How to remove wrinkles on the neck: effective ways

You can endlessly do a facelift, care for the skin in this area with the help of masks and various creams, hiding changes in the epidermis. However, with incorrect care of the neck age will be quickly revealed. If we talk about patterns, wrinkles appear at about 35-45 years, but in some categories of people much earlier. It is all due to a number of factors with which it is necessary to become familiar, before starting to restore the elasticity of the skin.

 How to remove wrinkles in the neck

Causes of neck wrinkles

  • sleep on a high pillow, as well as insomnia and chronic sleep deprivation;
  • poor production of collagen and elastin fibers;
  • prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation;
  • an unbalanced diet that leads to a lack of vitamins;
  • the use of poor-quality cosmetics;
  • abuse of pure coffee, sweets, pickles;
  • constant use of hard weight loss methods;
  • frequent presence in the nervous state;
  • obesity, particularly overweight;
  • work for the PC with his head down;
  • premature aging of the dermis as a result of individual predisposition;
  • smoking, drinking;
  • weak neck muscles;
  • frequent skin treatment with scrub or peeling;
  • dehydration of the body and skin;
  • ecology;
  • lack of care for the neck.

Practical Tips for Removing Neck Wrinkles

  1. Use professional care products for the neck and decollete. You can apply moisturizing and nourishing cream designed for the face. Choose cosmetics that contain no alcohol and parabens. Prefer series with collagen, protein, vitamins A, B, E, tretinoin.
  2. Drink at least 2.8 liters of fluid per day, of which 2 liters is water. Do not abuse carbonated drinks and packaged juices, if possible refuse them at all. Lean on herbal tea, jelly, fresh. Instead of coffee in the morning, drink chicory with vegetable sweetener.
  3. Track your diet, the basis of the diet should be fresh vegetables and fruits. Every day for dinner, eat lean fish or white meat.
  4. Get a course of vitamins, drink it every quarter. Pay attention to badger fat, it increases the natural elasticity of the skin, has a beneficial effect on hair, nails and respiratory tract (important for smokers).
  5. If you work at a computer for a long time and a lot, make sure that it is at the level of the abdomen or chest. Do not watch TV with your head down. This situation provokes the appearance of a second chin and, as a result, wrinkles.
  6. Observe the regime of work and rest. Choose a medium stiffness pillow with a slight rise (not more than 12 cm in the initial state) for sleeping. Avoid insomnia. This can contribute to the constant stress and prolonged depression, in this case, look for ways to combat negative factors.
  7. Every day, massage your neck with cold or contrasting water. Turn on the shower at full power and run down the neck. At this time, strongly strain and relax the muscles, carry out the procedure for 10 minutes.After that, apply a nourishing cream on the neck and décolleté area with patting movements.
  8. Alcohol and tobacco contribute to premature aging, slow down the production of collagen and elastin, give the epidermis a gray tint. Stop smoking or reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. Instead of strong alcoholic drinks and beer, give preference to semi-dry wine.
  9. Watch for weight. Do not abuse the hard diets, which in one instant help to lose a few extra pounds, and the next moment they are immediately returned. Lushe go on a proper diet, which is divided meals (eat 5 times a day in small portions). If you decide to go on a diet, immediately sign up in the gym, so that the muscles are always in good shape, and the skin does not sag.
  10. Keep your head straight when walking, do not look at your feet. The same applies to housework, the neck should always be in good shape. Sit exactly, do not hunch.

How to get rid of wrinkles on the neck of folk methods

In order not to go to the salon for injections of Botox or Dysport, which will later become mandatory, use the "grandmother's" recipes.With the observance of technology, the result will please you.

 How to get rid of wrinkles on the neck of folk methods

Contrasting pats
For the procedure you will need 85 grams. crushed sea salt, 35 ml. lemon juice and a small terry towel. Pour hot water into the first tank and dilute the salt in it, fill the second one with cold water and lemon juice. Dampen a towel in hot water and squeeze it well, for 5 minutes, slam it on the neck with heavy movements. When the skin turns red, go to the cold cycle. Dampen a towel in lemon water and pat again in the neck for 5 minutes.

Repeat steps 5–10 times daily in the mornings and evenings. The course of the procedures is 1.5-2 months. After that, cover the neck with moisturizing hydrogel, apply it, intensively patting until completely absorbed.

Cosmetic ice
Several times a day, wipe the face, neck and decollete with cosmetic ice made from medicinal plants. Try to always use a different composition to achieve maximum results in a short time.

Here are the possible combinations that you can easily find in any pharmacy:

  • 25 gr. chamomile, 15 gr. limes, 45 gr. sage;
  • 10 gr.nettle, 30 gr. Yarrow, 20 gr. rosemary;
  • 40 gr. thyme, 50 gr. oak bark, 15 ml. birch sap
  • 55 gr. birch bark, 15 gr. linden flowers;
  • 35 gr. geraniums, 10 g. mint, 20 gr. burdock root;
  • 60 ml. aloe vera juice, 30 gr. dried lemon peel.

To make ice, you need to choose a combination, fill it with 300 ml. boiling water and put in a dark wardrobe for 1.5 hours. After the expiration date, you can strain, and you can use the broth with frozen plants. Pour the composition into forms and put in the freezer.

Homemade anti-wrinkle masks

Before applying the prepared mask on the skin, take care of the presence of a bandage or gauze. The fabric should be wrapped around the neck after applying the composition, so that it does not trickle down and retains its beneficial properties.

 Homemade anti-wrinkle masks

  1. Turmeric and banana. Pass the banana through a meat grinder or chop with a blender / fork. Add 35 grams. turmeric powder and 15 ml. burdock oil. Let the composition infuse for half an hour. In a separate bowl, pour 25 gr. gelatin 55 ml. cool water, wait for swelling and combine with other components. Make a mask, fixing the top with a bandage. Hold the mixture for about an hour, taking a recumbent position.
  2. Clay and milk. To prepare the composition will need to take 30 and white clay, 25 gr. green clay and 15 gr. blue clay. Connect them together, begin to slowly pour 100 ml. milk, mixing the composition with a fork or knife (not a spoon!). Pour 45 ml into another container. warm water and 35 ml. olive oil, add 50 grams. dry yeast and wait half an hour. Connect all the ingredients, make a mask, wrap a neck with a bandage, wait at least 1.5 hours.
  3. Cottage cheese and glycerin. Purchase in a pharmacy 3 ampoules of liquid glycerin, 2 ampoules of vitamin E and 1 ampoule of vitamin A. Take 150 gr. fat cottage cheese, add to it 50 gr. honey and mix in a blender. Pour in glycerin and vitamins, mix again. Apply evenly on the neck, fix it with gauze, wait 1 hour.
  4. Potato and cucumber. Wash 2 potatoes and 1 cucumber, do not peel them. Cut into thin slices, place in a meat grinder and chop into porridge. Add 20 grams. gelatin, leave the mixture for 25 minutes. In a separate container, put 30 grams. flax bran and pour boiling water over them so that the water covers the composition, wait about a quarter of an hour. Now mix all the ingredients in a homogeneous mass, make a mask, wrap a bandage and leave for 1 hour.

To get rid of neck wrinkles, avoid actions that suggest a constant tilt of the head. When caring for the face, do not forget to apply the product to the neck and décolleté, choose high-quality hydrogels without parabens and impurities. Do not allow dehydration of the skin, eat vegetables and fruits, drink green tea, water and fresh juices.

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