How to moisten the air in the apartment without a humidifier

When the room is dry air, a person is automatically at risk of developing ARVI, breathing becomes difficult. The mucous membranes are under constant stress, because of what the eyes begin to water. In addition, there is a general body fatigue, drowsiness, lethargy, reduced physical and mental activity. It is important to understand that the optimum humidity of the air for residential premises varies from 40 to 60%; moreover, if there are indoor plants or animals in the house, the mark sometimes reaches 75%.

 How to moisten the air in the apartment without a humidifier

Effective ways to humidify the air

The most common and affordable method of moistening is considered to be regular airing of the room. Open windows 3-4 times a day for at least half an hour. The recommendation is relevant in the autumn, winter and spring periods, in the summer the air is quite dry, so this method will be ineffective.

Regularly carry out wet cleaning of the premises, and you should not wipe them dry after washing the floors. Leave the coating wet, let the water evaporate on its own. The Council is particularly relevant in the summer. The main thing is to take care of children and relatives so that they do not slip.

If the apartment has a laminate or linoleum bed, moisten a thick blanket or duvet cover, then lay it on the floor. Due to poor air circulation, the fabric will dry for a long time.

Home fountain

The method is considered to be quite effective, the fountain can be purchased at the “Home for Home” or “Interior Design” stores. On sale you will find indoor appliances that run on batteries or with a built-in monoblock that plugs into an outlet.

As a rule, the fountain is a body with water that circulates in one circle. Under pressure, the trickle moves, creating a pleasant and soothing effect, the device allows not only to moisten the air, but also to put in order the psycho-emotional state. For the fountain to work properly, you need to constantly monitor the water level in the tank: the larger it is, the higher the effect will be.

An alternative to an artificial waterfall is considered to be an aquarium with fish. Moreover, it does not have to be large in size, 30 or 50-liter capacity is enough. Install a tube in the aquarium that promotes the circulation of water under pressure. Thus, you eliminate the possibility of water stagnation and moisten the air many times faster.

Basin of water

The technology of moistening a room in this way is not particularly difficult. Type in a basin normal running water, in the summer period, put the tank on the floor. It is important to choose a place that is most exposed to direct sunlight. In this case, it is not necessary to open the windows so that the moisture does not evaporate into “nowhere”.

In winter, it is enough to put the basin next to the heating devices, after ventilating the room. Make sure that the "humidifier" does not interfere with the free movement around the room, otherwise you will constantly touch his feet. If pets or children live in the dwelling, do not place the basin on the floor.

Universal way of moistening

Take 5-10 three-liter cans, depending on the size of the living space.Type in each of them cold water, place on the window sills, bedside tables and tables. It is very good to moisten the room this way at night during the summer period, you will not choke while sleeping.

The method is considered to be quite effective, however, bacteria will multiply in the tank, so the water needs to be changed quite often. Do not forget to wash the banks with a sponge to remove the raid.


Plants compare favorably with other methods of hydration. They have a positive effect on the microclimate due to the evaporation of moisture through the stems and leaves. Some species are able to ionize the air due to the released organic elements that clean and disinfect the room.

 Indoor plants for air humidification

  1. Monstera. The plant comes from the tropics, it is often placed in offices and other premises, involving a large crowd of people. Monsteras have large leaves that are excellent vaporizers. With regards to care, it is not difficult: the plant needs a temperature of 17 degrees and above, regular watering and spraying. Monstera kept away from direct exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Its leaves are poisonousit is therefore necessary to be wary of installing in the home. If you decide on a similar adventure, put the monster away from pets and children.
  2. Scheffler. Another type of plants that have found a place in the workplace. A truly beautiful flower does not need abundant watering, does not tolerate temperatures below 17 degrees, likes bright light and sun. Schefflera refers to the capricious plants with regards to the use of water: you should not allow the land in which the flower is set to dry. However, it is also not necessary to water it every day, it will be sufficient once every 2 days. Schefflera better monstera humidifies the air, so it is very popular.
  3. Ficus The plant is famous for attracting success and wealth to the house. The ficus is known for a long time as an unpretentious flower, our grandmothers and great-grandmothers love it. The plant likes a moist environment, diffused, but not dim light, warm. Of all the listed indoor flowers, ficus is the best option in terms of care, but not moisturizing.
  4. Tsiperus. Tropical plant, belongs to the family of papyrus. An ideal way to moisten large rooms (office, living room, reception). You will be surprised, but with proper care, tsiperus evaporates more than 3 liters per day (plants 1.5 years and older).The main condition of the content is abundant watering, constant airing and spraying. As for the light, the flower lives in both dark and light rooms.

In addition to the above plants, you should look at the dracaena, phytonia, hypoestes, fatcia, orchid, sparmannia, Saintpaulia, nephrolepis, gubuskus. Turn the room into a miniature greenhouse, and you will forever get rid of dry air.

Winter moistening option

In the cold period, when heating devices are working, the issue of humidification becomes extremely urgent. If small children live in an apartment / house, the room cannot be aired often so as not to create a draft. To solve the problem, the craftsmen came up with an interesting construction of a plastic bottle, which does not require large cash outlay.

 Winter moistening option

Option number 1. Place a plastic bottle vertically, cut a rectangle in its side so that a piece of gauze is inserted there. Fold the bandage in several layers, you should have a dense strip about 1 m long. Put the bandage aside, take the bottle in a horizontal position, place it along the pipe leading to the radiator.Attach with bundles on both sides. Fill the tank with water, moisten the wick from the bandage under the tap, fold it in half. Thrust the center (the place of the bend) into the side opening of the tank and wind loose edges around the pipe. The bandage will begin to suck up the liquid, due to which there will be a massive evaporation. You will need only to add water once a day.

Option number 2. Soak in cold water a few terry towels, place them in the freezer until it is partially set. Then put compresses on the heating devices, whether oil heater or radiator. In the process of drying, the towels will begin to evaporate moisture, as a result of which the windows will sweat and the air will become very humid. The only drawback of this method is considered a short time of action, you will have to moisten and freeze the tissue several times a day. If you do not want to bother with such methods, type in a cold water sprayer, split the ice and add it too. Sprinkle curtains near the heaters.

Of course, there are not so many ways to humidify a room without a special device.However, this does not mean that you will have to sit in a stuffy living room or office, use improvised means. Build a fixture of bandage and a plastic bottle, arrange the three-liter jars in the apartment or type water in the basin. Get a decorative fountain, decorate the interior with an aquarium with fish.

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