.

Complete relaxation

People regularly get into stressful situations. Swearing with neighbors and spouses. Get reprimanded by the boss. Face boors in the subway, shops and clinics. Quarrels leave an unpleasant aftertaste, which is difficult to get rid of. A person may not remember the incident all day, but as soon as he is in bed, he will immediately want to scroll through the dialogue with the impudent pensioner in her head and come up with a few decent and caustic answers. Philosophizing and negative emotions cause insomnia, so you have to get rid of bad thoughts.

There are several ways to calm:

  1. Meditation. You need to lie down on the sofa or sit in a comfortable position. Include soft music or, conversely, dissociate yourself from all sounds. Mentally repeat: “All is well. I get rid of negative energy. ” And imagine how the effects of stress evaporate from your head, like water that has fallen on a hot frying pan.
  2. Foam bath. Warm water relaxes the muscles and removes the tension that comes from resentment and anger. And the nervous system will help essential oils: lavender, rosemary, sandalwood. 4–5 drops of a sedative component are added to the bath.
  3. Self massage. After water procedures, it is helpful to knead the neck, shoulders and back areas that you can reach. You can ask for help the second half.

Do not take sleeping pills or tranquilizers, if there are no medical indications. The pills calm and help for a while, but gradually insomnia only intensifies, and the means cease to work.

Correct mode

Doctors recommend going to bed at 22-23 hours of the night. It is at 10 pm that melatonin begins to be produced. The hormone is responsible for rest and recovery of the brain.If a person stays until morning and goes to bed with the first sun rays, the concentration of the substance decreases. Appears lethargy, chronic fatigue and problems with the nervous system.

Owls, accustomed to sleep before noon, at first will be difficult to reconstruct. But if for 2 weeks to go to bed at the same time, the body adapts. And in order to avoid the temptation to take a nap after dinner, you need to get out of bed immediately, as soon as the alarm goes off. Five-minute siphoning does not replenish energy reserves, but only distract from the rhythm and cause drowsiness, which haunts a person throughout the day.

On the alarm clock it is better to set a pleasant melody, in which the volume is gradually increased. Harsh sounds frighten a person and irritate the nervous system. Returning to reality is necessary smoothly, so that awakening does not become another stress.

Clothing and oxygen

Insomnia is sometimes caused by too tight and tight things. T-shirts, squeezing the chest, and pants with a tight elastic band is better to wear during the day. At night, preference is given to loose pajamas of soft and breathable fabric.Natural materials protect the skin from irritation, overheating and increased perspiration.

 Clothes for sound sleep

The windows in the bedroom open 20-30 minutes before departure to bed. Summer airs longer, and in winter - less. But oxygen must flow into the room. Fresh air relaxes the nervous system and helps you fall asleep faster.

In the evening it is useful to walk or run in the park. Physical activity in combination with oxygen can replace a pill potent sleeping pill. The main thing is not to overdo the exercises, because an overworked and excited body is not so easy to relax.


The bed should be flat, without dimples and lumps of sheets. It is advisable to buy an orthopedic mattress and the same pillows. Light and other sounds should not enter the room. If you eliminate the sources of noise is problematic, you should get earplugs and a sleep mask.

In bed you can not read fiction and write reports. Watch TV shows, interesting movies or TV shows. They excite the nervous system and increase the risk of insomnia. In the evening, computer games and social networks, as well as alcohol, are contraindicated.Strong drinks help only at the initial stage. And then a relationship arises, and the state of the nervous system only worsens, due to which insomnia increases.

Help to relax have sex and masturbation. Sleep quality is also enhanced by warm socks. But they should be soft and without tight elastic bands. When the feet get warm, and the blood circulation in the lower part of the body increases, the tension disappears and the REM sleep phase begins.

Make a rest full and strong, you can use self-massage, proper diet and compliance with the daily routine. But if insomnia cannot be handled with improvised methods, it is worth checking with a specialist. Sometimes nightmares and sleep problems indicate serious diseases of the internal organs and the nervous system that need to be addressed in a medicamental way.

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