How to reduce the breast at home

Owners of a small bust spend fabulous money on breast augmentation surgery, later undergoing a painful rehabilitation. Girls with a large bust, on the contrary, are trying in every way to reduce the breast glands. This is due to the fact that the chest brings torment to its owner, pains in the neck and upper vertebrae appear. The only option is to use an integrated approach.

 How to shrink the chest

Balanced nutrition for breast reduction

The breast has subcutaneous fat, which is deposited with each eaten bun. Ladies, often dieters, know that the first thing losing weight is the most attractive part of the body. Start with this one.

Watch for calorie. Print a table of calorie foods or download the app on your smartphone. Calculate how much you consume per day, then subtract 700 Kcal from this number.Such a measure is necessary in order to lose weight chest. As soon as you notice the result, the diet will have to be adjusted to fix the result. Return the calculated calories gradually, not in one day.

Limit your intake of salt, sugar, abnormal fats. They make your breasts big. If you remove these products from the diet, it will gradually begin to decrease.

This is due to the fact that salt retains water in the body, slowing down the metabolism. By salt is meant not only white crumbly substance, but also canned cucumbers, sauerkraut, pickled tomatoes and other “winter delicacies”. Give up on them altogether, eat natural vegetables, they are much healthier. Bring daily meals to such a state that the daily amount of salt consumed does not exceed half a teaspoon.

It has been known since ancient times that sugar should be consumed daily, however, you will have to give it up completely. Drink unsweetened tea, do not buy coffee, which is served in fast food restaurants (McDonalds, Starbucks, etc.). Sugar is found in many other products that need to be excluded: carbonated drinks, packaged juices,sweets and other sweets. In addition to the ingredients described, you will have to give up bananas, persimmon, grapes and pineapple. Look for an alternative, the only way you can achieve breast reduction.

As for the wrong fats, they are contained in vegetable and butter, mayonnaise and sauces on a similar basis, fried foods. Completely remove such ingredients from the daily menu. Replace junk food with flaxseed and olive oils, fish and badger oil, cereals and nuts. Eat enough foods that include Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9.

Use only healthy foods. Always give up white bread, replace it with gray or black. Buy similar products only with the content of cereals, choose whole-grain bread. Adjust the ratio of BZHU and fiber, so the diet will be smaller in volume, but more useful.

If you still eat pasta and potatoes, replace the side dish with asparagus, spinach, broccoli, beans, Brussels sprouts. Eat buckwheat, brown rice, oatmeal, rye and flax bran.

Rid the body of sausages and sausages, ravioli, dumplings, convenience foods.Eat veal, beef, chicken, turkey, rabbit. Do not forget about fish such as tuna, salmon, flounder, tilapia. Buy shrimp and seafood cocktail from octopus, mussels and squid more often.

Make it a habit to eat at least 200 grams daily. low-fat cottage cheese, 100 gr. natural yoghurts, drink kefir and milk with a fat content of not more than 1%. Dairy products saturate the body, due to which you do not want to eat for a long time.

Adjust portions. We switched to proper nutrition and now you eat only healthy food? Great, a start. Now start watching your portions. The ideal option is to eat 5-6 times a day, such a scheme speeds up the metabolism, due to which the body and chest, in particular, decrease in volume.

Take the habit of using the pyramid of food at least the first time, until you get used to it. The daily ration should consist of proteins (50%), correct fats (15%) and carbohydrates (35%). In addition, you need to buy fiber in the sports nutrition stores and supplements that are rich in minerals and vitamins, they contribute to the rapid absorption of food. If there is a need to reduce not only the breast, but the whole body, buy fat burners.

Compresses for breast reduction at home

Food - basis, compress - an auxiliary element, these two ways work only in pair. Due to a balanced diet, you reduce the breast, and homemade recipes will fix the result. The recommended frequency of use is 1 time per day.

 Breast reduction packs

Almond and Walnut Compress

  • Almond - 150 gr.
  • walnut (peeled) - 100 gr.
  • egg yolk - 1 pc.
  • honey - 50 gr.
  • butter - 30 gr.

Pound the yolk with butter and honey, beat with a mixer. Crush the almonds and nuts in a coffee grinder or blender, then combine with the rest of the ingredients. Cut a large piece of gauze, distribute the composition and wrap the edges. Keep a compress on your chest for at least 1 hour.

Poppy compress

  • poppy seed - 100 gr.
  • pharmacy rose - 60 g.
  • Chamomile flowers - 50 g.
  • oat bran - 100 gr.
  • sour cream with fat content from 20% - 200 gr.

Fill in poppy, rose and chamomile flowers 500 ml. boiling water, leave for 50 minutes. After the expiration date, heat the broth, add bran, wait another 15 minutes. Next, strain the mixture in a convenient way, the liquid is not needed. Put the composition on a gauze, spread it on top with sour cream, wrap the edges.Heat the compress in the microwave and place on the chest. Keep 50 minutes turning over periodically.

Honey Based Compress

  • honey - 170 gr.
  • Fatty cream - 50 ml.
  • medium-ground oatmeal - 50 gr.
  • mineral water with gas - 500 ml.
  • sage - 40 gr.
  • eucalyptus - 30 gr.

Pour herbs with mineral water and simmer over low heat for 15 minutes. Strain the broth by pouring the liquid into a separate container. Take out the hot plants, mix them with honey, mix well and add cream. Dip the cheesecloth in a bowl of broth, then remove and distribute the mixture over it. After that, pour the flakes in the broth, wait 15 minutes, make a layer on top of honey, cream and plants. Cover with gauze and place on the chest. Compress two-way, it must be turned every 10 minutes for an hour.

Herbal compress

  • ash bark - 50 gr.
  • oak bark - 100 gr.
  • birch bark - 40 gr.
  • birch sap - 20 ml.
  • pine needles - 30 gr.

Brew herbs 400 ml. hot water, insist 5 hours. After time, heat the mixture, put gauze folded in several layers there. Cover her chest, lay down to cool. Then wet and lay again. Repeat the procedure 3 times.

Your skin is sweating, the bra straps are rubbing hard, but have you completely forgotten about your sporting hobbies? The situation is reparable! Adjust your diet, give up on fast food and fast carbohydrates. Do not get carried away with salt, sugar and the wrong fats. Eat at least 5 times a day, do homemade compresses once a day.

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