How to remove loose skin on your hands at home

The skin on the hands is rather thin and the process of its adaptation to the physiological changes of the figure does not work very well, so it sags. Cosmetology procedures cannot cope with such imperfection. Only physical exercises will help to bring back the muscles and elasticity. To achieve the desired result, you need to ensure a regular load, only in this case it will be possible to remove the sagging skin on the hands.

 How to remove loose skin on the hands

Causes of skin laxity

Mostly this problem is familiar to the fair sex at the age of 30+. The thin skin of the neckline, forearms and hands begins to fade before anything else, which, of course, does not add to the attractiveness of the woman.

This phenomenon is faced by those who have lost weight dramatically, especially if no measures have been taken in the form of adjusting the diet and moisturizing the skin.The latter can not quickly adapt to the changes, it becomes less elastic and sagging. You can tighten the skin only with the help of sports trainings. To effect persistent, should continue to load in the future.

Major mistakes during exercise

Not everyone can with the help of physical activity to tighten the skin. Exercises not done according to the rules can only lead to losing weight or not give any result at all. Mostly during the training the following errors are made:

  1. Low weight. Filling a place that is free from fat deposits is possible only with muscles. Due to their growth and increase, tension of the skin occurs, as a result of which sagging is removed. The task of muscle development can be managed only by providing the necessary load. Exercises aimed at eliminating sagging skin on the hands, are to raise their own or additional weight. When dumbbells are used during training, it is necessary that their weight is not less than 5 kg, otherwise the desired effect will not be achieved.
  2. Excessive loads. High load and daily strength exercises cause weakening of the muscles, the recovery of which can not occur in a short time. As a result, there will be neither results nor the strength to conduct training. Do the exercises every other day, or thrice a week.
  3. Strict diets. To build muscle tissue, you need to properly and fully eat. The diet should include all the necessary microelements for the body to work, otherwise the body will lose weight even more, which will lead to even greater sagging of the skin.

General recommendations for exercises

To achieve good results, it is necessary not only to train your hands. In this case, an integrated approach is required - exercises should be performed to strengthen the muscles of the neck, back and chest. For this reason, during exercise, both general exercises and movements are performed that are directed only at a specific group of muscles - the triceps and biceps.

When performing exercises, the main emphasis should be placed not on quantity, but on quality. For the first time, one approach is enough ten times. After some time, the number of approaches and the weight of the inventory used can be increased.

It is desirable that the room in which the training is conducted, was warm. It will be easier to do exercises with heated muscles and dilated vessels and capillaries.

Important! The exercise should be smooth, you should train in a comfortable rhythm. The main thing that the muscles during the exercise were tense.

It is necessary that the training was regular. Ideally, the session should last from 40 to 60 minutes.

Warm up

Training should start with a warm-up, which should last at least 10 minutes. Due to this, the body will be able to prepare for the upcoming load, to adjust the desired heart rhythm. This will help prevent possible injury and stretching.

First, it is recommended to rotate the elbow joints and wrists. Then the arms are made sweeps, jerks and swinging movements. Along with this, it is necessary to work out the neck in order to soften the neck, for this it is necessary to turn the head in different directions and perform its movements in a circle.

Further warm-up is performed for all parts of the body. You can jump over the rope, do squats or work out on simulators (for example, on a stationary bike or a treadmill).

Exercises from loose skin on the hands

After a ten-minute warm-up, you can move on to more difficult exercises.

 Exercises for sagging arms

With the help of this exercise will make your skin more taut. Despite the fact that at first glance it is not difficult, not everyone gets it right the first time.

It is necessary to stand up straight, raise one arm and take both limbs behind the back. After that, link the fingers together in the form of a lock. This exercise should be carried out several times a day.

As a rule, there is obvislost such parts of the hands, which are usually not involved. Exercises will give a load on these zones, as a result of which it will be possible to achieve an attractive relief.

Arm extension
To perform this exercise, you will need dumbbells. We must sit down, take one dumbbell in both hands and lift them above the head. Slowly bend and straighten them. It is carried out on 3-5 approaches on ten repetitions. Exercise well pumps hands, gives them muscles elasticity.

Hammer lift
With this exercise, the muscles are well worked out, an attractive line of arms is formed, and the skin is tightened. In your hands you need to take a dumbbell, which weighs 500 g.Legs put shoulder width apart, bend at the knee joints. Bending elbows, slowly bending and unbending arms. The exercise is done in three sets, 10-15 repetitions.

Push up
This exercise is an easy and affordable method of tightening the skin of the hands. In the traditional version, they are performed from the floor. However, with weakened hands, it is allowed at first to do push-ups from the chair. Exercise does not need any additional devices, but despite this, it is excellent helps to fight fat deposits.

It is necessary to lie on the floor, the torso should be located parallel to the floor, arms slightly farther than shoulder width. The back is flat, press tight. On the exhale, you need to lower the body, bending your arms at the elbows, while inhaling - to take the initial position How many approaches to make and how many times should be decided individually. It is recommended to start with a small number of repetitions (maximum of five), and increase it over time.

Hand rotation
This exercise helps to relax the joints, giving the muscles elasticity and elimination of fat deposits in the area of ​​the armpits. It is necessary to stand up straight, posture should be straight.Hands must be diluted so that they represent a line parallel to the floor. Next are performed circular sweeps with a small amplitude. Recommended the implementation of three approaches for ten movements.

And some more rules about how to return the skin to the skin tightness:

Static exercise significantly helps to bring muscles and skin in tone. An excellent exercise that copes with this task is considered to be a slat. It is recommended to perform it regularly in a standard and side stand for 60 seconds.
Yoga also works well, if you need to tighten the muscles.

In addition to weighting during training, you can use a harness for gymnastics or a hand-held expander - these devices also help to work out the muscles in the problem area.

You should also remember about such loads as running, swimming and cycling - they also help to burn fat deposits in all parts of the body.

Power Features

Balanced nutrition is another condition that must be observed in order to get rid of excess fat deposits and tone the skin.However, it must be borne in mind that strict dietary restrictions will not help in this case. Hard diets cause the skin to be pale and dry, pigment spots will appear, and due to a sharp decrease in body weight, sagging will be noticeable even more. In addition, the faster kilograms go, the faster they come back.

 Food for sagging arms

The daily menu should include all the trace elements that are needed for the normal functioning of the body, including proteins, which are the main building material for muscles, vegetables and fruits, supplying fiber, vitamins and other beneficial substances, as well as complex carbohydrates - suppliers energy.

To preserve the slimness and attractiveness and health of the skin should abandon the use of fast food, sweets and flour products. In addition, it is recommended to forget about cigarettes and alcohol - bad habits significantly worsen the skin condition.

Massage and wraps

In order to restore elasticity to the skin of the hands, it is necessary to include cosmetological procedures in the complex program. Good effect can be achieved with the help of massage, you can do it yourself at home. The procedure is quite simple.It is enough to take a couple of drops of your favorite cosmetic oil and perform circular massaging movements on the part of the body with loose skin in the direction from the bottom up. Such a simple measure will be a great helper in the fight against skin laxity. Another procedure that will help make the skin more elastic - canned massage.

Wrapping is a pleasant and not at all complicated procedure consisting of the following steps:

  • Steaming skin.
  • Peeling or scrub application.

This tool can be prepared independently. To do this, you can use clay, honey, coffee grounds and other products. The selected tool is applied to the problem area. From above it is necessary to wrap food wrap. After about half an hour, the composition should be washed off and apply a nourishing cream on the skin.

Such procedures should be done twice - three times a week, in courses consisting of approximately ten sessions.

Another simple procedure to restore the skin of the hands of the hands, is a contrast shower. However, its implementation should be careful. Initially, only your feet are poured, then you can gradually move up to your knees.When the body gets used, it is allowed to carry out water-contrasting procedures of the whole body. With poor tolerance of cool water, temperature transitions can only be affected by such areas that are problematic.

When performing such procedures, the main thing is to follow some recommendations:

  • At the beginning of the procedure, the water should be hot, closer to completion - cool.
  • It is necessary that the exposure to cool water was half as hot.

The procedure is carried out correctly, if after it there is not weakness and freezing, but vigor and energy.

The contrast shower makes the blood vessels stronger, improves blood circulation, promotes saturation of tissues with oxygen and improves metabolic processes in the body. In addition, such procedures have a massage effect, thereby increasing skin tone.

A good helper in the fight against sagging skin of the hands is the use of cosmetics in the form of masks, gels, creams that have a tightening effect. They can be brought in pharmacies or cosmetic stores, where they are represented in a wide range, or they can be prepared by using essential oils.Well burned fat and struggling with cellulite of grapefruit oil, lemon and orange.

Anyone who wants to return the skin on the hands of the old elasticity and firmness, should be approached to solve this problem in a complex. Combining physical exercise, proper nutrition and the use of cosmetic means, it will turn out to achieve the desired results in the shortest possible time.

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