How to strengthen the eyelashes at home

Brittleness and loss of eyelashes - a frequent phenomenon, from which neither voluminous mascaras nor eyelash extensions save. There is only one way out - the right care and strengthening of cilia by means of shops and folk methods. This is what can give them thickness, and also contribute to their rapid growth.

 How to strengthen the eyelashes

Causes of loss of eyelashes

Excessive loss of cilia often becomes a real problem for many women. There are several reasons for this, for example, insufficient care of the eyelashes or the constant use of low-quality cosmetic products. Often, eyelashes begin to fall out actively due to some disruptions in the body. This may be the usual vitamin deficiency or more serious diseases.

Often cilia fall out of strong nervous tension.Therefore, first of all, you need to make sure that in addition to the loss of eyelashes, nothing else bothers. Otherwise, you should undergo a medical examination. Finding out the reason for the loss of eyelashes, you can do their recovery.

How eyelashes are restored

Strengthening eyelashes, do not expect a quick effect. After all, hairs need time to grow. Useful substances that are in cosmetics, penetrate the follicles and begin to act at the cellular level. After some time, the blood circulation improves in these bulbs, and the cells finally receive the missing amount of oxygen.

This strengthens the lashes and they gradually cease to fall out. Often, the growth of eyelashes increases, so they become not only thicker, but longer. In addition, the healing effect on the strengthening of the hairs from the inside. This reduces their fragility.

Proper care of your eyelashes

Care of eyelashes involves careful removal of makeup. To do this, you must use special cosmetics and in no case wash with soap and water.Removal of cosmetics should be as follows:

 Proper care of your eyelashes

  • cotton pad, pre-moistened with water, put on the lower eyelid;
  • closing the eyes, put another cotton pad on the upper eyelid, wetting it in the makeup remover;
  • to remove mascara from eyelashes is necessary, moving to the tips from the roots themselves, and not vice versa;
  • if the mascara is waterproof, then you need to remove it only with special cosmetics;
  • After eye makeup will be completely removed, you should apply a moisturizer on your eyelashes.

To eyelashes were thick and healthy, should be responsible approach to the choice of decorative cosmetics. But this does not mean that cosmetics should be only from leading manufacturers. The main thing is to be safe. To do this, it is important to study the composition of carcasses and shadows, as well as to monitor their shelf life.

It is good if such vitamins as A, E and F are part of the decorative mascara. They influence the strengthening of the eyelashes and activate their growth. If hydrogen peroxide is present in cosmetic products, it means that the eyelashes will soon become discolored and weaken. Therefore, it is better not to use such mascara.

How to strengthen the eyelashes

Even if there are no problems with eyelashes, they still need extra care. In order to quickly and effectively strengthen them, it is enough to use a variety of oils. In order to properly strengthen the eyelashes, you need to drop a few drops of any oil on a regular cosmetic brush and gently comb the eyelashes. Cosmetologists recommend performing this procedure every other day.

In addition to oils, eyelashes need vitamins. Therefore, you can safely use the solutions of vitamins A, F and E. In many pharmacies, they are sold in small capsules. Vitamins should be poured into some kind of transparent container. Apply vitamins as you need oil, using a brush.

You can buy cosmetics for fast strengthening eyelashes in the store or in a pharmacy. The manufacturer has already added all the necessary components to the composition of such means. These are not only well-known vitamins and oils, but also herbal extracts. The most effective antioxidant balms are considered and various gels for the growth of eyelashes.

Useful oils

There are several natural oils that quickly bring tangible benefits eyelashes. Among them are:

  1. Castor oil.This means "number one" for the rapid strengthening and growth of eyelashes. It is enough to hold the oil on the eyelashes an hour a day and within a few weeks the first results will appear.
  2. Rose oil. In general, it is useful not only for the hairs themselves, but also for irritated skin of the eyelids. Rose oil perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
  3. Flaxseed oil is primarily used to enhance the growth of eyelashes.
  4. Sea buckthorn oil. This tool is able to make any eyelashes soft and fluffy.


There are several tools for the rapid strengthening of eyelashes, whose effectiveness has been proven by millions of women around the world. The first place is occupied by the tool "AdvancedLash". It contains only safe ingredients that actively stimulate growth. The drug does not need to be applied to the entire length of the hairs. It is enough to apply it along the lash line.

 Cosmetic products for strengthening eyelashes

No less useful is the balm "Mirra Lux", which contains a huge amount of oils. Among them are castor oil, grape and ylang-ylang oil. The balm has a soothing, regenerating and nourishing effect on the eyelashes. If the eyelashes fall out very quickly, you should definitely try Kareprost gel. Its components quickly restore eyelashes and stimulate their growth.In addition, the tool is absolutely safe even for allergies.

The balm of the well-known firm Dzintars, which is suitable not only for eyelashes, but also is often used for eyebrows, is also very popular. The balm contains beneficial aloe extract, several vitamins and a variety of natural oils. It is also used as a conventional base for decorative ink. Lipocils gel also has an effect on the rapid growth of eyelashes. With it, you can stop the loss of cilia and rejuvenate the skin. All this is due to the unique composition of the gel, which, according to the manufacturer, includes St. John's wort, nettle and horse chestnut.

Folk remedies

In addition to eyelashes, it is also necessary to strengthen the delicate skin of the eyelids. To do this, you can start doing special massages with the use of a massage composition. It is easy to cook yourself. Just take the usual vegetable oil (2 teaspoons) and add a little fresh aloe juice and very finely chopped parsley. The mixture is especially thoroughly mixed and gently applied to the upper eyelid. Finger movements should be gentle.The main thing is that the composition does not get into the eyes, as the oil will create a film that is difficult to wash off.

Compresses will be useful for strengthening cilia. They are especially effective after stress, when you need a little “relax” eyelashes and skin of the eyelids. Various medicinal herbs are used for preparation, for example, sage, tutsan, chamomile, etc. In a cold infusion should be moistened with a small cotton swab and very carefully put on the eyes for 10 minutes.

To effectively strengthen the eyelashes, it is also recommended to use a simple, but nonetheless very interesting mask of oil and skate. It is best to use castor or burdock oil for the basis of this medical mask. It should be mixed with the same amount of brandy. This drink can also be replaced by rum. Then the tool is applied to the eyelashes with a brush.

In order to quickly feed the cilia and enhance their growth, you can make a mask of chicken yolk. Of course, it is better to take a fresh homemade egg, but if it is not there, then the store one will do. The yolk should be separated from the protein and carefully beat it. Then the mixture is gently applied to the eyelashes until completely dry.

Cured weakened eyelashes can also be cured with healthy fish oil. First you need to buy fat in capsules. Enough 1 capsule, the contents of which need to be mixed with liquid vitamins and several oils to choose from. The composition should be applied to the eyelashes for several hours before bedtime and do not wash off.

 Folk remedies for strengthening eyelashes

1 tbsp. l crushed rosehip berries must be filled with burdock and sea buckthorn oils (1 tbsp each). Means insist in a dark place for 7-10 days, and only then begin to use. The fastest way to achieve results is to apply it daily and leave it on the eyelashes for half an hour.

Well helps with loss of eyelashes and mask with linseed oil. To prepare you need to take 40-50 ml of this ingredient. Then add a little burdock oil to it. Before using the mixture must be slightly heated, then the benefits for eyelashes will be more. To update the eyelashes and skin, just hold the mask for 15 minutes.

For the preparation of this reinforcing agent will need half a glass of mineral water, a few tsp. salt and oil, best almond or castor. Salt must be carefully dissolved in water, add 1 tsp. oils and mix everything well.Then the tool is applied to the eyelashes.

Eastern women, who are famous for their natural beauty, use such a plant as usma to strengthen their eyelashes. It belongs to the mustard family, and the seeds can be easily purchased at any specialty store. It is very simple to use it for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes - you need to squeeze the juice out of it and apply it on your eyelashes. But it is important that the liquid does not get into the eyes. For one procedure, 10-15 minutes is enough.

Strengthening eyelashes

Artificial eyelashes are not a guarantee that now there will be no problems with loss of eyelashes. Rather, on the contrary, there are a huge number of rules that must be observed so that new eyelashes are not damaged. In addition, they can easily fall out along with natural eyelashes. Therefore, they also need to be fed and moistened with various oils and liquid vitamins. With regard to decorative cosmetics, the composition of the carcass must include creatine and castor oil.

Useful tips

In order for the eyelashes to remain strong and healthy for a long time, it is important to follow simple recommendations:

  • as a food supplement, vitamin B should be added to the diet, which helps strengthen the hair;
  • also in the diet should definitely add vegetables and fruits;
  • no need to rub eyes, otherwise eyelash bulbs will quickly weaken;
  • it is important to use only high-quality cosmetics or not to use it at all;
  • gentle massage of the eyes, which is able to stimulate blood circulation in the follicles, will not interfere;
  • you can not go to bed without first completely washing off the makeup;
  • It is necessary to often comb eyelashes and try not to use waterproof mascara without special need.

Care lashes should be permanent and at the same time delicate. In no case can you use alcohol or pepper based products, as these substances damage the eye mucosa very easily.

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