How to strengthen the teeth if they are destroyed

Teeth are destroyed when the tooth enamel can not protect them from external influences. Tooth enamel can withstand enormous loads. However, its big disadvantage is that it does not recover. After damage to the tooth enamel, the tooth remains unprotected. Often this leads to high sensitivity - when cold, hot and acidic products get onto the open nerve tubules. Before you learn about ways to restore damaged teeth, we will tell you about the reasons that could lead to a similar condition.

 How to strengthen the teeth if they are destroyed

Why do teeth spoil

This is not a complete list of the reasons why teeth begin to crumble and collapse.

  1. Improper and inadequate care is one of the main causes of tooth decay. This includes not only the daily cleaning of the teeth, but also timely access to a doctor. After all, one tiny point of caries is much easier to clean than to treat 2 or 3 fully ill teeth.And if you see the doctor in time, the spread of caries can be avoided.
  2. Often the teeth deteriorate with unbalanced nutrition. If the diet is low in calcium and fluoride, teeth suffer first.
  3. Often bad teeth are a hereditary factor. If the parents and relatives of the teeth are destroyed very often, for their need to watch more carefully.
  4. Some problems in the gastrointestinal tract associated with frequent emissions of acid into the oral cavity. Since gastric juice is very caustic, it leads to tooth decay in a short time.
  5. Some people grit their teeth during stressful situations or in a dream. Such a rattle often leads to severe destruction of the enamel and the dental bone itself.
  6. Some medicines, such as aspirin, can also destroy tooth enamel.
  7. If a person has various problems with the production of saliva, the lack of this secret can lead to drying of the teeth, which makes them vulnerable to various bacteria and microbes.
  8. To the destruction of teeth leads to the use of a large amount of soda, acidic foods, coffee, desserts.

The first symptom of tooth decay is pain while eating hot or cold food, sometimes the teeth can even ache from cold air. Then the tooth changes color - becomes gray or yellow.This is especially noticeable in contrast with healthy teeth. Then chipped, cracked, cavities with caries appear. After that, the tooth begins to simply crumble and break even with slight pressure. To avoid this, you need to keep your teeth from youth.

How to strengthen baby teeth in a child

Recently, caries is getting younger and today it can be observed even in one-year-old children. This is due to many reasons. Some parents do not take action when a 4-5-year-old child has caries, because they believe that baby teeth should not be treated, because soon they will be replaced by indigenous ones. However, this is a big mistake. Carious tooth often infects the next. And if at this moment the root starts to grow, caries moves to a new tooth, which should serve the baby for the rest of his life. In addition, untreated teeth often change the growth of a healthy tooth, forcing it to grow crooked. In addition, caries in the mouth is a focal point of infection, which can be the cause of permanent tonsillitis and other inflammations in the mouth. Parents often wonder why a child is sick so often, and the reason lies in caries.

 How to strengthen baby teeth in a child

Therefore, it is very important to protect the child's teeth - even if they are temporary and soon change. Already from the year when the baby has at least 8 teeth, you need to start brushing them. First, it should be a small silicone brush, which is put on the mother's finger, and then own brush with baby paste. You also need to limit the consumption of sugar - it is very harmful for the child's body. After milk, sour and sweet foods, you must rinse your mouth with clean water - especially before bedtime. Do not let the child fall asleep after a bottle of milk - lactic acid literally destroys tooth enamel.

Be sure to pay attention to the nutrition of the child. In his diet should be a lot of dairy products - cottage cheese, milk, kefir. They have a lot of calcium. Let your child nibble peeled apples and carrots - all this strengthens the teeth. Strawberries, fish and seafood, parsley and green tea are good for dental health.

If the child’s teeth have already begun to deteriorate, it is necessary to show the baby to the doctor. He may suggest procedures to protect the teeth from further damage. For example, fluoridation is the coating of teeth with a protective layer of fluoride.With deep damage, you can make silvering - cover the teeth with silver nitrate, which will stop the process of destruction. The only negative is the black color of the teeth after treatment. However, if it is not done on time, only hemp can remain from the milk teeth.

How to strengthen your teeth at home

Here are some recipes and tips to help you protect your teeth from decay.

  1. Every evening, do salt mouthwash (a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water). This will allow to disinfect the surface of the teeth so that the destruction does not increase. In addition, this rinse strengthens and gums.
  2. Lemon peel (especially its white part) is very useful for teeth. It must be chewed every day for 10 minutes.
  3. Observe oral hygiene - brush your teeth twice a day, after eating rinse the mouth with clean water, use dental floss for cleaning. Every six months, be sure to go to the dentist for preventive reception and cleaning. Timely need to clean the teeth from tartar.
  4. Eat hard fruits and vegetables with your teeth. Do not cut the pieces with a knife, do not peel off a hard crust.All this is a great workout for your teeth.
  5. You can brush your teeth with activated carbon a couple of times a week. To do this, pills need to crush into a powder, then dip a wet brush into it and brush your teeth well.
  6. Do not get carried away with whitening pastes. They contain in their composition aggressive components that remove the top layer of tooth enamel along with dirt. The same applies to baking soda - its frequent use scratches and damages tooth enamel. It is better to use a paste or gel for sensitive teeth, which have a more gentle composition.
  7. Propolis has a powerful antibacterial effect. You can buy the tincture at the pharmacy or prepare it yourself. To do this, the size of a propolis tennis ball is crushed and placed in a bottle of dark glass. Pour alcohol. Allow to infuse in a cool place for 2 weeks, stirring occasionally. Then you need to filter the propolis and add to it a couple of tablespoons of aloe juice. Pour three tablespoons of the composition into a glass and add water to the top. Rinse the oral cavity three times a day with this solution.
  8. Do not eat too cold and too hot meals and drinks.They irritate the tooth nerve and increase the destruction of the affected tooth.

These simple tips will help you slow down the process of tooth decay. Do not wait until the teeth begin to crumble, consult a doctor in time.

How to strengthen teeth in the dentist’s office

Modern methods will help you to stop the process of destruction and maintain healthy areas of the tooth. The most popular procedure is fluoridation, which we have already mentioned. If a crack appears on the tooth enamel, transplantation is performed. A special substance is selected, the ions of which penetrate into the crack and bind to the ions of the natural tissue of the tooth enamel. This allows you to close the exposed areas of the tooth. Also, dentists can use remineralization - this is a coating of the teeth with a protective film similar in composition to a person’s saliva. Sometimes the patient is prescribed wearing caps with drugs. In any case, the decision on those or other medical measures is taken by the doctor.

 How to strengthen teeth in the dentist’s office

Tooth enamel is the hardest part of the human body. But even she is not able to withstand what the person himself exposes her.We destroy teeth independently and purposefully - with harmful products, insufficient care and neglect. Perhaps by changing the quality of your life, you can stop the process of tooth decay. And then you will be able to keep healthy teeth and a natural smile to old age!

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